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Hello, to you all who actually take the time to look and read my journals.

It seems to have been ages since I have posted anything, hasn't it?

It sure feels that way. I myself am really shocked at how much I have slacked on posting on deviantart. Although, none of the time I have spent has been for naught. Since my last posting, a lot has happened to me, some good and some bad.
The most that has changed me is the anime that has seemed to creep back into my life.
(Who is in for a short-short story?)

I did have nearly the entire series of a old-old anime that goes by the name "Yu Yu Hakusho" on DVD *Only missing about 4 from the series, not too shabby* My younger sister stumbled upon it in my mothers basement. All of it neatly packed inside of my old Rugrats backpack. Before Naruto invaded my life, (Mentioning this now, when Naruto first came out in America on television. Mainly what I remember from Toonami on Cartoon Network. Letting you know, I did not have internet for my private and personal use until 2009) I use to be completely obsessed with the nearly 20+ year old show (Only in Japan it is that old~! In America it is 10+).

I have been binging on the entire series and have watched every episode and both movies in a timely manner of less than a few days. It swung me back into the days of old and being a young teen, waiting eagerly for the latest episode to appear on the television and completely drooling over my very first couple pairing in my life.

For those who assumed that LeeXGaara was my first ever pairing, you are sorrily mistaken. That was actually my SECOND ever pairing.

My first ever, was actually KuramaXHiei (In that order and including Kurama's Yoko form).

Kurama x hiei photo: Protecting his man yuyu88.jpg

Because of my sisters findings, I have suddenly had a strong urge to pull this pairing from the pits of my mind once again and bring them into the spotlight next to my second.

Now, don't cross me off the list just yet! LeeXGaara will always have a special place in my heart and will never leave.
I am not one to fangirl over a bunch of different couples. It just doesn't... seem like me. I never liked the idea of loving a lot of couples. I only concentrate my love for one couple at a time and none has surpassed my love for LeeXGaara, for nearly the past nine years, until recently one has came nearly neck-and-neck to it, and that is KuramaXHiei. (Jeeze what is with me coupling Red and Black haired characters...?!)

Now, I have a question for you all out there who knows of this couple at all, and the series.

Would you like me to write a fanfiction about these two?

If it is a yes, I need small details like: rating Mature, Teen, Everyone, and what you like to see if you pick the rating, Lemon, Lime, Even MPREG, Smut, Shonen-ai, Fluff.


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