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Chapter 4: Shocking News


"Master Genkai, we have something to ask of you. It is about Hiei, and we were wondering if you would assist us in this dilemma." Kurama asked kindly to the pink-haired elder.

Yusuke and Kurama both sat across a small table from the wise Sensei. They had both been discussing matters about Hiei and what could be causing these strange scents to be emitting from him. They are not very strong, and they can only be noticed by the Fox demon if they are in the same room. Yusuke has to be near him in order to pick up on the strange scents.

Since that moment where the leader unconsciously expressed his dominance over the little fire-demon, the Fox couldn't let his guard down. If Hiei had been awake, surely, he would have let his instincts take over and given a growl back, and perhaps a nip in warning. Even the scent from yesterday expressed that his body wasn't ready for such a move, hence the reason why Kurama had retained his control. However, Yusuke is still a newborn demon. He can't seem to control himself when such a noticing smell hits him.

Night has come to this cold day of confusion. The one thing that Kurama hates to be. He just couldn't understand why Hiei was like this. It possibly was from his injuries, but it seemed unlikely now. "Yeah, Grandma, he has a really weird smell comin' off of him." Spoke up, Yusuke, folding his arms in frustration.

It was easy to tell that the scent seemed to affect his mood a bit. Strangely, he seemed more agitated than normal. Ever since he has gotten a good whiff of that smell, his entire bodily instincts told him to go back to one who was emitting that scent. Why, he had no idea. "You dimwit. If he smells funny, then give him a bath." Yusuke blushed, and pouted at his answer.

Deciding that Yusuke's description wasn't deep enough, the redhead spoke up. "Genkai-sama, this estranged scent is somehow affecting me and Yusuke. Earlier today, his bodily temperature was so high, we literally had to put him in ice water to cool him down, yet the smell still lingered." The Fox demon was centuries old, but never in his days has he encountered a problem like this before.

Lifting her herbal tea to her lips, she sipped it and set it back down. "I can't smell anything, but I did feel his ki. It seems that the smell is only affecting demons. Not only that, but demons of high class. Yukina said that she didn't smell anything. Hiei is a level S class, and so are you two." She had a feeling that she already knew what was wrong, but she had to confirm it before she said anything.

Putting a finger to his chin, Yusuke pondered over what his teacher said. "Yeah, now that you mention it, Kuwabara said something about that earlier to Kurama, remember?" He turned to his redheaded friend in question.

"Yes. It seems that humans with strong spirit energy have the ability to sense something." Nodding, the Fox demon darted his gaze to his teammate and then over to the calm elder across the table.

Opening her eyes, she looked over at the intelligent one of the two. "What do you feel when that scent hits you? Be honest with me, don't sugar coat it." She asked seriously, expecting both to answer her.

Kurama spoke first. "Truthfully, Youko scratches at the surface of my consciousness. With years of patience, I manage to pull him back enough not to let him out. I am afraid that he might do harm to Hiei." It was the truth, although he did cover up a few things.

"Hmph! Well, when I smelt it I could hardly think straight." He remembers holding the little half-koorime close and practically blacking out when he was trying to smell what Kurama was asking him about.

A short laugh came from Genkai, as she sipped her tea once again. "How is that different than any other day?" She scoffed, enjoying the angry scowl that covered her students face.

"Hey, you old hag, I was just telling you the truth! It almost felt similar to when I was fighting Sensui and he took over without my permission!" Yusuke still remembers how angry he was that he was robbed of his chance to take down the bastard that killed him. Now, it is happening again, this time with his teammate Hiei. Hopefully, his demon side doesn't want to hurt him.

With a sigh, Genkai stood to get some more tea for herself, as she listened in on the two boy's problems. Sadly, her suspicions were being confirmed, this wasn't good. Sitting down with a new cup of tea, she sipped it. "As I suspected… The little Fire-brat is in danger."

Kurama blinked, worry etched across his features. "Danger? What could possibly be wrong with him?" The urge to rush back to check on the little demon rushed through his brain, but he held himself back. Hiei was strong, even in his weakened state, he could care for himself.

"The scent that both of you can smell will only become stronger within the next few days. Even with your calm demeanor Kurama, you can't hold back your Youko. Dimwit, on the other hand, he will cave in faster than you. I'd give it a day." She spoke with an unusual serious tone that sent shivers up the others spines.

Leaning forward with the same angry face as before, Yusuke barked "What do you mean by that?! I know how to control myself! I ain't gonna kill Hiei or anything! He's my friend!" Anger rushed through the flare of ki that he emitted. How dare she accuse him of putting Hiei in danger!

Rolling her eyes at her idiotic student, Genkai continued "Of course you won't kill him, moron! However, it seems that you have already been changed by the smell." Turning to the redhead her volume lowered.

"The danger that currently poses a threat to Hiei is that his scent will attract demons that are at his level, and even higher. You two, subconsciously, don't want to kill him. Don't think that those who come after him for the scent think the same. They will try anything to get to Hiei. Thankfully, since he is in the ningenkai it won't attract the low level demons that are here. Although, give it a week, and I guarantee that it will be powerful enough to permeate into the demon world." With her speech concluded, she sipped her tea once again.

This shut the two boys up, but at the same time, even more questions sprung through their minds. "Then how do we get rid of it, Genkai-sama? The scent was the strongest when he was nearly burning with a horrid fever." He could have sworn that if he didn't do anything then, Hiei would have surely boiled himself alive from how hot he was.

"Hmph." The sensei smirked. Even Kurama was stumped, this was funny. "There is only one way to get rid of it. However, you were smart to throw him into a cold bath, but it only postponed the inevitable." She wondered how long it would take for them to realize what was truly wrong with their friend; she guessed that Kurama would guess it first.

"Alright! That's it! Stop beating around the bush, Genkai, and just tell us what is wrong with him!" No one was going to hurt Hiei, if he had anything to say about it. He'd face the entire demon race just to try and protect his friends. Yusuke was at his wits end, and he was getting frustrated from this conversation. He wanted to know what was wrong with the youkai and he wanted to know now.

With a smirk, she sipped her tea, loving the reactions coming from her student. She loved pissing him off more than anything that is how he became stronger under her watch. "Well, if you are so curious… The scent that is coming off of the Fire-brat happens to be pheromones." Taking a glance at both of the boys, Kurama's eyes widened with knowing, while Yusuke's only narrowed in confusion.

"Ph-Pheromones…? Th-Then that means… Oh god…" Kurama stuttered, not believing the possibility of it all. Now it made sense. How Yusuke acted when in contact with Hiei, how his own demon-self wanted to break free. Even when the little demon grew hot, it all came together. A guilty feeling washed over the Fox; the poor half-koorime must have felt awful when being thrown into those freezing waters.

Darting his chocolate gaze between the pink-haired teacher and his redheaded friend, Yusuke felt completely out of the loop. "What the hell is going on here?! I don't get it! What is a Pheromone? Why is Hiei giving it off like that?!" The worried look on Kurama's face didn't help ease the horrid feeling in his gut that something was terribly wrong with his little demon. Was Hiei going to die? "Tell me, damn-it!"

Laughing at her moronic student's incapability to learn simple sex-ed., Genkai shook her head deciding to finalize it once and for all. "Hiei is going through his first Heat."

~ O ~

Deep auburn eyes opened slowly, taking a moment to realize where he was. His body felt sluggish, and tired. He felt generally exhausted for no reason, and extraordinarily overheated. Pushing the blankets off of him, he pulled himself to sit up with a groan of effort, raising a hand to his head to help calm his aching temples.

Sound didn't register to him, but another body knelt beside him, he could feel their heat. It wasn't until he felt contact, a hand on his shoulder, did he respond with a low moan. Everything that touched him felt a million times more sensitive. He couldn't remember anything since the night before when Kurama was cleaning his wounds. "Hiei?" It was a soft voice, one that rang with familiarity.

Managing the strength, the said demon lifted his head and opened his eyes wider to look at who was touching him. Blue hair tied back by a red ribbon caught his eye first, and then those same colored eyes stared back at him. "Yukina…?" Was all he could muster. She smiled kindly at him at the mention of her name.

He noticed her mouth was moving, but he couldn't register what she was saying, and she was looking somewhere else, as if calling over to someone. The feeling of another body sat at the other side of him, and it made him shiver at the scent. This was a male, and it shocked him how much it made his body heat up just from being near him even though he hasn't even looked over at him yet.

He heard his name once again, as he closed his eyes to try and calm his body down. What was happening to him? Why was he acting like this, it made him mad, but most of all it brought a sense of fear that he'd never experience before. He felt vulnerable. Was he sick? Kurama had mentioned something about his temperature going up when he spoke with him last.

"Hey, Hiei, what's wrong? Ya cold or something'?" The raspy voice spoke softly, as he reached out to grab the small demon. He was shaking, and his energy was going out of control. It didn't make sense.

The minute the other male in the room touched him, Hiei jerked, eyes snapping open and widening with fear and a different emotion that he didn't understand. Strangely, his mind was going a million miles a second, while his body was slack without any resistance. He gasped sharply, when he was pressed against a warm chest pulling his hands out to brace himself against it.

Then his other senses were floating in, smell. Just by the scent, he could immediately tell that it was his rival/teammate Kuwabara. Why was he holding him? Why was he reacting like this towards this idiotic human? He is stronger than him. "Wow, Hiei, you're really warm… Now, don't go burnin' me up like you did to Urameshi."

What did he say? What did he mean by that? Hiei wouldn't harm Yusuke, unless they were fighting. Even so, he knew that he had never beaten the strong detective, and now possibly never will. Pulling himself away, Hiei shook his head, palms flat against the broad chest he was against. "Why are you holding me…? You oaf…" He managed to say with an incredibly weak voice.

The redhead blinked at the insult, but it seemed hollow by the way he said it. It was like he didn't mean any of it. "Well, look at you Hiei! You are shaking so badly, and your energy is acting funny! Not only that, you look horrible!" It was true. The little shrimp looked like he was about to collapse again. He was still as pale as ever, but with that strange blush that covered his cheeks and neck. Not to mention, he was really hot to the touch but he was shaking like he was cold.

Yukina looked on at the little fire-demon with sad eyes. She had no idea what could be wrong with him. She could feel a fluctuation in energy, but other than that, she couldn't decipher anything. "Hiei, are you hungry? I made some sandwiches earlier if you would like some." She asked. The ice-maiden felt sorry for him.

He had to find a way to escape. He had to get out of here. That soft voice chimed in once again, instincts immediately responding to his blood sister as he turned to look at her with identical eyes. He shook his head. No, he wasn't hungry at all. He could last for days without eating. His body was after a different kind of craving and it scared him.

Pulling himself away from the warmth of the tall redhead, Hiei reluctantly pulled himself away from the comforting body. He shook more violently, bracing his hands on the floor to hold up his upper body. Taking a deep breath, the youkai pulled his legs up to help bring himself to a stand. Stumbling a bit, he slowly made his way to the doors that lead outside, ignoring the protests from both Yukina and the Baka.

The door slid open to reveal the cool night air on his heated skin, it felt nice. Before he could step out, he felt a body press into his back and arms wrap around his waist, picking him up. Eyes widening then snapping shut, he let out an involuntary moan, as he gripped at the arms around him. "I don't think so, Squirt! You ain't goin' out there by yourself! You're in no condition!"

It was maddening. The force of another male's body heat against his back sent his mind to spiral until he thought of nothing. His instincts told him to not fight back and allow the strong male behind him to do whatever he wished. The heat in his own body jumped at the mere touch of his arms around his sensitive waist.

However, Hiei, as instinctual as he is, decided to go against whatever they told him at this moment. Gripping the arms tighter, he forced all of his energy into his palms to burn whatever they touched. He heard the man behind him yell out and the arms unraveled themselves from his waist, along with the body behind him.

The Fire-youkai was dropped to the ground, almost falling to his knees from the force, as he flitted off into the darkened woods surrounding the temple. He heard his name being called after him from both his sister and the Oaf. It brought a pang of guilt in his heart to hear her cry after him, as he made his way deeper into the dark forest. He had to be alone.

~ O ~

Yusuke paced in his room at the temple grounds, walking back and forwards in a six foot stretch of floor. A hand under his chin in thought, while the other was tightened behind his back, his mind would not calm. "Hiei is in heat…" The thought repeated itself over and over in his head. The more he thought it, the more his body yearned for the smaller demons company.

He felt like a caged animal, trapped in the iron bars of his own mind. Nothing was holding him back from seeking out the little half-koorime. It was just his own self. "What am I thinking? How would this affect me?" Hiei was strong enough to fend for himself. He didn't earn the S title for nothing.

A growl left his throat in frustration at his racing thoughts. Yes, he had to admit that the Fire-demon smelled good when he held him earlier that day. That doesn't mean that it would really affect him in such a way that he would lose all control and do something drastic.

Immediately after the old hag had said that sentence, Kurama had stood up and left without a word. That redhead was their intellect man, whenever he said something, he was sure to listen. Now, even the Fox looked completely broken, something that he has never seen before.

Of course, Yusuke knew what a "heat" is. It is almost the same thing that female dogs go through, right? At least it was the same concept, he supposed. He knew for a fact that dogs don't raise their temperature up so high that they burn anything that they touch, like what Hiei did. Maybe it was a thing that all demons go through, but why does this have to happen now? Something had to trigger the demons heat to start, he knew for a fact that over the years he's known him this has never happened before. What could have happened?

Hiei was perfectly fine before the last mission started; all he did was get hurt, and they brought him here to heal him. Yusuke's mind couldn't help but to keep folding back onto the time earlier today when he saw the demon after Kurama had been with him the night before. The way he was shaking, woke up, and then leaped on him. He knew that this was part of the "heat" that the poor little demon was going through, but it still didn't help in calming his body down.

That Fox must have done something to him the previous night. Could he have been the one to trigger the "heat" to start? Possibly, it could have been the Toushin Leader. He didn't hear anything remotely close to what happened when he asked Kurama how Hiei's condition was this morning. Everything started to tumble when his temperature was out of control and he was gripping tightly onto him like a lifeline.

This was a mystery that only made another growl leave the leaders throat in anger. He wanted to know how this whole thing started. Instinctually, he was told that it was himself that triggered the "heat" to start. That sent a rush of a shiver through his body to have that feeling, it felt wonderful. To have the feeling that he was the one to start this newest sensation to appear on the small demon.

He had to know who could have started this. If Kurama had, indeed, been the one to start it, then he was going to make sure that it would be finished by their leader. Stopping the constant pacing, Yusuke grinned deviously. "I guess I'll just go and find out for myself. Why not ask the guy in question who could have started this?" The thought motivated him to move, this time towards the object of his desires.

~ O ~

Unlike the pacing that their leader had been doing for the past couple of hours, Kurama had been sitting in his room, doing the same thing. The exact same feeling that, unbeknownst to him, was being felt by his teammate just a few doors down from his room. The same questions sprung in his mind, and the same feelings of confusion and the unknown.

Yes, he has heard of demons going into heat before. This doesn't exclude males at all; in fact he was sure that they experience it more than females in the Makai. The Youko has never experienced his own heat, but has met others who have gone through it. The least that could be said about it is that it is uncomfortable, but there was a lot more about it then what has been shown.

Hiei is a fire demon, who is part ice. Possibly one of the rarest of demons in existence. A forbidden child, the Imiko. Every demon has their own way of keeping their bloodlines intact and making sure that they survive. With Hiei, he is more than likely considered a broken link in his existence. He was not meant to be, he was supposed to die the day he was born, but miraculously survived.

The Youko was centuries old and only known of one other Imiko in his years. He had died soon after from being hunted, whether it was from suicide or being caught, he will never know. Now, another Imiko has lived and is still alive to this day, this was Hiei.

It was clear to know from Yukina that both humans and demons alike would hunt down their kind, mostly for their rare tear-gems known as hiruseki stones. Yes, on the black market, they were an utmost rare gem that the female ice-maidens produced, but they were worthless compared to the stones shed by an Imiko.

Kurama remembers on his long list of priceless artifacts and treasures to steal, the one thing that he could never seem to get was a tear from a male koorime. The fact that such a thing even existed was beyond real. Even the Youko knew of the rarity of the male koorime's and not only that but that they never shed tears.

This was strangely perplexing, because the redhead knew that he had seen the rarest of gems litter the floor when Hiei was breaking through with the first stage of heat. Why was he crying then? Was he in that much pain that it brought tears to his eyes? He knew that Hiei had gone through much worse in the past, but something as this would bring him to tears.

The wise Fox folded his fingers to cover his lips in thought and narrowed his eyes. Of course his breed was, possibly, the only in existence. Yet, why did his heat start now? Being male, he is unable to reproduce like his female counterpart. Every 100 years an ice-maiden becomes pregnant through asexual means and gives birth to a female child, unless impregnated from a male, such as in Hiei's case.

Kurama's only assumption was that his heat was supposed to attract a mate. A strong mate, one that would protect him and help keep his bloodline alive. It is strange, however, that the pheromones that he is producing seem to only be affecting males instead of females. This is perhaps only because the only two S class males in the vicinity are himself, and Yusuke. There are no other demon females near here with that kind of class. Would females even be affected at all?

His mind reeled at the thought, pulling himself back a bit. Now he had a hypothesis to why Hiei's heat had even begun, but that only left more questions unanswered. Like why had Hiei been shedding the Hiruseki stones? Maybe his subconscious knew of the attraction that his tear-stones had with other demons, and was another feature of his heat along with the pheromones.

Nature was an incredible thing. The scent that Hiei let off would attract strong demons for a possible mate. This would bring out any aggressive behavior and any that would possibly take up Hiei for a potential mate would ensue a fight with others that thought the same. The winner would claim their prize, and normally, they would just leave immediately after the coupling. That is when the tears would come into play.

The hiruseki stones would help create a cement place in Hiei's life, as a prolonged protector. Everyone knows of the rare male koorime tear-gems, and they would have an unlimited supply right at their fingertips. The demon would have a selfish need to protect the male koorime from harm, as it was simple. A dead male koorime couldn't produce any hiruseki stones, while an alive one could. This would immediately provide a protection for Hiei, until an even stronger demon would take its place, for the same reason.

Even with all of these assumptions, which seemed accurate, there was still one question that lingered on in the redhead's thoughts. Why had Hiei's heat started now of all times? Was it the situation? His near death experience? Or just a strange coincidence?

It could have been because of his near death experience that triggered his heat to start, but that seemed unlikely. Hiei had been through several crosses with death in his lifetime, how come he never started his heat until recently? He had even heard that when he was fighting one of Murkuro's elite guard the little fire-demon was completely sliced in half at the waist.*1

It could possibly be the situation that had occurred before. Hiei started to give off a strange smell when Kurama was bathing him and cleaning his wounds, although it wasn't nearly close to how it is now. Maybe he was just nervous at being bathed and nothing else. Thinking more deeply about it, however, made him assume that it wasn't just Kurama that helped start his heat, but also Yusuke and maybe even Kuwabara had an influence.

They were all strong fighters, and since he was injured so badly, his instincts took over. Without him noticing, his own body was sizing up the Fox, the leader, and Kazuma for a potential mate. Earlier in the day, Yusuke just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, since that was the moment when Hiei's body deemed it acceptable to begin looking for a mate.

Chances are that Hiei doesn't remember what happened to him when his heat first began. He was merely acting on pure instincts. The reason why the half-koorime leaped at Yusuke was possibly because of his scent. He happened to be the strongest demon near him and Hiei leaped at the chance to seek any sort of relief of his heat.

All of this left the Fox demon wondering, did Hiei even know what was happening to him? Probably not, since from all of the years of knowing him, he has ever experienced something like this before. He felt sorry for the poor youkai. Kurama could only imagine what he was feeling right now.

Sighing, the redhead stood up and walked out of his room. He was determined to explain to Hiei what his findings were and help calm him of any backlash that he may receive. He knew that the spark could easily set of a raging fire within the unstable demon. The half-koorime wouldn't take this news well, that, Kurama was sure of.

~ O ~

"Damn little Shrimp…!" Kazuma cursed under his breath as he held out his arms for Yukina to heal. Hiei had burned his skin to a dark red, but other than that he was fine. He had no idea what came over the tiny demon, although, he had a suspicion that grabbing him from behind wasn't the best idea in the world. Since earlier that day, he had seemed unstable and now he was out in Genkai's forest by himself. Not that he couldn't take care of himself, but it still brought a sense of worry that he could be killed out there.

Both Yukina and Kuwabara sat in the same room that Hiei had been resting before he darted off. They sat on the empty bed that once held the feisty fire-demon, but now was empty with ruffled sheets in place. "When my darling Yukina is finished, I will chase after that runt and drag him back her myself!"

Gray eyes blinked when he heard a door slide open, and turned to see their slick-haired leader walk in. Yusuke stopped in his tracks when he noticed someone missing. "Where's Hiei?" He asked, eyes still darting over the room to see if he had missed the shadowed figure. He had a sinking feeling in his gut that something was very wrong.

"Urameshi! You won't believe it! Hiei just ran off into the woods! I grabbed him to make him stop, but he burned me and then disappeared!" Now he felt awful for not containing the little half-koorime. He could only imagine how the kitsune would take it.


The sound of two voices rung high in the air, as Yusuke nearly yelled out his response with another who had just walked into the room. Kurama stood at the doorway, stunned to hear what had happened. "Hiei is out in the forest by his self?!"

The Toushin leader's demon blood nearly boiled with the knowledge of his fire-youkai in danger. He was in heat, and out there alone. He knew that the other demons that are lower class couldn't smell his scent, but it still didn't stop the fact that he was still injured. "I'm gonna go out to look for him! Don't wait up!" Yusuke said, his eyes flaring a deep copper color, stepping outside the same doors that he knew Hiei went through. His scent was like a small trail.

Kurama's eyes narrowed at the retreating back of their leader. Over the immense scent of Hiei's pheromones, it wasn't hard to pinpoint Yusuke's anger and worry. He knew that he had to get to Hiei first. With the raven-haired demon's ki being as unstable as it is, if he found Hiei first, there wouldn't be any doubt what he would do. Sadly, the fire-demon couldn't fight off Yusuke in his condition, he would probably submit.

"Yusuke, wait. I will search for him. I can track him easier, and if he is injured further I can heal him." Kurama spoke out, walking up to their angry leader, making him stop in the doorway leading outside. He swallowed thickly, as he watched him turn to face the redhead standing before him. His eyes were a menacing copper color, and it only expressed further what Kurama had suspected.

The Toushin took a step forward towards the Fox, making the other step back. "Is that a challenge…? Kurama?" He asked firmly, stating his power with a flare in ki. He was going to find Hiei first, if it was the last thing that he does, and no one was going to stand in his way.

Green glowed into gold at the offer. "Yusuke, I know of your intentions, consciously or not. I will not allow you to harm Hiei." His gaze never left the others, very serious about his decision. If he were to challenge his teammate for the Fire-demon, then so be it. Not that he wanted him for himself, but Urameshi wasn't thinking clearly, he was letting the pheromones blind him.

A short chuckle came from the raven-haired male. "Alrighty then. Hey, I like a good game. How's this. Whoever can find Hiei first is the winner, fair enough?" Right now, his demonic blood was rushing through his veins, and he wasn't thinking at the moment. All that he could register was that there was another demon after the same thing he was. A subconscious thought trickled through his blindness, stating that this was his friend. His comrade.

"I accept." Was the only response he gave, before he was gone in a flurry of pedals.

Kuwabara jumped up, "Hey! I wanna join in, too! That little brat is going to pay for burning me!" He hated to leave his precious Yukina behind, but he couldn't miss out on this challenge. He would find Hiei first and knock some sense into him for burning him earlier. In reality, he would probably just insult the little demon and then drag him back to the temple.

Yusuke was already gone when Kazuma said that he wanted to be a part of the search too. He didn't even see him leave! Eyes widened, as he looked around confused for a second, then anger as he dashed outside with the rest of his team. "Hey, you guys cheated! You had a head-start!" Yes, he wasn't a demon, and couldn't use smell to track down the runaway demon, but he did have his sixth sense to help him.

Yukina sat in shock as all three of the Urameshi team vanished one by one. Just from looking at how Kurama and Yusuke acted towards each other, she was sure that this was a dominant trait expressed on finding Hiei. What the kitsune had said to him made her wonder why he had said that. Their leader would never harm Hiei, right? That just seemed so out of place for the raven-haired male to do. He was known to protect people that he cared about.

"Don't worry, Yukina. Hiei can take care of himself." Genkai spoke up from the silence of the room, making her jump and turn her gaze over to the short pink-haired woman. "I just hope that either Kurama or Kuwabara gets to him first. Yusuke would probably lose complete control if he finds him."

"Oh, Master Genkai! You startled me…" The ice-maiden said with a jolt. She watched as the elder walked over to her and sat down. "Um… Genkai-sama, are you sure that Hiei will be alright? Yusuke… He had a dangerous look in his eyes… You don't think that he would hurt Hiei, do you?"

The elder sensei gave a light laugh at the koorime's innocence. "Yukina, honey, your definition of 'hurt' and mine are completely different. If dimwit manages to find Hiei first, there is no doubt that he will 'hurt' him, but not in a way that you think." She said as she folded her arms with a grin looking out towards the still opened door where the four fools left.

Yukina blinked in confusion, looking at her caretaker. However, she would never question Genkai's words; she was wise and obviously knew something that she didn't. If there was any true danger towards Hiei, she would have done something about it. "Yes, Master Genkai… Oh, you would have never guessed, but he was so cute today. Cuddling up next to Kazuma, it looked so unreal~. It was almost comical." She joked, glad that her suspicions were eased slightly.

Smiling slightly, the pink-haired elder gave out a raspy chuckle in agreement. Of course she knew that Hiei was only acting as such because of his 'problem,' but it was still funny to hear about the hardheaded demon acting as such. "Is that so?" She spoke out with a laugh. "It seems that the little Fire-brat is going a bit soft, huh?"

"Maybe. But I like him like that. I feel closer to him than before…" She said with a small smile that graced her lips as she looked out the same door that the team left out of. She only hoped that they all made it back safely. Kurama and Yusuke could easily fend for themselves, but Hiei was injured and possibly not feeling well to start. Not to mention, Kuwabara was a human. Could he even survive an entire night out in those demon-filled woods?

"They all may be morons…" She started with a sigh, looking down and shaking her head. "But they are my morons. If they don't come back by morning, I will look for them myself."


*1 – In the anime, Hiei was only injured severely at the waist, while in the manga he was actually sliced in half.
.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 4

I decided to post this a day early, usually planning a chapter a week on Saturday. Although,  I decided to post this just to continue to the "Hunting" chapter which will be chapter 5.

For pure curiosity, who do you think will reach Hiei first?


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Chapter 5
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Chapter 3: Sensations


The sound of birds chirping and the greeting of the rising sun awoke the Fox from his slumber. Reaching a hand up to rub over a tired eye, Kurama sat up a bit confused at his current location. He wasn't in his usual room, but the scent was still familiar, but slightly off. He was in Genkai's temple, he knew that for sure. Blinking a bit to regain his senses, he took another glance around the room, until his gaze landed on a tuff of black-spiked hair with an outline of dark blue, shimmering with a  star-burst white in the middle of the design.

A scent reacted faster than his vision could, and he immediately knew that it belonged to his tiny friend, Hiei. Kurama dropped his guard, relaxing now that he knew the scent wasn't a threat. Rubbing at his eyes again, he leaned down to look closer into those closed lids. His soft breathing passed through slightly parted lips; Hiei looked much better than the day before. Although, a thick feeling still hung in the air; a feeling that he couldn't pin out.

The Fox got himself out of the shared bed, quietly, and pulled the sheets back over the sleepy demon. A movement made Kurama hold his breath and still, as he tried not to make a sound. A bandaged hand reached up to grip at the pillow that his head rested on, and snuggled himself into it, giving out a sigh of comfort. With relief that he didn't wake his resting friend, the Fox made his way out of the room as quietly as he could to inform his other comrades about the condition of their smallest teammate.

The redhead smiled at the thought of Hiei's returning health, he was healing quickly mostly thanks to Master Genkai. Rough on the outside, but deep down she does care, even if it is just a little bit.

Making his way to the living room, Kurama slid a door open to find the rest of his team, Yusuke and Kuwabara sitting on the couch and watching television. “Hey, Kurama, how's Hiei doing?” The raven-haired leader asked as he turned his full attention to the approaching redhead.

“He is resting at the moment. His condition has improved since yesterday, thanks to the medicine that Genkai gave us, no doubt.” A smooth as silk voice erupted into the quite room, catching the taller redhead's attention.

Kuwabara's gaze narrowed at the sight of his other redhead companion. There was a mix sensation of energy that his sixth sense spiked. What could have happened to Kurama when he was with the fire-demon? “Hey, Kurama, what happened? Your energy feels kinda funny. Did the squirt do anything to ya?” He was concerned, perhaps the evil little three-eyed twerp put a strange spell on the poor half-human. Once his friend fully recuperates, then he would have to teach that small-fry a lesson.

Kurama's eyebrows furrowed, “Of course not, Kuwabara. Hiei was in no condition to harm me in any way.” This was strange. If Kazuma felt a strange mix of ki from him, there must have been something wrong without him noticing. Whenever the orange-haired male sense something was off, it usually was correct. His sixth sense was stronger than any of the teams, and has gotten them out of tricky situations before.

“Hey, man, what's wrong with you, huh? Accusing Kurama of being cursed or somethin'? Sorry about that Kurama. Hey, do you think it is alright if I check up on him real quick? Not that I don't trust your opinion, I just wanted to see it for myself.” Yusuke blabbered on, lightly punching his friend in the arm, and getting up from the couch over to the standing long-haired male.

Kuwabara growled out, and huffed, folding his arms. It wasn't his fault that he could sense something was up with the Fox demon. Kurama shook his head, “be my guest. Just be cautious not to wake him. He tends to be very agitated whenever he is forcefully woken from his sleep.” He warned, stepping aside to allow the leader of the team to step by.

Yusuke laughed, waving a hand nonchalant, “Ha! I'd think I like to see that for myself!” He joked, but then grew serious quickly. “But I will try not to. I just want to check up on him really quickly. He was in pretty bad shape, and as you know he tends to try and hide his pain.” It was the truth, and the green eyes sparkled with agreement. How could they forget the Dark Tournament when Hiei first used the dragon?

The strange feeling wouldn't leave the curious carrot-topped male, as he stood up and followed the leader. “I'm coming too. Gotta protect Urameshi if hamster-legs wakes up and goes on a rampage, eh?” He solemnly joked, as he walked past the green suited man. As much as he despised the miniature fire-demon, Kuwabara hated the fact that he was injured even more. Truthfully, he just wanted to see if the little firecracker was alright.

A ruffle of red hair twirled gently, as Kurama shook his head. Those boys will never change it seems, and it put a smile on his face to see that there were people who cared about the mysterious fire youkai. He heard a commotion of the two verbally fighting as they made their way to the demons room, softly fading into nothing but the sounds of nature. He sighed, a smile still lighting his face, as he made his way to the kitchen to fix something to eat for him and his little friend when he wakes.

~ O ~

As quietly as the two boys could be, they sneaked their way into Hiei's room. The detective and the carrot-haired male both knelt down to the small mattress on the floor near the sleeping demon. Yusuke couldn't help but to mentally awe at the face that was spread across the small and usually stoic demon. He looked so young, so innocent. Unlike the usual rude and threatening glare that usually met his gaze.

Kuwabara's eyes widened at the new side of the little Shrimp. He had never seen him so vulnerable in his entire life, he even appeared to look normal. Was this really the same three-eyed half-pint that he once knew? Who would have known that he looked like this while sleeping. “Wow, Urameshi... I'd never knew that Hiei would look so... small...”

Hearing his conscious friend speak the demons name fully, he knew that he was serious and speaking the truth. “Yeah... He looks almost fragile...” Yusuke could see how Kuwabara thought that. He was the tallest in the group, and with Hiei's naturally short-stature, he looked even smaller when he was curled in a thick blanket. Reaching out, he gently brushed a few fingers across a heated cheek. “Like, if you were too rough... You could break him...”

Their voices were quite, speaking among themselves, trying not to wake the slumbering small man. Kuwabara's gaze narrowed once again as he felt that same feeling like before. This time, it was coming from Hiei. This was strange, however, he promptly ignored it. “C-Careful, Urameshi. You don't want to wake him...” He whispered quietly, keeping an eye on his friends hand as it moved to his unclothed forehead.

“He feels really warm, Kuwabara... You don't think he's sick, do you?” He asked, voice full of concern and hush. He didn't even need to place a hand on the little youkai to feel the heat coming off of him. Curious to know if it was merely the fact that he is a fire demon and his temperature is naturally high, or if he really is ill.

A sudden shift of the blankets, made Yusuke jerk his hand back, afraid that he had accidentally awoken the smaller demon, as they both stilled at the sight. Hiei merely moved his legs a bit higher, curling himself further into the warmth of the blanket, and snuggling his head letting out a small mumble.

The Spirit Detective sighed in relief, and scooted closer to him. Kuwabara wanted to giggle at the soft sound that came from the usually angry youkai. It seemed so unnatural that the softest of voices came from Hiei of all creatures. He reminded him of an innocent child, cuddling closer to the blankets that surrounded his small frame.

“You know, I'd never thought I would say this, but... Hiei looks kinda cute when he's asleep.” Kuwabara whispered with a small smile on his face. He noticed his awake friend nod in agreement, as they both scooted closer. He could easily feel the heat that came off of him, almost like a little oven. Was that safe? Or was there really something wrong with him? Usually when they stood next to each other, he never felt these waves of heat rolling off of him before.

“Hey...” Urameshi said a bit worriedly, leaning over the heated male. Hiei's entire body was shaking uncontrollably, and a thin sheet of sweat was forming over his visible frame. Those softly closed eyes were now clutched shut, as a grimace took over his facial feature, like he was in pain. Small hands gripped tightly onto the fabric of the pillow that he lay on, as a muffled groan left his throat. “Kuwabara, get Kurama!”

Gray eyes darted over from the small and shaking frame of Hiei, to worried dark brown. “Right!
He said before darting to his feet and running off to get the famous Fox demon. His feet pounded against the wooden floors, as he ran as fast as he could. He knew that something was wrong from the start, but now it flew back into his mind at full speed. “Kurama!”

~ O ~

Yusuke leaned forward to gently touch the trembling demon, managing a gentle hand on his cheek. A hiss left his lips when he felt how boiling hot he felt against his palm, however, he kept firm. He could feel the skin on his hand starting to redden with a burn, but he knew that his friend needed him.“Hiei?” He asked gently, tempted to wake the smaller male just to attempt to get him out of his strange nightmare.

Suddenly, ruby eyes snapped open in a stray of panic, eyes dilated thickly. Before Yusuke could ask, the quick half-koorime leaped at him. Urameshi wasn't one to dodge or attack back one of his teammates. Especially to an injured and possibly ill one, so he leaned back with a gasp, as he barely had time to realize what happened.

A rush of footsteps came louder, until a door slid open with a loud shhh sound, as both of the redheads rushed in, but stopped at the doorway in shock. Green and gray eyes widened at the display in front of them, possibly one that they won't soon forget.

Yusuke held a shaking and heated little Hiei in his arms. Those little hands clutched tightly into the school uniform shirt that he had on. A head of thick and spiky black hair was pressed against the leaders chest, blocking half of his face from view, his eyes tightly clenched shut. Although, what made the scene more frightening, other than the fact that Hiei was practically sitting in Urameshi's lap, was the sound of light tapping that hit the floor and the mattress.

Even from the distance, Kurama could easily see the small little black pearls that littered the floor around the two embraced males. Following the trail, he noticed that Hiei was crying. Going up further, a worried expression shaped over the detectives face, along with confusion and a smidgen of pain. Even from this far away, he could feel the heat rolling off of the unstable fire-demon. Holding him was possibly like trying to hold fire.

Chocolate eyes moved up to look at the two with a confused and saddened look, gripping the smaller male closer, ignoring his skin boiling under the demons touch. “Yusuke! What happened?” Kurama asked, his soft voice taking on a more ridged edge, as he glanced down at the clearly distraught demon. He moved closer with caution, trying not to frighten Hiei, and braving the waves of heat energy that hit him, as he and Kuwabara moved.

“I-I have no idea! He was f-fine a minute ago. And then, all of a sudden he was shaking, woke up and then jumped me!” Yusuke spoke loudly, trying to hide the pain that riddled throughout his body wherever the demon touched. He had no idea what had happened to make their littlest team member act like this.

Kurama wouldn't dare touch the unstable fire-demon in this condition, something was definitely wrong, and he had to act fast. “Yusuke, we have to throw him in some ice water. He can't stay at this temperature for an extended period.” He said swiftly, as he stood, coaxing the leader to standing with him.

Yusuke hissed as he stood, which startled the smaller youkai making him boil hotter in his grasp. Lifting Hiei up with an arm under him and another wrapped around his body, the raven-haired leader grit his teeth. “N-No Shit! Me neither!” He said, half joking and half serious. There was no way he was going to let him go now, it was clear that there was something wrong with their smallest member. He was clinging to him so tightly to his shirt, almost like a lifeline.

Kuwabara looked down for a second and picked up one of the little black pearls that littered the floor near the two. Rolling it in his fingers, it looked like a marble, but within he could see a small red flame inside of the little crystal ball. They very much reminded him of the hiruseki stones that Yukina would shed. This was very suspicious.

“Kuwabara!” The said male jumped, dropping the stone, and standing up to attention to the other redhead in the room. “We have to get some ice, quickly!” Kurama said as he jogged past him. Without a word, Kazuma immediately fallowed his teammate to help him fetch the bags of ice that they requested.

Then an idea popped into the carrot-haired man's mind. “Hey, Kurama, why don't we find Yukina! She could easily cool Hiei off!” He thought it was a great idea, instead of working around it and going against the redheads intelligent plans.

As they both ran into the kitchen, Kurama shook his head at the thought of Yukina seeing Hiei in such a condition. Not only that but he was crying, which would risk the chance of her finding out that he is her brother, and he couldn't risk it. Hiei was his best friend, and he was sure that the little youkai would never forgive him if he allowed Yukina to find that out, let alone see him in such a poor and weak state. “No, Kuwabara, it is just safer to do it this way. Please trust me on this.”

~ O ~

Yusuke growled as he tried to bite back the yelp of pain from the burning demon in his arms. “Your going to be alright, Hiei.” He said softly, as he ran to the bathroom. The door was kicked open, to the small and ordinary bathroom, as he made his way to the tub. Lifting an arm away and strengthening the other to hold Hiei straight, Urameshi plugged the tub up and turned the water on the coldest setting possible.

Next was trying to pry the little pipsqueak off of his body so that he could get into the tub. Making sure to be gentle, even though he was basically burning alive, Yusuke tried to pull Hiei off of him to no avail. He only seemed to grip tighter onto his clothes, and boil even more under his touch. The leader couldn't contain the yelp in pain, as he nearly jerked his hands away, but managing to keep them steady on the demon. It would be really bad if he dropped him, he was already injured, and dropping him wouldn't help him any.

“Damn it!” He yelled, more at himself than at Hiei. It wasn't his fault. Yusuke would blame himself for not figuring out what was wrong with the little fire-demon in the first place. He just wished that he didn't have to be boiled alive in the process. He could only imagine how the poor demon in his arms is feeling at the moment. He knew that Hiei wouldn't be doing this if he had control of himself.

The small youkai was shaking even more ferociously in his arms, and  if he listened closely, it wasn't hard to hear him whimpering against his chest. Poor Hiei, he must be suffering. Could this really be a fever for him? Or was it a form of a panic attack? Who would know, perhaps Hiei was just angry and did this for kicks. Yusuke smirked, of course the latter wasn't the problem, he would never subject himself to this, Hiei would rather fall on his own sword than to purposely do something like this.

Snapping him from his thoughts, Kurama and Kuwabara rushed in with buckets of ice in their arms. “Yusuke, what are you doing? Put Hiei in the water!” Kazuma practically yelled, looking down at the little demon in his arms, he was looking worse as the seconds ticked by. His body was turning a sick pale color, but his cheeks remained a soft blush. Not to mention, he was still sweating, he looked very uncomfortable.

“You think I tried that already? He won't let me go! He just gets hotter and it burns like hell!” Yusuke yelped in defense. He didn't want to force Hiei off of him, it might do him more harm than good. Talking to him did little, if anything at all, Hiei seemed oblivious to the world around him; stuck in his own world.

Kurama placed the buckets he had, down near the tub, and pushed the couple towards the water, shutting it off since it was getting full. “Enough bickering, please. Yusuke, you just have to get in the water with him.” There was no time for delay, Hiei needed to be cooled down before he would cause permanent damage to himself. It wasn't healthy to have his body at such a high temperature for so long, even if he is a fire demon.

The raven-haired leader nearly pouted, knowing that he would have to bathe with the known hot-headed half-koorime. Hiei would probably kill him if he knew what he was going to do, but it was for his own health. With a sigh and a small grumble, Yusuke braved the already cold water and laid down, pulling the youkai onto his chest.

With both of them in the water, it rose around Yusuke, as he lay on his back, and covered the youkai up to the middle of his back, as he rested on his chest. Even though Hiei needed the contact to the water most, Yusuke wouldn't switch positions, only because he was scared to crush the little guy with his own weight. Hiei was a lightweight after all.

The burns on Urameshi's skin were nicely numbed by the cold water, but it wasn't long before the water started to heat up from the demons body. Kurama poured one bucket of ice into the tub, between both Hiei's and Yusuke's legs. The fire-demon didn't move at the feeling of the ice between his legs, but the leader gripped harder onto the little demons back as he shivered and his eyes bulged. “D-D-Damn K-Kurama! T-Tryin' t-t-t-to fr-freeze my b-balls off?” Because of the height difference, Hiei's hips were pressed against the half-breed's stomach, while Yusuke took most of the ice attack.

With a swift apology, Kurama took a cup and scooped up some of the ice, and poured it onto the top of Hiei's back, watching it immediately melt on contact, the water rolling off in different directions into the mass that he laid in. “This won't work... Kuwabara, pour half of a bucket onto Hiei's back, but be careful, you don't want to put him into shock.”

The tallest male did as he was told, and picked up a second bucket that they brought, positioning it carefully over the tub, before tilting it, gently, over the smallest team members back. Hiei yelped at the immediate contact that his scorching skin had with the freezing ice. He clenched harder at the leaders shirt desperately trying to find anything to grab, as his body started to tremble again.

Most of the ice rolled down to his lower back, as Hiei arched from the freezing touch. Yusuke started to shiver now as he was starting to feel the effects of the cold water. This was for Hiei, so he made sure to hold tightly onto the shaky demon. He didn't feel as hot as before, as the ice water was doing its job, now he looked to be shaking from the cold. He felt awful as the whimpering only grew into silent sobbing, as he could hear the light plopping of the tear-stones hit the water around them.

Pouring half of the bucket like the redhead asked, Kazuma pulled back immediately to allow Kurama to spread the piled ice onto the rest of his back. Under the heat of Hiei and Kurama's hand, the ice started to melt, but not as badly as when he first placed the ice onto his skin. This was a good sign, showing that Hiei was cooling down. “Sh-Sh-Shit...!” Yusuke stuttered out, his lips starting to turn a blueish tint. He was freezing, although, Hiei still felt warm, but not as hot as before.

The Fox demon's brows furrowed, “Yusuke, I'd suggest that you get out before you end up with hypothermia.” He said softly, reaching out to feel the back of Hiei's neck for his temperature. He still felt warm, but was much better than he was before. The fire-demon could handle the freezing water, but the Mozaku demon can't, and Kurama knows it. He may seem tough, but it was clear to see that the cold was affecting him.

“N-No w-way.” Yusuke boldly said, as he held tighter onto the cooling demon laying on him. “H-Hiei needs th-this. If-If he w-w-wants me t-to stay, the-then I will.” His cocky attitude would probably be the death of him, but at least he would die with the knowledge of protecting his friend. It was in his nature to protect, and Hiei was no different.

Sighing in defeat, Kurama turned to Kuwabara to inform him to put the rest of the ice from the bucket onto Hiei. With a nod, he did just that and poured the rest of the ice onto the top of Hiei's back. Some of it was already melted into water, as it rolled down the whimpering demons back and into the frigid waters around them. Now, thanks to the volume of the bodies and ice in the tub, the water was high enough to nearly engulf the two up to their necks.

Yusuke couldn't feel his arms, but he still managed to rub the shaky youkai's bare back to try and comfort Hiei. He was still shaking, and from what he felt through his chest, he was getting cooler as the ice piled onto him and the waters. The youkai was breathing in shaky and uneven breaths, his fingers flexing in his, already wrinkled, green shirt.

Then suddenly, Hiei fell limp into his arms, with a deep sigh. Yusuke immediately took notice of his friend becoming non-responsive. “K-Kurama...! H-H-Hiei's not-not moving...!” His chocolate eyes widened, as he looked down at the tuff of hair that blocked his vision from the demons face. Of course he felt no heartbeat, he was a demon after all, Yusuke's heart still doesn't beat to this day. However, it greatly didn't help that Hiei's ki dramatically dropped when he fell limp in his arms. He knew that both of his teammates felt it too.

“Hiei!” Kuwabara yelped, as he leaned over the tub to look at the out-cold demon. He was so tempted to reach in and grab the little guy from his friend, but had to think logically and follow Kurama's orders. He was the intelligent one when it came to this.

Green eyes widened, as he rushed to place a hand on the middle of the youkai's back. His ki was draining quickly, possibly due to shock of the freezing waters. “Kuwabara, take Hiei and dry him off. Wrap him in a thin blanket, so that he can warm up slowly. I will tend to Yusuke.” He said as calmly as he could, pulling the plug to let the water drain.

Kazuma didn't need to be told twice, as he gently grabbed the little fireball, and held him against his chest like Urameshi did, with an arm wrapped underneath him. Grabbing a towel with his other arm, he flung it around the smaller man's shoulders and jogged into Hiei's room. Leaving his two teammates in the bathroom.

Without watching where he was going, and thanks to his own clumsiness, he forgot about the hiruseki stones that Hiei had cried while he was being held by Urameshi. Stepping on the little crystals, he nearly flung Hiei over his head, but managed to hold him steady on his chest, as he squealed out a yell, falling onto his back. “Ow...” he softly said. With his own weight, not the mention Hiei's, it just added more pressure to his fall. Not that it mattered, the little guy barely weighed anything.

Blinking his eyes open, he jerked up and checked on his little friend. Hiei looked unharmed, but was still knocked out. Pulling himself to his knees, he shimmied his way over to the mattress, this time making sure to miss the evil stones that threatened to trip him once again. Sitting in the bed, Kuwabara wrapped Hiei in the bright red towel that he grabbed, and rubbed it over his body to dry him off. He wasn't burning off those waves of heat anymore, and his temperature felt closer to normal, but he was still cold to the touch.

Pulling the little fire-demon into his own chest, he did his best to try and warm him up as naturally as he could. While he held Hiei with one arm, rubbing his side to cause friction, he used his other to pick up the hiruseki stones around them, placing them in his jacket pocket. He wouldn't keep them, he just wanted to get them out of the way in case someone else trips on them.

As he picked the last stone up and put it away, Yukina walked in. “Kazuma, I was wondering where you were. Is Hiei ok?” She asked with her naturally soft and gentle voice, walking up to the two. Kneeling down, she looked at the pale figure in the taller males grasp wrapped in a towel. “He doesn't look too good. Where is Kurama and Yusuke?”

Kuwabara's heart leaped to his throat when he heard the lovely voice of his darling Yukina. He had a deep suspicion about the tear-stones, and wanted to ask Yukina about them. Perhaps she knew something that he didn't. Although, a strange feeling enveloped his mind that told him to not expose the stones to the ice maiden, and he promptly listened to them. He knew that Yukina has been searching for her long lost brother for all these years.

It took an entire heartbeat, possibly two, and the puzzle melded itself together. It clicked, Hiei was Yukina's brother! He couldn't pin it to any other solution. He knew that ice maidens had the ability to cry precious tear gems and knew of no other demon species that did the same. There could be no other possibility, Hiei was Yukina's lost twin brother.

He had heard of the story that she told, where he was born a fire-demon, and was chucked off the cliffs of their home to die. She had the suspicion that he survived, and went looking for him. Did Hiei even know? Probably, which is why he never revealed it to her to begin with, but why? He wouldn't want to anger the said demon, so he decided to keep his mouth shut about it. “Yukina! Yeah, Hiei isn't doing too good. Urameshi and Kurama...”

“Right here! Don't worry we were just cleaning the bathroom, Hiei had to take a quick bath. No big deal.” The slick-backed leader said as he and Kurama walked into the room. Yusuke had a thick blanket wrapped around himself, as he walked over to Kazuma and the secret twins. Once he was out of the frigid water, and into a nice blanket, he felt much better.

The redhead smiled warmly at the sight of Yukina pulling back Hiei's bangs that fell into his face. If only she knew. Walking up to them, he sat down next to the group eyeing the half-koorime, taking note of his condition. His scent alone was strange, as Kurama silently sniffed the air to get a better reading. He smelt a mix of pain and anticipation in the air around him. How odd.

“Hiei will be fine, Yukina, don't worry. He's a tough little one, although we can't seem to guess what is wrong with him.” Yusuke said with a shrug, wrapping the blanket tighter around himself. He was so glad that Kurama went to retrieve an extra set of clothes for him to wear. He had checked his injuries from the little half-koorime only to confirm that he had left multiple blistering burn marks over his chest. The cold water helped tremendously, and the Fox demon also helped apply a bit of aloe to numb it further.

Kazuma gently lifted the unconscious demon in one arm and grabbed the blanket on the bed to wrap him in. Once more, Kuwabara fathomed at the view of the tiny creature inside of the cocoon blanket. Hiei, as fierce of an opponent he was, it really caught him off guard that he could deem himself to look, dare he say it, adorable.

Even while unconscious, Hiei managed to defeat the odds of possible cuteness by cuddling further into the warmth of the blanket surrounding him, and then to the heat source that held him known as Kuwabara. “Aww, Kazuma, how sweet~. How about I get all of you some warm tea?” Yukina cooed out, her eyes never leaving the rare sight of the fire-youkai being affectionate for once, even if it is unintentional.

With a wide grin, Yusuke turned to the blue-haired ice maiden “That would be great, Yukina. Thanks.” Just thinking about drinking a warm beverage had his whole body merely shaking with the familiar sense of warmth once again. It was strange to be boiling hot one second, and then freezing cold in the next.

Yukina smiled softly, and stood moving closer to the spiky-haired demon and redhead human. Leaning down, she gently moved a hand over the exposed cheek of the cuddling apparition. “I knew that he liked you all along, Kazuma. Thank you for being so kind to him.” She spoke softly, placing a chaste kiss on the taller redheads cheek before walking away to fetch the warm beverages.

Kuwabara blushed madly, a massive smile clouded his face at the affectionate move. He giggled, feeling a rush of blood to face, trying to take in his manly pride. Taking the compliment in stride, he straightened himself out, and held Hiei tighter in his grasp, anything to make his Yukina happy. With extra effort, he made sure that the demon in his arms was comfortable, even allowing him to grip onto his shirt without worry.

“Damn, Kuwabara, don't fall in love with him, now.” The Toushin said with a very small hint of sarcasm in his voice, making the other sputter, and nearly lose his grip. This was always worth it when it came to the little fire-demon. He knew that Hiei would never allowed the human to touch him like that and get away with it, alive that is. Perhaps there was really something wrong with him, it didn't seem natural at all. Maybe Genkai could shed some light on the situation.

“URAMESHI!” He would always tease him like this. It seemed more of a brotherly thing now. Even if Yusuke was a demon, he would always be his friend, no matter what. With an angry scowl, he made sure to not get over heated from the insult to his pride, he had to keep composure to make Yukina happy. If holding the little fireball in his arms would do it, then he would gladly comply.

Kurama couldn't pinpoint that scent that came from the demon. It was strange. His body was overwhelmingly hot. Boiling enough to burn Yusuke just from the contact. The only way to disperse the hot-headed demon was to literally dump him into ice water, but the scent still remained even though his temperature was heading back to normal.

He didn't look completely disheveled like before, now he looked more calm, although his body seemed to be searching for the warmth of another. Even when he was pouring waves of energy in the form of heat, he wouldn't release Yusuke at all, almost clinging to him for a sense of comfort. The great Shuichi didn't even have an answer to this; he was stumped.

With a sigh, green eyes drifted over Kuwabara as he clung tighter onto the unconscious youkai. He would have to talk to Genkai about his condition, knowing that only he could smell out this unique scent that came off of him. “Yusuke, being part demon... Do you smell anything different about Hiei at the moment?” It was an odd question in the spur of the moment, but he had to know if it was just him. Even Kuwabara mentioned something about Hiei's energy acting strange.

Moving away from teasing the poor redhead any further, he turned his full attention to the Fox demon beside him. “Huh, what, do you smell something wrong with him, Kurama?” There was no way that the kyubi would lie about something like this. Even though he had a much more sensitive nose than most humans because of his change, he couldn't compare to the demon beside him.

With a nod, Kurama confirmed Yusuke's question. “It isn't his usual scent. I smelt a mixture of pain, anxiousness and something else that I can't really explain. Perhaps something close to desire? Although, I am uncertain. Even now, the scent still lingers but it isn't as strong as before when his temperature was spiking.” The explanation was long, but he needed to give him a bases of what he was smelling so Yusuke could determine it for himself.

“Really?” The half-breed said as he pulled his upper-body from the protection of the covers closer to the cuddling demon in his friends lap. Closing his eyes, he concentrated his senses to smell, as he breathed in the scent of the fire apparition. The first thing that came to his mind was the scent of smoke and pine that defined the demon in general. If only he could get a better reading, it was hard with his undeveloped nose to smell what Kurama was getting at. “I don't smell much other than his usual scent. Kuwabara, let me hold him for a minute.”

A tinge of anger flashed across his gray gaze, at losing his chick magnet, but he willingly lifted the fragile body into Yusuke's open arms and into his lap. The leader of the group re-situated Hiei so that his body was seated sideways in his arms, his little legs bent at the knee, over his right thigh, while his upper body was propped up by his left arm.

Pulling the blanket down, the Toushin knew that this would look strange to the human redhead, but he had to get a sniff for himself, maybe he could talk with Kurama about it to determine what was wrong with Hiei. The fire-demon's head leaned against his chest, a sea of spiky black hair with blue highlights and a white star-burst. This was the first area that held a more concentrated smell, and Yusuke pressed his face into the soft locks and breathed deeply.

Kurama didn't falter at the view, knowing that it was the best way for him to learn how to use his enhanced sense of smell. He didn't need to get as close, but when he was younger he had to do the same thing that Yusuke did as a kit in order to get the ability that he has today. The other redhead, however, watched the scene like they were a couple of aliens.

With the moving locks of hair, Yusuke easily could pick up on a different scent that invaded his senses, although it was difficult to pin into words. “I do smell something, now. I feel kind of... weird.” It was hard to put into words in what he was smelling. The emotions that the little demon felt seemed to be molded to his scent, and now he could practically feel it when he put concentration into it.

His demon self was clawing at his consciousness, desperately trying to make its way to the surface. He held it back, but the feeling of his Toushin blood rushing through his veins clouded his movements, as he ventured further. A deep rumble came out of nowhere, as he moved away from the mass of hair, and lower to a pale throat. It took Yusuke a moment to realize that the sound came from him, as he nuzzled the soft neck to brush up more of the scent and make it airborne for him to breathe in.

The Youko within Kurama nearly made him growl out in warning at the other demons sound. That was a sound of dominance if the Fox has ever heard it before, Yusuke's demon self was making their leader unconsciously tell others around him that the smell that was being presented to him was his for the taking; and the redhead had an obligation to protect Hiei from anyone who would dare take advantage of him in his current state.

“I smell his pain.” Urameshi said softly, nuzzling into the demons neck further to rustle up more of the intense area of concentrated smell. He felt Hiei turn his head away from the half-breed with a groan, ultimately giving him more room to maneuver. Yusuke's fangs pinched at his teeth to grow out from their human constraint to bite the flesh underneath, but he held them back with a strong sense of effort.

How he couldn't sense this before was beyond him, maybe it was because he was in pain from the youkai's burning body that he didn't smell it before, but now he could see where Kurama was coming from. “You're right. It has got to be desire along with anxiety. There's no doubt about that.”

Before he would do anything he would regret, Yusuke re-wrapped the fire demon and handed him back to Kuwabara, covering himself into his own blanket. Kurama calmed himself to lash out at his friend the minute that his body was moved to the other redhead. If he were to give a response to that growl, not only would he be turning against their leader, but he would also be challenging Yusuke for Hiei. That was something that he didn't want to do, not that he couldn't try, but he didn't want to have to fight the strong Toushin. Yusuke wouldn't notice it consciously, but his demon self could easily slip through and fight for him, just like with Sensui.

“Man, that was kinda weird. I don't smell anything at all.” Kazuma said mostly to himself, as he situated the little demon in his arms, making sure that he was comfortable like before. He has to look good for Yukina, and maybe he would receive another kiss for treating the little Squirt with care.

“Indeed, I knew that I sensed something like that. We will have to ask Genkai on her opinion now that we both have proof of his condition,” Kurama said softly, turning his gaze over to the doorway to greet the ice-maiden with a small smile, as she walked in. They would discuss it later, but now Kurama had to keep in mind that Yusuke's demon side seem to be taking a liking to Hiei's scent. He had to protect him if he manages to lose control.

“Sorry it took so long, I decided to make some sandwiches. Is anyone hungry?” She said with a bright smile on her face, placing the tray in the middle of them on the bed. Turning to Kuwabara she tilted her head at the cute little demon in his grasp. Who would have guessed that Hiei would look so cute?

The minute she spoke, Kazuma perked right up making sure to hold Hiei close to put on a display of his tenderness like before. “Yukina! Wow, thank you, they look delicious!” He spoke tenderly, as he grabbed a cup and a sandwich for himself. “I will give Hiei half of my sandwich whenever he wakes up. I bet he will be starving!” The redhead said with a glint of pride, hoping to use this act of generosity to attract his lovely Yukina once more.

Yusuke couldn't help but to roll his eyes at the mindless redhead trying to grab the attention of the woman next to him. Trying to be bold and brave by sacrificing part of his meal for Hiei, typical. Although, he wouldn't doubt that if they were doing a mission and the food was scarce that Kuwabara wouldn't think twice than to share with the angry little youkai. Even if Hiei wouldn't dare do the same in return. He was raised off of pure instincts, and sharing doesn't exist in his world.

Kurama smirked at Yukina as she cooed and kissed Kuwabara on the cheek once again, making him blush and cradle Hiei more. He reached for a sandwich to snack on, when another hand met his, along with a low growl. Green eyes melded into gold for a brief moment, as he darted his gaze to look up at Yusuke's that had turned a deep copper color, the same as his demon form. In response, Kurama growled back, but they both didn't move their hand, nor take their eyes off each other for a solid heartbeat.

As if snapping out of it, Yusuke shook his head and widened his eyes, now back to their usual chocolate color. “Whoa, my bad, Kurama. Sorry about that.” He didn't even know what happened in that brief moment, his mind went blank and when he regained himself, he noticed that they were both going for the same piece of food. Moving his hand over, he grabbed another sandwich and went back to watching over Hiei, trying not to entice the redhead further by looking at him. His instincts told him not to look into his eyes right now.

As quickly as Yusuke regained his consciousness, his eyes shifted back to their usual green. It seems that his demon side was enticed by Hiei's scent, which showed a bit of loss in his usual control. “No need to apologize. I am sorry as well.” He tried to act normal, around the awkwardness that filled the room. He noticed that Yukina and Kuwabara were startled a bit, and staring.

Looking over at Yukina, and then back at the two as they both had their gazes locked on the Shrimp in his arms, he said out-loud softly “Well that was weird.” mostly to his precious Yukina than anyone else, as he continued to eat half of his sandwich.
.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 3

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Chapter 2
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 2

Chapter 4
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 4

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Yu Yu Hakusho Relationship Overview of Hiei
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Chapter 2: Unknown Feelings


Genkai’s temple was quite, the sound of crickets chirped away in the night. A beautiful moon shown through the thin temple doors, illuminating the rooms within. The night wasn’t too far along, however, as five out of the six occupants were still awake.

Kurama, Yusuke, Kazuma, Yukina and Genkai all were crowded in the living room area. The Fox and Yusuke were chatting to one another, while Yukina and Kuwabara watched television together on the couch. Genkai was busy making up a healing remedy for her newest bother, Hiei.

“Man, Kurama, I still can’t get over how close we were to losin’ Hiei back there.” The leader of the group sighed, as he took another bite of his chocolate bar. He even hated to think about it, but he was glad that the horrid beast was finally gone, so that they wouldn’t have to deal with it anymore. “I bet that if you hadn’t force-fed him that leaf-thingy, he would have probably bled to death, eh?”

The savvy redhead nodded his head in agreement. “Yes, I know.” It was hard to envision his best friend in such a condition, again. He would be sure to try and think of a better plan next time to keep them all uninjured next time. “Hiei would definitely have bled to death if we were only a few minutes late. This creature was no ordinary one to survive Hiei’s black dragon.”

“Aw, hey guys! I forgot to tell ya! Hiei said somethin’ that might make ya’ll jealous!” Kuwabara’s scratchy voice rang up as he turned his entire body spastically, as he just remembered.

Brown and green colored eyes darted over to the natural redhead. “Ha! What did he say, Kuwabara? Did he confess his undying love for you~?” Yusuke joked, as he laughed loudly, noticing the angry red blush that spread on his face. Kurama lifted a hand to his mouth to stifle a giggle. He knew that Hiei would never say such a thing.

“Urameshi!” Kazuma nearly screeched, leaping from the couch to stand his ground. “You know that the Shrimp wouldn’t say anything like that! But he did say something else that would probably stun you!” This notion silenced the raven-haired male from his uncontrollable laughter.

“Ah yeah? Well then tell me, what did he say?” Actually, Yusuke was a little bit intrigued. What could have Hiei said that would possibly shock him at all?

“Hmph! You would have never guessed it, but Hiei thanked me for saving him! He said if after you all left the room. Although… I am not sure how he would have guessed since he was knocked out…” He started strong, but ended with a soft note of curiosity. He didn’t even question how the little fire demon knew that it was him that carried him. Unless “Kurama, did you tell him?”

With a generous smile, the redhead stood from the table he was seated at. “Yes, Kuwabara. I told him before you and Yusuke walked in. At first he seemed very angry, though, I guess that I was wrong. You know Hiei doesn’t give his thanks without reason.” Glancing his emerald eyes at the clock, he noticed that it was time to give his friend a visit to see his condition. “I am going to check up on him. I hope he won’t complain too much.” Sighed Kurama, as he started to walk off heading to Genkai.

Yusuke grinned, giving him a thumbs up, “If he tries to fight ya, Kurama, just tell him that I’ll kick his little ass.” His usual joking threats were always taken lightly, just as they should. He knew that if Kurama had any trouble with the little guy, Yusuke could easily pin him down.

“Yeah! Me too, Kurama! If he refuses I will hold him down myself and shove it down his throat!” Kazuma said with a fist held high.

With a stifled, perverted giggle, the raven-haired male nearly burst into laughter at what his old friend said. “Damn, Kuwabara. Take it easy, I guarantee that Hiei is a virgin; don’t be so rough with him when you finally have the balls to do him!” The leader said, as he fell to the floor laughing at the paled and drained face his friend.


“Are the herbs ready yet, Genkai-sama?” Kurama asked kindly, walking over to the elder.

A small “hm” escaped from her, as she held up the bowl up crushed plants, mixed with her energy. “This should do it for now. Spread it over his wounds, and it should help.”

With a curt bow in thanks, the Fox grabbed what was offered. “Thank you very much, Genkai-sama. I am sure Hiei will benefit from it.” With her ki mixed into these herbs, they were more powerful than Kurama’s plants could make. He was lucky to have her available to help.

Walking out, the redhead sighed softly when he heard his two friends hit the ground, and a rough voice of the pink-haired woman to yell at them for wrestling in her house. Those two were always at each other’s throats, almost as bad as Hiei and Kuwabara. At least they knew where to stop before anyone got hurt.

Even with the door slid shut, Kurama smiled softly, when he heard Yukina’s worried voice chime up for them to separate, in which the room silenced. Kuwabara’s voice was radiating off of the walls as he apologized for upsetting her, and for making a ruckus. If only he knew that the real consequence for upsetting Yukina wasn’t Genkai at all, but the injured demon just a few doors down. Hiei, even in his current state, wouldn’t be afraid to kill for the safety and protection of his sister.

~ O ~

A door slid open, quietly, as tender footsteps approached the sleeping dragon. Hiei was still knocked out; although, his hibernation was possibly over and he was just merely resting. Kurama knew that nothing could wake him when he was in hibernating, so with a gentle hand, he placed it on the smaller male’s shoulders, shaking lightly. “Hiei. Hiei wake up, I have to check on your wounds.”

A soft groan left his throat, tossing his body to rest on his side away from the redhead. “Go away, Kurama…” He was having such a nice dream too, and now he was a bit grouchy from being woken up. The raven-haired fire demon knew that Kurama would get his way, but it was never his style to give up so easily.

Hiei heard his friend sigh out, knowing that underneath that fiery hair, he was planning a retaliation attack. “Please, Hiei. I wish not to pin you down, just to check on your wounds.”

He was serious, the black dragon assumed that just from his tone of voice. With a mix between a groan and a sigh, Hiei sat up slowly, his back to the sneaky fox. “You don’t plan to hurt me, do you, Fox?” He asked with a tilt of his head, looking back at Kurama over his shoulder.

That tired stare. Those glazed over auburn eyes, seemed to read him just from the glance. With the moonlight illuminating his back majestically, the humanoid-fox couldn’t help but to feel a slight fix of arousal that sprung through his loins. Swallowing thickly, “I promise I will not harm you, Hiei. When have I ever done such a thing?”

Hiei chuckled. It was a low and it shook his shoulders, lightly. “You are lucky, Kurama.” A bandaged hand was raised to rest on the side of his head. “I don’t quite feel like myself at the moment.” Turning to look at the redhead through gaped fingers, the fire demon gave a small smirk.

Tilting his head, Kurama was confused. “Are you unwell?” If Hiei was feeling sick, then he would gladly aid him. Reaching out, the fox-demon gently grasped the smaller one’s hand, noticing that he was really warm, almost feverish. “He is a fire-demon, so his natural temperature would rise. Although, he is also half ice-demon, so his temperature should balance out.” The thought quickly rose through his mind, trying to decipher what was wrong with his best friend.

Hiei was also not fighting back at all, like he assumed. He raised a knee for his elbow to rest on, as Kurama held his hand. The half-koorime thought nothing of the small contact. He never allowed anyone other than his sister and Kurama to touch him like that. His gaze never left the conjoined hands, “I am not sure.” He said, unusually uncertain.

Now, the Fox was worried. Hiei was always certain about everything that he said. Cautiously, he raised his hand, as non-threatening as possible, to touch the cloth that covered his forehead. Hiei’s eyes closed slowly, when he felt those cool fingers touch his band, and a bit of his brow, a silent message of continuance.

Lifting the protector away, just to the top of his hairline, Kurama placed his entire palm on Hiei’s forehead, wary to be cautious of his third eye that was closed. “He is warm.” “Hiei, have you been moving around since I left you earlier today?” It was a soft question, not an accusing tone was used. No wonder the fire-demon felt a bit ill.

The hand resting on his forehead was welcoming, to say the least. Strangely, the touch seemed to help calm him. Almost as much as when he would look into the tear-gem of his mother. “No.” It was a small and curt answer, but it was true. “I have been resting the entire time you have been gone.”

A soft hum left the redhead’s throat, moving his hand away from his forehead and replaced the protector, squeezing his other on the bandaged one. “I am not sure if you are running a fever, but you do feel much warmer than usual.” The small and tender affection didn’t go unnoticed from the smaller male, as his deep red gaze opened and traveled to the connected hands once more. The stare made him a bit nervous. “Would you like me to stop holding your hand, Hiei?” He knew that he should have just let go, but moving too suddenly wasn’t the best idea when it came to the little youkai.

Closing those long-lashed eyes again, Hiei shook his head from side-to-side slowly. “It is soothing.” This time, however, he didn’t open his eyes back up. “I feel exhausted, but I don’t feel tired.” In all honestly, he felt sick more than anything. A bit of worry entered his mind that his wound was infected which signaled his temperature spike.

The centuries old fox could easily see through him. Hiei was unwell, and he had to try and make him feel better. Letting go of his hand, he wrapped an arm around Hiei’s back slowly, as to not startle him, and the other under his knees.

It wasn’t until the little dragon heard a soft thumping against his head did he, slowly, open his eyes. He was pressed up against a strong chest, and he was being carried. “Where are you taking me, Fox…?” Even his own voice was soft, too soft for his liking. He wouldn’t struggle, only because he felt too weak. He hated that word. ‘Weak.’ He was nothing close to that horrid word, but he couldn’t describe his current condition in any other way.

In the back of his mind, he couldn’t help but to notice how light the man in his arms was. Was he always this light? When was the last time he had eaten anything? “I am taking you to the hot springs. Genkai has made a special mix of herbs for you, and I need to wash your injuries out before applying it.” Kurama made sure to travel with as little jostling as possible, as to not aggravate the smaller male further.

Hiei blinked, lifting his head away from the warmth of the body holding him. “How strange, Kurama. What do you plan to do, bathe me?” He said with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. Of course, he knew how to give himself a bath. Hiei may be weak but he was, most certainly, strong enough to bathe himself.

“That is precisely what I plan to do, Hiei.” Almost immediately after he said that, the little dragon’s ki flared. “Come now, Hiei, do you think I haven’t seen you nude before?” When he was patching him up, there were a few deep gashes on his upper thigh, which needed to be tended to. How else was he supposed to get to it?

A blush rose up to tint his pale cheeks that he will deny to his dying day. “Not that I know of, Kurama!” His eyes narrowed to slits, was this one of the Fox’s tricks? There was no way he would be caught so vulnerable. He was proud of his figure, but he still didn’t want to be spied on while naked.

The sly Fox couldn’t keep the grin from appearing on his face, as he pulled open the doors to the backyard hot springs. It was a private area for bathing, and it was a perfect place to relax. “You didn’t notice the injuries adorning your legs? Especially in the upper thigh regions? Besides, you were still out-cold when I first patched you up.” Seating the fidgeting demon on a raised rock near the sauna, Kurama walked over to retrieve a towel.

Now that Hiei knew of the Fox’s intentions, he placed both hands between his legs, resting on the rock he was sitting on. He had no idea that there were injuries below his waist. “If you think I won’t put up a fight, Fox, then you are wrong. I am not getting in the water with you in the room.”

Hiei’s boots were already off, so the only obstacle that lay in Kurama’s path was his pants. Luckily, he removed the three belts that were needed to hold them up when he was out-cold. This made them even easier to remove since they looked like they would fall down his skinny legs at any moment. “The faster we get this done, Hiei, the faster I can leave you be. Now, don’t be rash, but I will be bathing you. I need to make sure that you don’t have an infection.”

Those pale hands reached for the pants line on the youkai’s little waist but they were gripped by warm hands. “No, Kurama! I may be injured and unwell, but don’t think that I can’t put up a fight.” There was no way he would allow the visibility of his naked body while he is awake. The Fox may have gotten a peek while he was unconscious, but not while he is looking him right in the eyes.

Kurama sighed, already tired of these shenanigans. “I am warning you, Hiei. Don’t make me use force.” He didn’t want to harm the injured male, and knew that he wouldn’t. He assumed that if he could bind the man’s arms then that would be enough to make him submit. He would also need to use specialized plants, since Hiei still had a bit of fight left in him.

Blood red eyes narrowed dangerously. “Just try me, Fox.” He was confident, even though he was at a disadvantage. Within a moment, Hiei vanished, and appeared on the other side of the room. An arm wrapped around his stomach, and his teeth were gritted together. It hurt to move like that, but he would gladly fight his way out of this.

The surprise disappearance didn’t alter the redhead’s expression. Standing straight, and turning around, he faced the rambunctious fire demon with a tired look. “I warned you. Now, you will play by my rules.” Kurama said as he reached to the back of his head, under his hair, for a seed. Tossing it to the ground, it came alive with an energy flare, growing into a vine covered plant. “This plant will not harm you, but it will contain you.” He said as he snapped his fingers, and the thing flung its thorn-less vines Hiei’s way.

The dragon’s eyes widened, as the plant charged his way. With his quick speed, he was able to dodge the first attack, but for how long. Charging his ki into his palms, Hiei didn’t have the strength to summon the black dragon, but perhaps the mortal flame would suffice in bringing the vines to ash. There was no way he could get close, so he threw a fireball at the vines, as he jumped to the right to dodge another onslaught of the attack.

Landing on wobbly legs, the youkai grunted in pain, as he felt his injuries jostle from the sudden movement. He barely had time to think, however, as the vine that he had thought was exterminated, emerged anew, and lunged at him again. Hiei panicked and leaped again, sadly this time, he felt a tug at his right leg. Glancing down, he noticed the same vine that used to be on fire, was wrapped tightly around his calf, causing him to fall forward.

Kurama merely stood there, watching the whole fight with unblinking eyes, never moving an inch. When the vine finally caught him by the foot, he forced more vines to catch his upper body so he wouldn’t rip open anymore injuries, preventing him from landing on the floor. Three more vines wrapped around his remaining limbs, and brought Hiei over to a patient redhead.

The fire demon struggled fruitlessly against the restraints on his arms and legs. “Kurama! Release me!” He growled out a command; although, with the look on the Fox’s face it seemed that he was ignored. He was placed on his feet, the vines making sure that he couldn’t move, or control his energy. It seemed to put a cap on his ki, so that he couldn’t use any attacks. The sly Fox had thought ahead.

“I am sorry, Hiei. I had tried to warn you, and now you will have to bathe with an uncomfortable restraint.” With another snap of his fingers, the vines that held the demons arms, moved them to his back. Carefully, they positions his arms bent at the elbow, at nearly a ninety degree angle, with one parallel to the other in the middle of his back. This was done to prevent further movement. The vines snapped themselves off of the main plant, and wrapped tightly around both arms, securely restraining Hiei from further movement.

A threatening growl left Hiei’s lips, when he felt his arms moving without his permission behind his back. Deep and angry eyes glared up at Kurama. The other casually walked up to him and bent over slightly to begin stripping him of the bandages. “Relax, Hiei. You will feel more comfortable if you would just relax. The more you pull, the stronger the vines will be.

The black dragon’s body heated up on instinct to try and rid his self of the restraints, but he couldn’t get into contact with his energy. The plant seemed to block it off, leaving him vulnerable. His body tingled when he felt those skilled fingers peel off the sticky white bandages on his skin, watching them fall to the floor, lifeless.

Hiei would run off, but the vines still held down his legs, so he was grounded in one position until they were removed. He felt cold, when the bandages were gone, revealing a bruised and battered body in the wake. The small youkai felt a bit embarrassed at the way he looked now. Not that he wasn’t proud of his battle scars, but he felt a bit out of place in front of the master thief. He had attained these scars, and failed in his mission. Kurama had succeeded, and came out unscathed.

Darting his gaze over to the lower left, he felt those emerald eyes look upon his injuries with a stealthy grace. “The largest wound on your lower right stomach seems to be a bit infected.” That was the injury when he was stabbed by the creature’s large spiked tail. He still remembers the feel of that huge spike sinking into his body and ripping his organs in the process. He shivered at the spike of imaginary pain.

Kurama took note of the involuntary shiver that rippled through the smaller demon; he would have to be extra careful when cleaning out that wound. It was a sickly shade of black and red crusted over the large hole where the spike penetrated his body. Around the gash was a purple, black and red bruise, possibly happened when Hiei reopened the wound. Powdered on top, was familiar pollen that did its job to keep the blood coagulated, in other words keeping him from bleeding out.

Carefully, Kurama kneeled down and gripped the top of Hiei’s pants and started to pull them down. The fire demon held his breath, and leaned back, turning his head away. A deep blush spread on his neck and crawled to his face, as he clenched his eyes shut. He couldn’t get away, as he felt the fabric slide down his thighs, and pool at his ankles.

It was of no surprise to the Fox that the little dragon didn’t wear undergarments. Most demons didn’t believe in underwear, and Hiei was one of them. Glancing up at those tightly closed lids, a small smirk appeared on Kurama’s face as he briefly took in the view of his little fire demon. Hiei’s size was proportioned to his body; because of his short stature, he wasn’t as large as the Fox was, but decent for a man with his height.

Emerald eyes traveled further down to assess the damage done to his friend’s body. Reaching up, he gently pulled off the bandages that were wrapped around his thighs, hearing a hiss from above; whether it was from pain or pleasure, he was unsure. A deep gash, located on his pale left thigh, started in the middle front and worked its way diagonally up and around inward toward his buttocks.

Hiei’s mind panicked. He was so close. So close to the most sensitive part of his body, he could practically feel the others hot breath dance across his scrotum. Biting his lip to keep down any sound that threatened to crawl up his throat, the dragon clenched his eyes shut further to keep from looking down at the Fox. “Right, this isn’t anything sexual… He is just looking at my wounds…” He was lucky that his body was able to control itself, since he hasn’t been physically stimulated, but the feeling was still there.

Gently, Kurama placed a hand below the gash, pushing slightly, signaling the vines to spread Hiei’s legs outward a bit more, so he could investigate. His thigh involuntarily flinched at the sudden contact, feeling him shiver in place. He tilted his head and leaned down to get a better look at the injury. The wound managed to reach completely around to the other side onto the little demon’s cheeks. Standing up, the Fox made his way around to the other side of the bound youkai.

Hiei’s eyes darted open when he felt the other stand, and followed his movements, turning his head to keep eye contact. He felt so exposed. Tied down and his body spread eagle just waiting for something drastic to happen. This felt like no ordinary check-up.

His entire body flinched, when he felt a palm rest gently on the top of his back, just above his bound arms. Hiei had seen it coming, but it still didn’t settle the dark shivers that darted across his spine from the contact. “Relax, Hiei, I will not hurt you.” His shoulders shook, slightly, as a mix of fear and sexual desire sprung through his nerves. He hated to have someone at his back, especially when his is bound and vulnerable to attack. Although, he knew that Kurama would never do anything to harm him.

The small demon couldn’t watch him anymore. Jerking his head back forward, he felt the other slowly crouch behind him. The hand was still placed against his upper back, though it didn’t help relieve him of the fear. Without warning, a gentle hand was placed on his waist, the same side as the injury. Hiei couldn’t keep down the frightened grunt that shook his entire body. His eyes were widened with horror, staring forward. The lip that was between his fangs ripped, feeling the blood sliding down his chin to gather there only to drip to the floor between his legs. Tears gathered at the edges of his unblinking eyes, when he felt a thumb from the hand on his waist grip his cheek and pulled it to the side a bit.

Kurama knew he was pushing it, now. Taking a quick look, he noticed that the injury seemed to reach upward and outward to the middle of his left cheek. Removing his hands entirely, he walked around the fire demon. Looking at the crumbled mess of his friend, he regretted taking his time. Those ruby eyes held a sense of fear deep within, and to add to it, Hiei looked like he was about to cry.

Being careful and slow, the redhead reached his hand out to the dragon’s mouth, and wiped away the trail of blood with his thumb. Hiei flinched back, but didn’t bite him like he had assumed. “Your wounds are healing, but with the medicine, it will heal faster. Now, let’s get into the water.” The minute he said that, the vines holding the demon’s legs released him and Kurama moved to the side to allow him to walk into the water.

The Fox had expected the tiny demon to immediately flit away, never to be seen again; although, if he were to do that, he would have to come back eventually to get the vines removed. The person who attached the vines will have to be the one to remove them. Did Hiei know that? He was unsure, but he had a clue by the look on his face that he knew he was trapped either way.

Emerald green eyes stared back into those unblinking shocked red ones. Was he frightened? The shaky demon merely stood in place, not taking his eyes off of the Fox. Was he planning something? “Do you need any help, Hiei?” Kurama asked, as if his friend wasn’t standing naked in the room with him.

The fire apparition visibly flinched at the sound of the other man in the room, snapping him out of his feared trance. He was embarrassed, and a bit frightened, he was unsure why. The Fox hadn’t harmed him at all. He had only touched him in places that no other living creature has before. Of course he had been injured there, but never had the physical contact been so gentle, caressing.

Ignoring the red that stained his cheeks, Hiei closed his eyes, and held his head down, walking to the water’s edge. Taking a cautious step, the fire demon made his way into the warm depths of the heated pool; continuing until he felt that he his waist was completely covered, he stopped. His arms were still bound as a gaze of deep auburn peeked over his small shoulder at the still-standing redhead.

Kurama was going to strip to keep his outfit from getting wet, but he decided that Hiei’s comfort was more important than his own. Never taking his eyes off of the pair staring at him, and grabbing a bar of soap and cloth, he walked into the water with smooth steps, up to the uneasy youkai. “Relax Hiei, I told you that I wouldn’t harm you, and I plan to keep it that way.”

To try and relax the timid demon, Kurama walked around to his front. Those flaming eyes never leaving his face, as the Fox dipped the washcloth into the water, and lathered it with the soap. “This might sting a bit, but it will help clean out your injuries.” He said softly, trying not to startle the bound youkai.

Hiei grit his teeth, when he felt the somewhat ridged cloth, gently, rub against his battered body. Not once did he take his eyes off of the working redhead. He hoped that his humiliation was soon coming to an end, but he was still fortunate to see that Kurama still had his clothes on. He knew that it made the former Fox uncomfortable to be in wet clothes. Strangely, the fire demon also had a different feeling about that. Almost like he wanted the other man to remove his clothes as they both entered the water. He mentally shook his head at the thought. Preposterous.

Glowing green eyes kept watch of his hand at work, cleaning out the crusted blood that was missed and bits of pollen that were stuck to the gaping wound. Pulling the cloth back, he dipped it in the water to rid of the stained red color that it had obtained, and lathered it back up, before continuing with his upper chest. Three deep gashes lined diagonally up from the right to the left side of his torso. These were not as bad as the stab wound on his lower left stomach. The injury on his thigh was deeper than these; he was surprised that Hiei didn’t notice that one at all until he mentioned it.

Kurama’s fingers gently brushed over a soft nipple, taking in the sight before him. Hiei was surely beautiful; especially in this intense moment. He was bound, completely at the Fox’s mercy. That hard-as-stone gaze never leaving his face, trying to concentrate on the person rather than the hands that roamed his body.

Placing his other hand on the smaller ones shoulder, he rubbed at the smooth chest, wiping the injuries clean and being careful not to open the forming scabs. Kurama could feel the small chest rise and fall with every breath he took. No heart beat was detected, though. Demon hearts don’t beat; he would have been worried if he suddenly heard the thumping of his still-beating heart.

Hiei seemed more docile now than before. The young demon was so concentrated on getting away, and now he merely stood there, motionless and speechless. Had he given up? Or was he just waiting for the right moment to strike? Perhaps he just wanted this all to be over with. If only he could read what the other was thinking, but it was hard behind that emotionless stare.

There was no panic. No malice behind those ruby red eyes. Kurama was sure that he would have seen something by now. He was still, until a deep breath made the small breast pushed his hand back gently; falling back down after a deep sigh left those supple lips. “Are we done…?” The sound was so deep, rhythmic. It vibrated through the soft flesh that the Fox was cleaning, making his skin tingle.

Blinking out of his trance, Kurama looked back into more focused eyes. “Almost… Just have to clean the gash on your thigh.” He noticed that Hiei visibly flinched at the mention of that particular injury. The Fox pulled back the soiled rag, and cleaned it once more, getting ready for the more sensitive part of the demons body. Would he allow him? “I will be quick, I promise.”

For some reason, Hiei didn’t trust the words that came from the master thief at that moment. He wouldn’t be quick; he had a feeling that something else was going to happen. Although, he had no other choice.

Slowly, the fire apparition turned and walked to the side of the water, where it was shallow enough to reveal everything down to his mid-thigh. His fingers clenched in the tight bondage behind his back, getting nervous, as he kept his back turned on the sly Fox. He was getting tired, as he turned his head back to look at Kurama with dull eyes.

It was like an invitation. The moonlight shown so beautifully on his back, it was almost illuminating. When the water receded, the Yoko inside of him nearly made him growl with a primal and dominant rush. He had to hold back. He could tell by the scent that Hiei wasn’t ready. If the Fox gave into temptation, he would scare away his prey. And those eyes… Deep ruby gems glimmered dimly at him, and it nearly drove him to press him against the rock he was facing.

Swallowing, Kurama kept his cool, and approached the demon from behind, slowly. He pressed a hand onto the fire demons upper back, pressing him forward to rest his upper body against the rock formation. “Please bear with me.” With as gentle movements as possible, he lathered the cloth once more, and pressed flatly to his left cheek.

A gasp left the dragons lips, at the cold feeling of the soapy cloth that touched him. He already felt vulnerable from having his back turned to the sneaky Fox, but it was made worse by the fact that he was bent over at an angle. Without his consent, his entire frame was shaking. His body told him to be nervous and frightened, but he knew that Kurama would never hurt him. Although, it did sting a bit from the wound he was trying to clean, but it was expected.

The semi-smooth rag rubbed in small circles on the little demons rear, gradually heading south. Long, nimble fingers traced down Hiei’s back, over his bound arms, and stopped at a narrow hip. With a light grip, the Fox moved closer, bending over the shivering man, he maneuvered the cloth to slide between his legs to continue cleaning.

Hiei clenched his teeth, pressing the side of his face closer to the rock. A strangled hiss left his throat, at the working hand. On instinct he spread his legs wider, making available space for the cold cloth and warm hand to maneuver. Kurama was so close; it nearly drove the great Jagan master insane. He could almost feel the two low-hanging bits of hair that he usually kept in front of his ears on his tiny shoulder.

It took every fiber of the Fox’s self-control to keep himself from purposefully rubbing a hand on the fire demons scrotum that hung between his legs. Surprising himself, he stayed on task, and tried not to breathe the dragons scent too deeply, it would only arouse him further.

Seconds felt like minutes, as time rolled slowly. Taking each staggering breath through an open mouth, Hiei closed his eyes, praying that this moment of embarrassment would end. Strangely, a different feeling mixed in the pit of his stomach, along with anxiety, fear and shame. It was a foreign feeling, one that the dragon tamer had never experienced before. The feeling brought a fluttering sensation throughout his entire being, and wasn't entirely unpleasant.

Kurama released the Jagan master all together, and took a few steps back. “I am done. All we have to do now is apply the medicine and you will be free to go.” He never meant to keep him this long, his arms must be killing him from being pent up on his back.

The outside was freezing as Hiei left the safety of the warm waters. The soft sound of splashing echoed through the silent room, as he made his way on shore near his clothes. He kept his back to the Fox, already embarrassed enough that he had seen everything. There was nothing more to hide. His dripping wet body, was shivering from his waist down to his legs. It seemed that both demons wouldn't dry off before this was over.

Water splashed as Kurama exited the sauna, shivering at the nippy air that met him. He would have to change his clothes after this, he hated to be wet. He decided to walk past the nude demon, and into the room where Hiei was previously resting, expecting the smaller man to follow. He knew he was sick, but he assumed that he didn't want to be touched like that in his predicament.

Just as the Fox thought, Hiei followed quite a distance behind the redhead. His body was reacting strongly to moving in such a condition, but he bared it, finally making it into the room. Kurama was kneeling near his bed, and preparing the concoction of medicines needed for his injuries. He stood at the door, thanking the lord that the moonlight only lit up his upper-body, as he stood in the doorway.

The scent coming off of the fire apparition seemed more apprehensive than anything else. He knew that Hiei was a tough man, but he looked more like a broken stallion, giving up on trying to buck its rider off and simply giving in. “Come on, Hiei. You look a bit cold, don't want that fever spiking.”

Swallowing, the fire-demon did as he was told, and slowly made his way over to the kneeling redhead. Being careful, he knelt down, trying not to fall on his face, and pulled his legs from under himself to try and cover up his privates from being exposed any further. It wasn't working too well. Hopefully, Kurama would trust him enough to remove these restraints, they were starting to hurt. He felt the bed he was on dampen in places that his knees and rear touched, feeling slightly uncomfortable.

The redhead scooped a handful of the strange green goop from the bowl, it smelled strange, almost like multiple green-leafy substances mixed into one. “Be still, please.” He chimed softly, as he reached out and smeared a good amount onto the largest wound on his body. That stuff was, absolutely, freezing. The minute it touched his heated skin, it made him jump a bit from the shock.

Hiei is a fire-demon but that didn't mean that he was immune to the cold. He hated to be cold, his body temperature was drastically effected, he'd much rather be hot. His entire body reflected the feeling of those hands on his body, one was holding him on the shoulder, and the other was working its way up to the gashes on his chest. He was lucky that he was too cold to keep any sexual feelings that rushed through his head.

Kurama took his time to feel out the shivering body before him. The darkness wasn't covering anything, and he could see it all. From his finely tinted red cheeks, down to the closed legs before him. He knew that he shouldn't waste time, Hiei was cold, but his body was fluctuating in temperature spikes, he could feel it. How strange.

A strangled moan left the youkai's throat in a soft plea, “K-Kurama... Please, h-hurry...” The Fox had to shake his head to try and rid of the immediate sexual thoughts that spewed in his mind. There was no way he would suggest something like that, he was merely cold and wished to get this done so he could cuddle back into the covers.

“Of course, Hiei. I apologize.” He stated, as he finished with the final injury on his chest. “How would you like me to apply it to... uh... your final wound?” He had an idea but he knew that he was pushing boundaries, but it had to be done.

Hiei darted his wide gaze at the shimmering green that stared back. “C-Can't I just put it on m-myself?” He asked a bit loudly and angrily. He didn't know what was the big problem of himself doing this, he was fully capable.

The Fox-demon sighed, knowing that he would fight back. “Would you really want to risk spreading this stuff on your genitals? I have a strong feeling that if this came in contact with such sensitive skin, it would highly irritate it. Better to be safe than sorry.” Not that Kurama didn't want Hiei to do it himself; a feeling deep within him wanted to do it for the poor fire-demon.

A low growl emitted through clenched fangs, as he decided not to argue. The quicker he can get his pants on the better. Pulling back to his knees, he lifted himself, feeling off-balance from the restraints. “Just get it over with, please...” He said, surprisingly without a stutter, closing his eyes.

Kurama grabbed the bowl and knee-shimmied his way over to the apparition, being so close he could feel the soft breath dance across his clothed chest. “You can lean on me if you feel like you are going to fall.” He assured, before placing the bowl behind Hiei, on the side of him.

Without a bit of warning, the smaller male fell forward, leaning his entire body onto the strong chest of the Fox-demon. Was he just tired? The redhead didn't question it at all. He had stated that before, and plans to keep it. Reaching a hand around to press onto his lower back for support and steadiness, Kurama scooped more of the messy green goop, into his hand and began to spread it onto his rear.

He was careful, making sure not to miss a single bit of the open injury, and made his way down to between the demons little thighs. He pulled his hand back, and scooped a little more into his hand, before pulling his own hips back while keeping his chest forward to support the leaning demon. His hand moved to the front to complete the job, as he wiped the rest of it on his already wet pants. “Alright, Hiei, now I just have to re-bandage it, and I will leave you alone.”

A soft “hn” vibrated from his chest, as the demon refused to move. The Fox didn't complain, instead he reached behind himself to retrieve the bandages and slowly started to wrap up the small demons lower wound.

When finished, he put the bandages down, and placed both hands on the fire-demon's shoulders to push him back to lean on his own legs. “Sorry, I have to finish. You still feel a bit warm, though.” He said as he reached for the white wrappings once more.

Hiei blinked slowly, as he was pulled away. A light flush ran over his neck and cheeks, feeling those hands working on his chest. To be truthful, he felt a lot better. After he had a nice dip in the sauna, and now his injuries didn't hurt anymore. He just wished that he could have gone without the whole nude thing.

A smile of satisfaction spread over the redheads features, as he pulled back. “There, finally finished. I will fetch your clothes for you.” He stood and left the still-bound demon alone for a moment, as he retrieved the forgotten pants in the sauna room.

Kurama placed the article of clothing in front of the fire-demon, and gently tapped on the restraints with the tips of his fingers. Quickly, the plant unraveled itself from the youkai's arms, and traveled up the redheads instead, finding shelter within the confines of his sleeves.

Even with the injured and sick raven-haired man, he still managed to put on his clothes with an impressive speed, less than five seconds. Standing up, Kurama gave a short bow. “Good-night, Hiei. Sleep well, alright?” He said softly, turning to leave.

“Kurama, wait...”

Although there was nothing else the fire apparition wanted to do than to lay down and rest, he simply couldn't. Not after he felt the strange safety and comfort that he found within his friend. He actually felt warmth from him when he was being patched up. It was nice, and if Kurama hadn't pushed him off, he was sure to fall asleep against him.

The half-breed did as he was told, and turned to look into those pleading ruby eyes. “Yes, Hiei? What is it?” He asked softly, kneeling down to the hunched over figure in the bed. His intelligent mind was trying to think ahead, as usual, in these situations. Was he hungry? Thirsty? Needed an extra blanket? Was he in pain?

“Please sleep with me.”

Kurama had not expected such a  statement. It made his entire face red with a blush at the bluntness from the demon. What could he possibly mean by that? Knowing Hiei's usage of the human vocabulary, he was probably, literally, saying the true meaning of his words. He knows of the fire-demon's little knowledge on the human slang terms. Even in the Dark Tournament, he had never even heard of Rock-Paper-Sissors.

Shuichi and Youko was practically screaming in his head at the thought of actually having sex with the small and vulnerable demon, telling Kurama to “go for it!” However, the more calm and strategic side of his half-breed self forced his mind to calm and straightened out his thoughts. “Of course, Hiei. If it will help you feel better.”

Hiei blinked in a bit of confusion at the strange flush that crept over the usual stoic Fox. Although, he immediately seemed to sort himself out, as he started to climb into the sheets. The fire demon wasted no time, as he moved aside to allow the taller male to slide in next to him. It was a tight fit, since it was a twin size bed, nearly pressing the two males against one another to keep from falling off.

Kurama reached down and pulled the blankets over himself and his little youkai. “Good-night, Hiei.” He said again, softly, looking at his friend as he lay on his side facing him. The moonlight hit his face perfectly, showing those naturally wide eyes as they stared back up at him, almost longingly. He had thought it once before, but Hiei was really beautiful under the moon's gaze.

Gripping the sheets lightly, the half-koorime swallowed thickly, and curled in closer to the warmth of the other man. A deep rumble of “night” echoed to the redhead softly, as he closed his eyes, thankful that he wasn't alone on this cold night. One would think that he would be ready to kill the man that is laying beside him. Although, no murderous thought ran through his mind at all. Kurama was just trying to help him in his time of need. He'll find a way of revenge when the sun rises, until then, he plans on taking a good rest next to his half-breed.
.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 2


Chapter 1
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 1

Chapter 3
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 3

Please leave a nice comment if you liked it. I would like to hear what you liked about it.

Please no flame or spam, unless it is a correction of sorts. I am very new to this couple and if I had pronounced anything incorrectly, I wish to be told.

The Picture was photoshopped by me, and the images used were all made by the creator of the series of Yu Yu Hakusho.

***If anyone understands where I got the title from, you all deserve an amazing cookie.***

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I am really excited to tell you all about my newest story of my two familiar, but new, favorite boys.

The story is going very well, I am a bit rusty from not writing anything in over half-a-year, but I will try my best to keep the typos to a minimum. This is probably not going to be my best only because I have never written a story about these two before.

I have done a lot of studying of this pairing, reading other peoples fanfictions and vamping up my knowledge on these two on a deeper level like I am with Rock Lee and Gaara-kun. It is interesting, but they are not as detailed characters as I thought. They don't even have actual stated Birthdays like our Lee and Gaara-kun does. I hate to go off of guesses since I like to stick to what the character is firmly stated by the actual creator than to make things up about them.
(It is a copyright thing, I am using them to write about. I think making things up about them is going a bit too far.)

Now, back to the actual fanfiction in progress, shall we?
It feels short for me, as being a one-shot (Which is my specialty), but I will try to extend it to past 10,000 words. With it's current progression, I think that it will easily pass that.

And to get to the real reason why I am writing this journal, I have a few opinions on what the actual "sex" scene should look like.
I have also been viewing a lot of readily available Doujinshi of these two, (Which there is a LOT of, let me tell you) and I have read both the soft and hard Yaoi of it.

It has aspired me to create some different scenes of what this fanfiction would spawn, when it comes to these two getting down and dirty. (Now, this won't be any spoilers, since I will not announce which I will use)

Please pick one of the five below that you would most like to see from the couple of Kurama and Hiei.

1. Soft-core Yaoi. Gentle, kisses and caresses.

2. Slight Rough-core Yaoi. Light blood-play, bites and scratches.

3. Threesome? If so then who would be the third person?

4. Bondage/BDSM. (Do I need to explain?)

5. Drunk/Drugged Sex?

(I already have an idea of what I will involve, but I am just very curious to see what my fans would like to read)


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22redhead Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for the fav! :icongaarablushplz: It means so much that you like my writing :D
22redhead Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Happy Birthday! :party: Same Birthday as Gaara! Cool! :D
XxGaaraloverxX Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you, dear~.
Although, you are off about nine days, I'm afraid. :3
But it is alright. I have personally set my deviantart birthday to Gaara's, but my real birthday isn't far behind.
My birthday passed on the 10th of January. But I will take your birthday wish just the same.
Thank you~. :)
22redhead Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh! Lol! That's cool. Well Happy belated Birthday ! :D
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