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Chapter 8: Mating


Soft pink lips opened up wide, allowing a shallow yawn to slip by audibly. Thin arms reached up, stretching his entire body, allowing the fragile spine to arch until a satisfying crack filled the air. Sighing in relief, he relaxed completely, shaking his head a bit.

Opening those deep ruby colored eyes, Hiei was completely sated and satisfied. He had food in his stomach, and his friends had stopped fighting. Now, the small demon wanted nothing more than to sleep. Sadly, he wouldn’t be able to take that nice little nap.

The taller, slick-haired male had different plans. He was nowhere near tired from the meal that he had made for himself and his newest mate. His body was sparking with curiosity about the smaller youkai that he had fought for. The newest scent that was wafting off of him was the feeling of exhaustion. His mate was sleepy after his meal.

Being stupidly brave, Yusuke leaned down to his spiky-haired mate, licking his left earlobe. Maybe, this would send a signal to the other that he was ready to mate now. That was all he wanted, that was what his body craved the most right now. He had given him a tasty meal, and in return he wanted the youkai. The heated demon still had that delicious scent coming off of him and it took every ounce of his control to keep from leaping onto him and ripping his clothes off.

Hiei was tired, but a feeling of a wet muscle on his ear made his entire body shake, his eyes widening. He doesn’t know how many times he has growled or snapped at the Detective but each time he seemed to be getting braver with his advances. A shrill growl erupted from the half-koorime’s throat, if he didn’t back off within two seconds, he would strike.

A warning growl erupted in his ears, and Yusuke immediately understood that he had only a second to pull away before he would be bitten again, which he gladly did. Slowly, he has learned his lessons on what irks his newest mate. Nearly everything does. His face and neck were nearly covered with scratches and bite wounds from the little demon he is trying to sleep with. Every time he would attempt to seduce the smaller man into mating with him, he would either receive a growl in warning or a snap from his sharp teeth, sometimes both.

Hiei huffed, as he tried to fall asleep for the fifth time that night. For unknown reasons, the Detective wouldn’t leave him alone, what did he want? Words wouldn’t get to him, as whenever he would say ‘stop’ he wouldn’t; only when he would growl and snap, he’d get the message. Couldn’t he see that all he wanted was to sleep?

The Youko’s ears twitched, as he watched his leader try and seduce Hiei. It was obvious that he was a beginner, and possibly a virgin because of his failed attempts. It was quite humorous, actually. If he had a chance, Hiei would have already been on his hands and knees begging for more. It has already been over thirty minutes after they all finished eating, and Urameshi is still trying to mount the smaller demon in heat. However, the Jaganshi wasn’t taking that lightly, and with every attempt that Yusuke took, he fought back.

It started out with simple touches at first. Hands rubbing over Hiei’s back, arms and neck; each and every time, he would retaliate. Instead of thinking of different ways to try and get the youkai to submit, he just replaced his hands with his tongue after a while of failing attempts. He will get nowhere with what he is currently doing. The Fox knew that he could easily assist him with it, but it would only spur up anger within both of them.

With a yawn of his own, Kurama crossed his legs and rested his chin in his hand, looking on with jealous eyes. He couldn’t do anything, or go near the couple. Both of them were near the bonfire, and in truth, the Fox felt kind of bad for the Dragon in heat. He was being harassed constantly for the past half-an-hour.

He wouldn’t be surprised if the Toushin ended up raping the little fire-demon. Even if it got that far, there was still nothing he could do to stop it. If he were to try and stop him if it got that far, Yusuke wouldn’t be afraid to kill him. If Hiei would even protest against it, it still wouldn’t matter. He had won once, and had the decency to spare his life; most wouldn’t give any second chances.

This was so irritating. Every time the small half-koorime would attempt to lie down to go to sleep, the idiotic Detective would get on top of him and press his weight down. While doing that, he’d try and flip him on his stomach, since he would start out on his side. Each and every time, a loud snarl would fill the air, and he would practically buck the leader off of him.

Shaking his head, a permanent glare fixated on his tired face, he scooted another foot around the fire, and tried to lay down for a well-deserved nap. Yawning, Hiei curled onto his side and bathed in the warmth of the campfire, closing his eyes to try once again to sleep.

With those big curious eyes, Yusuke quietly made his way to the little dragon. His demonic blood was rushing through his veins, and it mashed his brain into an instinctual mess. Why was his mate rejecting his advances? He had accepted his offering meal, so why was he refusing? The scent coming from his little demon filled him with the feeling of tiredness, but his own needs were being ignored.

A small whining sound made Hiei’s brows furrow, his auburn eyes slowly opening. Another soft whine made his head turn to the sound. A seated Yusuke that sat only a foot away from him had a pout on his face. The Detective’s brows were raised and his bottom lip seemed to quiver in sadness. What was his problem? Hiei swore that if the Toushin had ears and a tail they would be drooping with his figure.

Kurama’s furred ears twitched at the whining sounds that were coming from their leader. A small curt laugh erupted from his throat. He has become so desperate that he has resorted to simple whines. It was almost like he is crying “Aw, come on, all I wanted to do is fuck you!” Just from the looks, it seemed that there was no other way to make Hiei submit than to force himself onto him. However, if it was the Fox that had won, Hiei’s heat would have been over by now.

Another soft growl echoed through the air, a low rumble signaling the frustration of the owner. “Kurama…! Make him go away…!” He didn’t have the strength to fight off the Detective anymore. It still irritated him to no end why he was acting like this. He didn’t understand what the bothering man wanted.

Perky silver ears twitched at the sound of the demon in heat. He’d need to be cautious when speaking to Hiei, since even talking to him could cause an angry reaction from Yusuke. Maybe, the Detective was so concentrated on his mate that he wouldn’t notice him. “Hiei… In order for me to speak to you-”

Angry golden-coppery eyes glared at the Fox, as a feral growl rippled through the air. It sent a shiver of fear through his body, and shut him up immediately. Lowering his ears and body submissively, he would have to show that he was of no harm to both him and Hiei. This time, however, Yusuke didn’t accept this show of apology. He had felt that the Fox had spoken to his mate for the last time and he would make sure that he would keep his mouth shut.

Backing his silvery ears further, Kurama’s golden gaze widened in fear. “H-Hiei, you must allow his advances in order for me to talk to you. He would be too distracted by you to notice me…” He spoke quickly and quietly, backing away as the Detective started to move in closer on all fours, his long, spiky hair bristling with anger.

Hiei sat up quickly, when he noticed that Urameshi’s attention was solely on the injured Youko. He had to do something or else they would fight again, and it looked like Kurama couldn’t win with the way he was backing away in fear. It seemed that he had no other choice.

Getting on his hands and knees, Hiei practically pounced his way over to the Detective, making sure to get completely in front of him. It worked, as Yusuke’s attention immediately sprung to the youkai in heat. His narrowed gaze widened with curiosity and happiness, when he saw his newest mate suddenly interested in him. Was it the show of dominance to the other demon?

Hiei knew that he would regret this, but if it was the only way to keep these two fools from fighting, then he would have to do it. Also, he would like to hear what the eons old Fox had to say. It probably was really important and had to do something about his current condition. It was obvious that it was the cause of the Detectives behavior.

Lowering his head submissively, the half-koorime let out a soft purr, his glittering ruby gaze lidding and focusing on Yusuke. Youko’s ears twitched, as his own eyes widened at the purr that he had never heard Hiei make. It was beautiful, and it only made him jealous that it wasn’t directed at him.

With his back to the Fox, Hiei sat down in front of the Toushin, that wonderful sound still radiating from his throat. Yusuke was stunned, his copper eyes widened with disbelief, as he sat there dumbfounded, his attention only on his mate. That sound; that purr, was directed at him! Was his mate finally going to accept him? He had no idea what he did, but whatever it was, it seemed to have made the heated demon want him.

With the Detective in his clutches, Hiei decided to make sure that he would only focus on him. Still purring, the youkai leaned in and gently rubbed his face in the crook of the Toushin’s neck. The scent immediately invaded his senses, making him quiver with an unknown sensation. This seemed to reel him in completely, as Yusuke began to purr as well, relaxing completely under the tiny demon’s touches. “Speak now, Fox. He won’t notice you anymore.” Hiei spoke softly through his purr. He had to keep this up while Kurama spoke.

The Youko couldn’t help the jealous blush that stained his cheeks when the demon spoke his nickname. Yusuke was much too busy to care if he spoke, as he watched him sit down and pull Hiei into his lap, his arms wrapping protectively over him as he nuzzled his hair and breathed deeply. How he wishes that was himself holding the small demon like that, but sadly, it isn’t. Clearing his throat, he tried to ignore the slightly erotic view. “As I was saying before, Hiei, I cannot make Yusuke stop, even if you wanted him to.”

Through the haze of the smell from the Detective, he still thought clearly enough to hear what the Fox was trying to say. He did feel much warmer within the others grasp, however strange it seemed to be touched like this. “Why is that…?” He asked softly, trying not to startle the stronger demon, he knew that he wouldn’t harm him, but he had to keep up this charade to keep Kurama safe while they spoke.

Silvery ears slid down to the sides, as his tail swished angrily at the view. He knew that he would have to watch this eventually, but he didn’t like how Hiei seemed to be in a trance from the other demons scent. It was only natural, but it still irritated him. “This may be a bit hard to explain… But have you noticed your own body’s strange… “Occurrences” over the past few days?” He had to approach this lightly. Every demon knew what a “heat” was, but not many demons go through it, nor do many of them meet others who do. Youko has, in his long life, met others with the same problem.

Hiei had to bite back a growl, as Yusuke advanced further to his neck to suckle gently at it. It stopped him from purring for a moment, just from pure shock. Placing his shaking hands on the Detective’s chest, Hiei lifted his chin and breathed deeply, continuing his soft purr, feeling a warm tongue lick its way up his Adam’s apple. “I-I have…” He stuttered, closing his eyes to try and block out the mouth on his neck, and concentrate on what the Fox was saying. “It was because of my injuries, right?”

Youko had to bite his tongue to keep from growling lowly in anger at the Detective’s brash movements. “Not quite…” His claws scratched on his thigh, giving a few scratches to help calm himself down from attempting to fight the Toushin once more for Hiei. This was torture. “Although, it might have contributed to your real problem. That is where Yusuke and I come in. Even Kuwabara might have had something to do with it.”

“For god’s sake Fo-ah!” Hiei shouted, as he felt teeth penetrate the side of his neck. Kurama’s ears perked at the sharp sound from the Youkai, but flew back in a bout of frustration when he noticed what had happened. From the looks of it, Yusuke was trying to claim him with the “mark of the mate.” He stayed attached to the poor fire-demon, sinking his teeth deeper into the newest wound he is inflicting. Leaning forward, the Toushin easily pushed the smaller male on his back and easily crawled on top of him, making Hiei throw his head back with his eyes clenched shut. “F-Fuck! J-Just say it, Kurama! What the hell is wrong with me!” He yelled, tears rimming in his eyes, his purring stopped the minute the teeth touched his skin.

Sighing, the Fox demon knew that he had no other choice but to tell the truth about what was happening to the poor half-koorime. “You are in heat…” He spoke softly, closing his eyes in shame and ready for the reaction he’d get from the tiny fire-demon. “That is the reason why you feel weaker than normal, and that Yusuke and I have been fighting. We were both trying to claim you as our mate. I had lost, and now he will be the one to mate with you.”

Opening his eyes again, his ears wilted at the look of horror on Hiei’s face. With his head thrown back, his view of the Fox was flipped upside-down, and the Detective didn’t let go, possibly trying to clean the blood from the bite. He felt awful seeing his best friend like this, it wasn’t hard to see the tears that fell to the sides of his face, forming into those rare gems that the former thief had once sought after. Now, it was just a reminder that his friend was upset. “H-Heat…? I’m in… I’m… No…”

It seems that Hiei had done his homework, and knew of his fate. He had to mate, or else it could be the death of him. “You are lucky that your heat started in the Human world, Hiei. If it had started in the Demon Plane, you possibly would have been killed days ago. However… If you do not mate with someone now, your scent will soon permeate into Demon world, and demons even stronger than Yusuke will attempt to claim you.”

“I-I can’t… I’m not…” Without his consent, his body disobeyed him again, this time with a soft whining, interjected by sobs. Yusuke perked at the sound, detaching himself when he deemed that the mark was clotted with a nice bruise. His copper eyes widened, his head tilting, like a dog trying to understand what their owner is saying. Why was his mate crying? Did the mating mark hurt that much?

Gripping onto the, clearly, upset demon, the Toushin rolled over onto his back, dragging the other with him to rest on his chest. The scent coming from his mate was of sadness. He was upset about something, and it was his duty to cheer him up. Wrapping his arms around the fire-demon in a bear hug, Yusuke purred softly, rocking from side to side, gently to try and calm his newest mate.

Rolling off the leader’s chest, the soft thud of those gems hit the grassy ground. This couldn’t be possible. How in the world can the half-koorime be in heat? The Fox didn’t explain how he had managed to get this way, possibly because he didn’t know the full story himself. It was no wonder why every male he had come across sent shivers down his spine. Even the human, Kuwabara had shown a reaction in his body, although it wasn’t as powerful as the Youko’s or the Toushin’s. This was so unreal.

The gentle rocking and the hug seemed to calm Hiei down a bit. His short sobs turning into sniffles, along with his quieted whines. His entire body jerked with a shock, when he felt a pair of lips reach his temple. It was a gentle move, but it still made the Youkai shiver. Now that he knew of his condition, everything felt much more sensitive. It was as if every sensory nerve in his body was multiplied and became twice as sensitive.

Yusuke’s strange behavior was completely understood by the little fire-demon. The Detective was only reacting to his scent. It was no wonder why the Toushin was bothering him so much, after his meal, and the reason why he kissed him earlier. His heat must have been giving off the intoxicating scent for days, and it was a miracle that both Kurama and Yusuke had managed to retain themselves for this long.

Hiei had never met anyone who went through heat, but the scent wasn’t anything that he hasn’t experienced before. All over Demon world it was not uncommon to catch a whiff of another demon going through their heat. The Youkai just never cared to attempt to mate with another. He had no desire, even when the scent was presented to him. It seemed to never be in his nature to suddenly want to mate when the scent reached his nose. Now, he understood why. He was a demon in heat, himself. Nature had chosen him to become a receiver, even though he always thought himself as a dominant creature.

The scent was getting stronger. Now that Hiei is aware of his condition, Kurama couldn’t help but notice that delicious smell becoming thicker. He swallowed thickly, as saliva began to build in his mouth, nearly making him drool. The Fox had already been aroused just from the smell, but it was starting to show through his pants, forming a small tent. His silvery ears backed in anger and painful lust, as he knew that he could do nothing about it. This was not his mate.

The Toushin’s nose wiggled, his pupils dilating thickly, a deep and lustful growl lifted from his throat with lidded eyes. Hiei’s heat was starting to reach a peak; he had to be mated now. In his mind, his mate was ready; the scent coming off of him signaled it. Rolling them both over, Yusuke pressed his weight onto the others body, making sure to fit himself between his legs.

Ruby eyes widened in fear, as he was rolled onto his back. He didn’t have the strength to fight back, as the other male easily pressed his body onto him to keep him still. Quickly, Hiei tried to close his legs, but was too late since the Toushin had already placed himself between it, forcing them open. He has to run, his body was yelling at him to get away. He knew what was going to happen, what the leader will do.

The Youkai’s breath caught in his throat, when he felt sharp-fingered claws pull at his pants. This forced the dominant male to lift himself from holding the smaller demon down. This was his chance. His weakened body managed to twist around, as his legs propelled him to his hands and knees to run away. However, this was a mistake that the fire-demon would regret.

Yusuke was quicker, and as the smaller male tried to leap away, his pants were left behind from his grip on them. The scent escalated the moment the cloth uncovered the source of the smell, forcing a loud snarl from the copper-eyed demon. He leaped onto the smaller man, gripping onto his hips, forcefully, and pressing his torso down onto the others back.

“Ah!” Hiei nearly shrieked, when he felt hot hands touch his bare hips. His ruby eyes widened, as his arms gave out from the sheer weight of the other man on his back, keeping his waist airborne. He was terrified, and in the worst position possible, as he felt the other situate himself between his quivering legs.

A string of soft cries and whines left the poor half-koorime’s throat in a plea to let him go. Silent tears flew down his heated cheeks, landing on the cold ground below. This time, however, the Toushin wasn’t listening to his cries. His hips felt like they were on fire, just from the touch of the stronger demon holding him in place, and his body pressed against his bare skin.

A growl mixed with a purr, lifted from Yusuke’s throat, as he ground his hips into the others backside. The heat was so unbearably good; he pressed his strained erection, though his pants, against the smaller demon. He was so close to perfection; he could hardly hear the yelp from the man below him, as he pressed down further onto his back to keep him steady.

Kurama’s ears wilted at the strained and ignored cries coming from the tiny Youkai. He felt awful seeing him like this. Hopefully, Urameshi would finish off his heat soon; he was going to be in pain if he decided to do it without any lubrication. This was another reason why he wanted to win, to make Hiei’s first time as pleasant as possible. Would Yusuke even care about Hiei after this was over?

Gripping harder onto those slender hips, enough to leave finger bruises; the Toushin slid himself down the others body until he sat on his legs until his chin resting at the base of the demons spine. Another low and feral purr released from the stronger males throat, as he breathed in the heated scent. It was so powerful, it made everything else around him fade into nothing. All he concentrated on was the demon in heat.

Hiei’s entire body shook. When the leader finally lifted his weight, he still didn’t bother to move. It didn’t matter, anyways. There is no escape. He held him firmly in place with those clawed hands on his waist, and wouldn’t let go until this was all over. The growls made him whine softly, his teary eyes closing, losing all hope. It was easier to simply give in, he had tried to run away, but he was always caught.

Pulling his chin back, he greedily pushed his tongue at the smaller male’s tight opening. His taste buds tingled at the distinct flavor that is Hiei, ruffling up more of the scent from the source. Yusuke felt his own erection straining, desperately trying to get free of its fabric prison.

Pale hands gripped the grass below, the Youkai yelped at the feeling of a damp tongue between his cheeks. His eyes widened in disbelief, as his body quivered horribly. It was strangely, pleasing through the sensations he was feeling. Whenever he tried to pull away, he was met with those strong hands that reminded him that there was nowhere to go.

A silver tail swished behind a timid Fox, as he watched the erotic display in front of him. He was only a few yards away, and could see and smell everything perfectly. He couldn’t help but to feel a horrid pang of jealousy that struck his heart. It was so unfair to watch his desire be taken right before his eyes. Hopefully, their leader would finish off quickly, and leave. Kurama would gladly take care of Hiei if he decided to walk away.

Deciding not to waste any time, he used his thumbs to spread apart those soft cheeks, to allow further access. Shoving his mouth onto the demon’s hips, he forced his tongue through the tight passage, letting out a shivering purr at the feeling. He felt his member bounce at his tongue getting all of the attention, completely jealous at how he seemed to clench from the sudden entry.

A shrill cry left Hiei’s lips in pleasurable agony at the sudden intrusion in his body. The strange feeling of that wet tongue invading his body made him stutter out a moan without his permission. It didn’t feel good at all; it felt stranger than anything he had ever experienced in his life. Under the stress of the situation, he couldn’t help but to feel a faint pleasure from that damp muscle. It was something that he had never thought he would experience; he wasn’t physically stimulated, but he was feeling something.

Pulling out, Yusuke licked his lips and lapped up the ring of muscle happily before lifting himself to his knees, towering over the tiny demon. Lifting a hand from the slightly red tinted hips, while tightening the other, he easily pulled his pants down. A bouncing member met the cool night air, already leaking from the tip, its veins pulsing from the prolonged wait. Licking his lips once more, Yusuke gripped his pride and pushed his hips forward, keeping an eye on his prize.

Hiei’s breath caught in his throat, as he bit his tongue. He could distinctively feel the other males head press firmly against him. It pushed and prodded, trying to use the saliva from Urameshi, and the pre-cum as any form of lube. Auburn eyes widened with an audible gasp, when he felt the demon behind him finally push through the first obstacle, sliding in with a ‘pop.’

That heat. That constricting, rigid heat was the first thing he felt focalizing at the tip of his manhood. Re-gripping his hand onto the other side of the smaller demon’s hip, he followed what his instincts told him to do, immediately. With a shove, his hips met with the other with a slick smack sound of skin against skin. Yusuke threw his head back, as that velvety heat gripped tightly around him, sounding out a moan of his own.

A sharp pain ripped through the tiny Youkai, the moment their hips met. While the man above him cried out in pleasure, his was a shout in agony. Hiei was not prepared for that sudden thrust into his body. He had been given no time to adjust, and with barely any preparation. Let alone, this was his first time, his virginity stolen in the most painful of ways.

Wasting no time, the taller male started a series of quick, sharp and deep thrusts. Pulling out only halfway and slamming back in with a consecutive sound of slaps from the conjoining hips. Yusuke was hunched over the smaller demons back, a thin sheet of sweat already forming over his body, panting heavily in time with his thrusts. The pleasure was nothing like he had ever experienced before. His scrotum would tingle every time he would slide himself back into that unbearably tight heat, it would almost be considered painfully pleasurable.

Deep red-colored eyes were clenched shut, his mouth latched onto his right wrist to keep from screaming out. Hiei’s body jerked back and forward from the powerful movements of the man behind him. He could feel himself tear from the inside, sending shockwaves of pain rippling through his body. He didn’t know how much longer he could stay conscious. He’d heard of sex being pleasurable, but this wasn’t what he had in mind. This was painful, and didn’t feel good at all.

Every sharp jerk of the other man’s hips against his would send a shock through his spine. However, a very small spark of pleasure would attack him every so often, but it was nothing compared to the amount of pain he was feeling. Hiei was still flaccid, and didn’t get to experience anywhere close to the euphoria that Yusuke was feeling.

Youko couldn’t hold back his growl, as his ears folded, golden eyes glaring at the other demon. How selfish of the Toushin to only concentrate on his own pleasure while his mate was suffering under his movements. How could he have the audacity to fuck someone in the ass and not have the courtesy to give them a reach-around? It was only generous to allow the receiver to ejaculate first, but from where this is going, it looked like Urameshi would be finishing off before Hiei. The poor Youkai wasn’t even erect at all.

Biting down harder onto his arm, he could taste blood on his tongue, as the leader above him quickened his pace. This was unbearable, as the tiny demon grunted softly in protest. Through the searing pain, he did feel a light sprinkling of pleasure, but it didn’t outweigh anything. All he wanted was for this to be over with quickly. The sooner his heat was over, the better.

His hands gripped tightly onto those pale hips, forcing them back whenever he would thrust forward, engulfing him to the brim with every push he made. It was heaven. Drool leaked from his mouth, dripping onto Hiei’s back, a tongue hanging out through heated pants. Copper eyes lidded, looking down at himself disappearing within the demon below him with every push. Every time his hips met the others, he could feel his balls slap against the underside of the fire-demons backside, nearly making his eyes cross in the numbing pleasure that met him.

He was getting close; that much Kurama could tell. If the quickened pace wasn’t a reminder, it was the sounds and body position the Toushin was making. Not only that, but the scent was another signal. Hiei wasn’t even physically stimulated; his manhood still covered by his foreskin. It made his tail swish angrily at how, truly, selfish Yusuke really was.

The leader would growl with every few thrusts, and he was arched over the others backside, fully concentrating on his own pleasure. He probably didn’t even hear Hiei at all in his haze, but the Youko surely did. Golden eyes looked on in pity, as he watched those precious black pearls fall from those clenched lids. His bleeding wrist was still held between sharp fangs, desperately trying to muffle the cries into grunts and groans of pain.

Copper eyes slid shut at the overwhelming pleasure that suddenly shook through his core. Instinctively, he lunged forward a particularly loud slap of skin echoed through the quiet forest, as he shoved in as deep as he could go. An exhale of breath burned his lungs at the pleasure that took him by force. Fingers clenched at the bruised waist, pulling them back towards his own that were pressed against it.

A sharp moan ripped through the air, as Yusuke’s orgasm threw his body for a loop. Forcing his torso down, he latched onto his mate’s neck where the mark he made was, and bit harshly. His balls clenched and sunk into his body, emptying himself into the Youkai. With every shot of sperm he made, his hips pushed even deeper with their waists locked together.

A sudden feeling of heat bursts through the half-koorime, making Hiei’s eyes snap open. That final snap of his hips connecting with Yusuke’s made him moan out against his will. It was when he felt a pair of fangs bite onto his neck wound, which made him jump, and yelp out loudly. Four extra shoves, and then he stopped, still attached onto the demons neck.

“U-Ugh…” Hiei groaned, shifting slightly to support the sudden dead weight of the other man on his body. His head dropped back down onto the ground, panting to catch his breath from the trauma that he experienced. His body was still so sensitive from his heat, that he could nearly feel the slimy cum that coated his insides. It made him quiver just from the feeling, alone.

Kurama’s ears twitched at the moan Hiei made, reminding him of his forgotten erection. Sadly, he couldn’t selfishly relieve himself while the poor fire-Youkai was in such a state. He had given Yusuke his pleasure, but not received his euphoria in return. Yusuke was still, possibly locked in a state of post-orgasmic pleasure. He was curious on what the Toushin would do. Would he respectfully give his new mate the orgasm that he deserves, or would he just walk away selfishly.

Dark-golden eyes opened slowly, first. Prying his teeth away from the flesh in his mouth, he sluggishly lifted his torso, using his arms still locked onto the hips of the smaller demon. Growling a purr, Yusuke shook his head, and pulled his hips back until his softened member slid out of the gripping heat.

The moment he exited, Urameshi ducked his face back down to lick at the red and swollen entrance. His eyebrows furrowed at the taste of himself leaking out of the tight ring, but he still gently lapped at the sore area. A strangled moan left the Youkai’s lips, at the feeling of his tongue touching his battered entry. It burned, but strangely, the saliva left a slight tingle of numbness.

Narrowing his golden gaze further, the Fox growled lowly. At least he had the courtesy to show that he cared by rimming his mate, afterward. The smell of the Dragon’s heat still lingered in the area, but it wouldn’t become any stronger. Hiei’s heat was over the moment Yusuke ejaculated within him. The scent will fade with time, and it won’t permeate into the demon plane. Slowly, the half-koorime’s strength will return back to normal. Now, he will have to deal with the fact that he has a permanent mate in his life. That is if Yusuke chooses to stay, and care for him properly. Right now is when he would need the support the most.

Pulling back, and instinctively licking his lips, he finally released the smaller demon’s waist and sat on the side with a pleasing sigh. Hiei collapsed onto his side, visibly shaking. He felt cold and his entire body ached. However, the boiling heat in the pit of his stomach was gone; this probably signaled that his ‘problem’ was over, thankfully.

With an audible yawn, Yusuke stood and pulled his pants up, walking over to a nearby tree and lay down against it. This was it, his mate’s heat was over and he was satisfied, there was nothing more he could do other than to get a good night’s sleep. An eye peeked open at the sudden flare of energy from the Fox that was still nearby. He didn’t care for him at the moment, but still acknowledged his existence with a spark of energy of his own.

Kurama growled dangerously at the other demon, as he watched him walk away from his mate to sleep. How dare he just leave the poor man that he fucked on the ground in a complete mess! Standing, his tail swished furiously behind him, as he made his way over to the poor demon on the ground, his gaze still locked onto the other pair of golden eyes before moving to Hiei’s.

He knelt behind the demon on his side, noticing his quivering form, and sweating body. He’ll catch a cold if he stays like this. It was the sole duty of the dominant mate to take care of his receiver, especially after a coupling. Poor Hiei needed attention right now, and his newest mate wasn’t giving him what he deserved.

Reaching into his flowing locks, Kurama searched for a moment until he found the seed he was looking for. Pulling it out, he fed it some of his ki, as it grew in his hand. A strange looking multicolored, tulip-looking flower emerged happily in his palm. The Fox had to lean back to keep from getting a full whiff of the overpowering flower he held. Ripping off one of the strangely crunchy pedals, he receded the plant into a seed, and tucked it away into his hair.

His fist closed around the pedal tightly, feeling it crumble in his grasp. The scent became stronger, and he leaned over the injured demon lying on his side. Hiei’s blank gaze sparked to life when he felt another male lean over him, jerking his ruby gaze to soft golden ones. He whined softly, a plea to the other demon that he wished for mercy. He was in no condition to fight, as his body protested to his movements with shocks of pain.

“Shhhh… Relax Hiei…” Kurama spoke softly, as he opened his fist and placed his palm over the Dragon’s mouth and nose, gently. Auburn eyes widened, completely afraid that he would be strangled to death, but a strange and soothing scent lifted from the other man’s palm, lidding his gaze immediately. Before he knew what hit him, a soft sight left his lips, and he was out like a light.

Lifting his hand away once he knew that the demon was knocked out, he wiped away the residue on his hand, and looked down at the sleeping demon. The plant was something close to an anesthetic. It would put him to sleep, and stop any pain for a good hour, or until Kurama chooses to wake him with another demonic plant.

Gently, the Fox pulled Hiei’s pants up and buttoned them, before lifting him in his arms. With another low growl, he glared at the Toushin, who was clearly watching him. “Selfish bastard…!” He spoke in a deep and dangerous tone, before leaping off with the tiny Youkai.

Yusuke pouted at the growl, but shook it off. He got what he needed from the demon in heat, and the other man was just simply jealous that he didn’t get any. He had stolen the fire-Youkai’s virginity, and the Fox was angry that he didn’t win, that was all. With another yawn, he tucked his arms behind his head, and fell into a sleepy afterglow. He’d allow the Fox to have his mate; there was no other reason why he ran off with him, other than to have seconds.
.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 8

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Chapter 7
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: Victory



That seemed to be the only thing that raced through Hiei’s mind as he ran. He was in danger. Two S-class demons were hot on his trail; what they planned on doing to him was unknown, but it wasn’t going to be good. That much, he was sure of.

His legs were burning from sprinting to try and get away, but from the scent he could easily tell that both Kurama and Yusuke were gaining on him. It didn’t make sense on why his body wouldn’t obey him. He wanted to run faster, but with his injuries, every step brought a shock of pain through his spine. If he were to keep this up, his body would give out eventually and he would be caught.

Yes, he was faster than both the Fox and Detective, but they had more stamina than he did. Even after their fight, they seemed to be catching up to him quite quickly. Why they were chasing him, Hiei still didn’t know. Were they mad at him? If they were then why did Kurama save him from the wolf beast that he encountered? So many questions rang through his already racing mind that it made his head spin.

No, it wouldn’t make any sense why they are so interested in him so suddenly. No logical reason would sprout as to why they were so keen on harming him. Hiei had done nothing to them that he remembers, and from the previous encounters they all wanted him safe. Kurama had healed him multiple times even making sure to make his wounds were pain-free. Perhaps they didn’t want to hurt him at all. However, the look in their eyes shown a form of dominance that he hadn’t seen in either of them before. They were after something that he had, but he had no idea what.

Sniffing the air, Hiei glanced back noticing the mix of the two demons scent that were chasing after him. They were getting closer, and he was getting slower. His instincts were screaming at him to stop and allow them to catch him. As instinctual as Hiei is, he refused to listen to his bodily needs, and push himself to run faster. His entire body ached from the pressure of his injuries. He was sure to rip them open, once again, rendering himself useless and being forced to stop and allow those two to catch him. But he could try, at least.

~ O ~

Reaching a small clearing in the dense forest, Hiei nearly doubled over in exhaustion, leaning against a tree to try and catch his breath. Everything was a blur, all except for smell. His lungs heaved, trying to get oxygen into his tired body. He couldn’t believe that he has become so weak in such a short amount of time.

His quivering legs gave out underneath him, as Hiei fell to his knees, pulling his arms out to catch himself from falling on his face. The only sound he heard was his harsh pants, intercepted by short gulps of his own saliva. The disappointment in himself was unbearable. How could he have sunk this low? He is an S-class demon, working for years to bring his abilities to this level. Countless hours of training to take control of his Dragon pet, all wasted. It wasn’t difficult to feel his energy levels depleting over the course of a few days. Now, his ki readings were so weak that a mere C-class demon could easily kill him. Hell, even yesterday he had to be saved from a simple wolf demon. Sadly, he is only getting worse. What was wrong with him?

The sharp scent of another male hit him, making his eyes dilate thickly; his entire body shook violently. Hiei growled in warning, as he slowly lifted his head to look at the redhead who had caught him first. He would not go down without a fight, even if he was guaranteed to lose.

Kurama blinked, lowering himself to the ground trying to look as submissive as possible. Hiei was frightened, and standing over him wouldn’t help calm him. “Do not fear, Hiei… Everything is going to be ok… I do not wish to harm you…” He started saying slowly, trying to get the tiny demon’s attention through his words. Crouching to his hands and knees, the Fox crawled his way over to the shaking figure, making sure to go slow and watch his every move.

As soon as the tall demon spoke, the low-pitched growl rang into a high-pitch. The fire-demon crawled backwards until his rump hit the tree, making him accidentally let out a mix between a yelp and a snarl. Hiei shook his head, slowly letting his animalistic instincts take over. It didn’t help that the strange smell that came from Kurama and the Detective was clouding his mind. He had no idea what he was doing. All he knew was that one of them were here, and he was trapped.

Golden eyes widen at the sound the smaller man had made when he touched the tree. Narrowing his gaze, Kurama slowly made his way over to the frightened figure. He watched as Hiei slid down to sit on the tree’s roots, those hard-ruby eyes never leaving his. The growling grew louder and more vicious, the closer he got. Managing to get close enough for their noses to touch, Kurama closed his eyes and finally allowed his Youko to emerge.

Hiei held his breath as he was suddenly embraced by a tornado of pink pedals. They clouded his vision and sense of smell to only the Fox that was forming in front of him. His eyes widened as he saw those familiar silver ears perk up from red locks, that slowly gradient into gray. It was like the redheaded Kurama faded into the demonic Youko right before his eyes. His height grew, nearly towering over his tiny form, making him feel even more trapped.

The silver-haired Fox smiled softly at the demon in heat just underneath him. He was so close, but he wouldn’t want to blindly rape him, he would gladly show that he was worthy. His perky ears lowered in submission, as he purred to show his affection. He would have to take this slowly, in order for Hiei to accept him.

The scent of the other male suddenly intensified, but it was the purr that jerked him out of his daze. Red eyes glanced to Kurama’s ears to see that they were lowered to the sides, knowing that he was trying to show no harm. However, that still didn’t make him lower his guard. The growling dropped, and was replaced with a deadly glare from those auburn eyes that never left the others.

The Fox-demon grinned, purring once more to show his innocence, daring to rub his nose on the others. This caused a low rumble of a growl to emit from the fire-youkai below him. He wasn’t relaxed enough, and Kurama knew that forcing himself would only do harm to Hiei and possibly himself. Leaning back, the silver-haired demon tried to think of how to reach out to him.

Golden eyes widened, when his head hit something, making him freeze, his ears perking up in shock. “Don’t you go any further…” Another male’s voice rang in the air, and knew that it couldn’t be anyone but Yusuke. Turning his head a bit, he could see the pointed end of his finger aimed directly at his head. The deadly Spirit Gun, all he needed to do was to pull that trigger, and he would be gone. The Youko flicked his tail in agitation.

“Toushin… Lower your weapon. I do not wish to kill you. Stand down.” The Fox warned, standing up slowly as to not cause any more tension than necessary. Due to his height, he towered over the other demon, as he turned to fully face his opponent. The Spirit Gun still aimed directly at his head, it seems that he wasn’t going to back down.

Chocolate eyes narrowed at the warning, completely brushing it off. “I ain’t goin’ nowhere…” With his pistol still aimed, he lowered his gaze to the object of his desires against the tree. It looked like the other was trying to seduce him. Although, from that angered growl that he heard from the tiny demon, he wasn’t getting anywhere soon. “Now, you back off. Before I blow your head clean off your shoulders.” The poor heated demon looked disheveled, and exhausted. He’d have to fix that when he skins this Fox alive.

Hiei blinked in shock when he saw the Detective appear. He didn’t even hear him, nor smell him coming. It must have been Kurama’s pedals that covered up every scent around him except his own. Even now, he couldn’t smell out Yusuke easily, he had to deeply inhale in order to find his wondering scent lost within the pedals that littered his body and the ground around him.

It was a blur of movement, but Hiei could see it clearly. A thick thorny vine emerged from the ground, reaching for the Detective, but he was too quick, as he jumped to safety a few feet away. He retaliated, and leaped forward to throw a punch in the others face. Barely dodging, Kurama leaped away trying to create some distance between their fight and their prize. What was the point of fighting if Hiei was killed in the crossfire?

No words were needed, as Yusuke charged again this time his speed doubling from the knowledge that Hiei was no longer in danger of being stricken by his punches accidentally. The speed was nearly matching Hiei’s, whenever he fought, it was astounding. The Fire-demon watched in awe, as Yusuke radiated a strong demonic energy; fist flew so fast that the human eye couldn’t catch them.

Youko internally growled; he was barely able to dodge his opponent’s strikes. If he tried to use his plants, he could get away, but also he could kill his friend if not careful. Most of the time, his plants had a mind of their own, and only used them against enemies that he wanted to kill. This was his lifetime friend, and leader of their little group. The last thing he wanted to do was to kill him.

That seemed to falter a bit, as a fist connected with his left cheek, catching the silver Fox off guard. His body flew back and his back hit a tree, causing the wind to be knocked out of him. Maybe he would be forced to use his plants after all. “Come on, Fox-boy, you ain’t even tryin’!” The Toushin mocked, as he gripped a shoulder and rolled it to show off his prowess, probably to the smaller demon a few yards away.

Kurama grit his teeth, moving a fist to his swollen cheek to wipe off a bit of blood leaking from his lip. He stood, ki flaring in rage, as he glared at his leader. “I have warned you.” Was all he said, before he reached into his flowing locks to pull out a single seed. With a flick in his energy, the seed immediately grew, as it engulfed his hand and part of his arm. He knew that none of his teammates had seen this, but he had used it before during his fight with Ura Urashima and his Idunn Box.

The plant grew wildly, as red roots sprouted everywhere forming into faceless mouths with sharp teeth, acidic drool leaking from them. The plant seemed to snarl, as if it had a mind of its own, and darted towards the cocky Detective, without Youko’s will.

Yusuke blinked, at the strange plant that was headed his way, but braced for impact with a Shotgun stance. About five of those faceless mouths charged his way, so there was no way he could hit all of them with one Spirit Gun blast. Charging his ki, he shoved his fist forwards when they were just a foot away from him “Shotgun!”

Golden eyes widened, as a barrage of blue bullets came from Urameshi towards him. They were strong enough to decapitate the hungry mouths from their vines, and there were plenty of bullets left to spare, as they all flew directly towards him. Snapping himself free from the red roots grip, Youko leaped to escape the bulge of the energy bullets. Missing most of the attack, a stray bullet hit his leg, tearing off a good chunk of flesh from his thigh.

Kurama bit back a yelp of pain, it wouldn’t look good for Hiei, and that would only make him seem weak in his eyes. Blood erupted from the missing flesh, as Youko stumbled back down to earth. Still standing, the silver-haired demon shrugged off the injury as much as he could, as pain rippled through the torn area. Any more hits like that, and he would be done for.

“K-Kurama…!” Hiei whispered lowly, ruby eyes widening in horror at his fighting teammates. This was so wrong. Why were they fighting like this? They will get themselves killed if they keep this up. Of course, Hiei is cold and merciless, but deep down he does care about his friends. The last thing he ever wants to see is any of them getting killed, especially from each other.

Yusuke perked up, and looked over at the voice that came from the demon in heat, but he growled with anger when it was the other male’s name that left his lips. He was sure that Hiei would be impressed by that show of strength. Turning his gaze back to the silver-haired Fox, he took notice of the injury that he had obtained, and it only fueled him further. “You better back off, Kurama, unless you wanna die.” The Toushin spoke, as he placed his left hand on his right wrist, showing off his usual Spirit Gun stance.

Youko growled angrily, at the smart-alecky demon. He is a king of thieves, thousands of years old, and he is losing to a young fool. Perhaps his age is getting to him, or maybe it is the fact that he cares about the Toushin leader. He doesn’t want to hurt him, but at the same time, he doesn’t want him to mate with the Imiko. His demonic pride wouldn’t take that kind of blow, if he were to allow another demon to take something that he wanted. It was never in his nature.

To his dismay, Yusuke wasn’t playing by his rules. He was solely relying on the scent that Hiei gave off, and not using the knowledge that he is fighting against a friend. At least he is showing a bit of mercy by not completely obliterating him on the spot. Even now, the Youko was being affected by the heat that radiated off of the Imiko, but he still was thinking clearly enough to know that he was fighting against a friend. Urameshi’s line of friend and fight were thin because of the scent, and perhaps this was both Youko’s weakness and Yusuke’s strength.

Deciding to make a leap of faith, Kurama charged towards Yusuke, directly in his line of fire. It was do or die at this moment. He knew that he was going to fire at him, but he would take Yusuke with him. An array of vines swam around his arm and sharpened out from his palm into a sword-like weapon. The closer he got the bluer the Detectives light became on his index finger.

A roar of an explosion echoed through the quiet forest, making Hiei have to cover his eyes with an arm from the bright light. When the light finally dimmed, the fire-demon darted his gaze up to try and find his comrades. They were gone. Not a single trace of them was left. “Kurama…! Yusuke…!” Hiei yelled out, weakly, managing to stand with a grunt. He had to find them.

Hearing something from above him, he looked up to see two bodies descending down to earth. The first to hit the ground was Yusuke, then Kurama. Hiei darted his eyes from the two injured men. Kurama’s clothes were bloodied and ripped, his beautiful hair soiled in red. He managed to sit up with a groan of effort, gripping his stomach and giving out a cough, which splattered more blood onto the ground where he lay.

Yusuke was not better off. “Sh-Shit…!” He cursed, as he was covered in lacerations, so badly that his clothes were nearly torn to shreds. Pieces of the thorny vine that Kurama had used were still stuck to his skin, never letting go and only going deeper with every movement he made. Hiei wanted to step between the two fighters, to end this horrid charade, but it was never his place to stop a fight.

Both fighters, shakily, got to their feet, their menacing gazes never leaving the other. If the Fire-Youkai didn’t do something one of them would definitely die today. That he was sure of. Hiei watched in horror, as Yusuke pulled out his Spirit Gun, one last time. This time Kurama could hardly move to dodge it. This wasn’t fair.

A glow of ki lit up Yusuke’s pointer finger as he took aim with a shaky hand. “I’ll kill you, bastard…” He growled out, keeping the weakened Youko in his sights. Taking a few steps forward, it was his turn to attack. With only a few yards separating them, he imagined that trigger and-


Hiei blurred between Kurama and Yusuke, facing the attacker with arms spread in protection. “Alright, Detective…! You win! Now leave him be!” His body was still weakened, but he couldn’t just stand there and watch his best friend get killed before his eyes. He’d never forgive himself.

The Toushin immediately dropped his hand, eyes widening at the heated demon that came between him and his opponent. His attention flew to the spiky-haired male, nearly forgetting about the Youko that stood behind him. Shaking his head, Yusuke pulled up a fist “I don’t think so, not until he admits defeat and he stays away from you!” he growled out.

Lifting a thin brow in confusion, Hiei kept his position between the two fighters. “I believe… that I must concede defeat…” The Youko admitted, only to keep Hiei safe from harm. It looked as if Yusuke was prepared to go through the Imiko in order to get to him. If this was the only way to protect his friend, then so be it. Lowering his head, Kurama backed away and fell to his knees to show his surrender. He was not willing to put Hiei at risk. If he hadn’t got between them, then he would have gladly died for him, but circumstances had changed.

With a grin of satisfaction, Yusuke put away his gun, and stood proudly in victory. He had defeated the famed Youko and will gladly take his prize with no remorse. “Ha!” He yelped happily, as he walked around Hiei to gloat in front of his opponent. He wondered, briefly, what had made him give up so easily. Before, they were at each other’s necks just to mate with Hiei, now he just merely gave in without a second thought?

Kurama’s ears sunk in defeat, as he glared up at the ego-boasting Toushin. Sadly, due to customs, he had to basically watch the winner claim his prize, as much as he hated to do so. It would set a permanent reminder to force him to stay away from both him and Hiei in the future. He could just walk away, but once the coupling is completed then both of them should return to normal. Well, as normal as one could be after something like that.

Chances are that this is Yusuke’s first time he will be mating with a demon. Everything will be new and fresh in his mind, especially his instincts. It might take a while for him to calm from his dominant high. Possibly, after the ritual is completed, he will still be overly protective of the Imiko, enough to kill anyone who comes near. Especially, now that he has won against the Youko. Or, he might simply walk away from Hiei after he is finished, if that were to happen, of course he would be there to snatch up the leftover prize.

The fire-youkai shook his head at the gloating figure, the adrenaline fading in his body now that his friends were no longer in danger. Falling over to sit down, he huffed at how tired he felt all of a sudden. With closed eyes, he leaned back on his arms to hold himself up, as he kicked his legs out to rest them. This had been quite a day. For some reason his two closest friends had nearly killed each other. For what reason, all he could come up with was the fact that they just wanted to fight until one gave in.

As if coming out of a daze, Yusuke blinked at the scent that thrashed back into his senses. After the initial fight and finally showing his dominance through victory, he had nearly forgotten to claim his prize. Narrowing his gaze, dark brown locked onto the smaller male that was seated just a few feet away. Just from appearance, he looked tired and ready to collapse. Would he be ready to mate right now?

Deciding to test himself, Yusuke crouched and crawled over to Hiei. Firmly placing himself between the half-koorime’s legs, he braced himself by placing his hands on the ground near the others hips. Now that he was this close, the scent was unmistakable. It was strong, and nearly made him drool just from that alone. Inhaling deeply, the Toushin leaned his head forward to forcefully push his mouth against the others, letting instinct take over.

Hiei was shocked at the boldness from the Detective. It was strange when he, suddenly, moved between his legs in such a provocative manner. He was just about to let off a growl in warning, when his mouth was covered by the others, stopping his growl, as his ruby eyes widened instead. His body froze; he has never been touched like this before. What in the world was happening to him?

Hiei snapped his eyes closed when he felt a tongue press at the seam of his lips, trying to force his way in. The scent suddenly overpowered his body, making him tremble violently, but at the same time a guttural and feral growl left his throat. He opened his mouth, in which the wet morsel gladly flew in, making Yusuke press down on him further.

The Toushin’s eyes snapped open as pain overpowered his horny-daze for a brief moment. With a yelp, Yusuke pulled himself away from the tiny demon below him. With teary eyes, he stuck his tongue out and tapped a finger on it pulling the digit into his view. It was painted red, as he sucked the muscle back into his mouth to nurse the new bite he had received. It seemed that Hiei wasn’t going to just simply roll over and let him do as he pleases. Typical, as this was in Hiei’s nature.

Kurama’s brow lifted for a moment, only to chuckle after realizing what had happened. Even when he is in heat, the little fire-demon was still all ‘bite’ and no bark. Hiei was tough, and wouldn’t go down without a fight, that was for sure. Yusuke thought that he could get away with just simply forcing himself onto the Imiko, and didn’t expect a fight. Sadly, he had another thing coming. It was a bold move to kiss him without expecting a reaction; maybe he would call his leader ‘brave.’

With a stab at his pride at hearing the Youko laugh at him, Urameshi growled and stood up vanishing in an instant. If force wasn’t the way to go, then he would follow with plan B. He had to try and coax the demon into mating with him. He remembered before when he saw Kurama trying to seduce him, he wasn’t forcing himself on him at all. Perhaps there was another way to show that he is worthy to Hiei. From the fight with Kurama, it had proven to the demon in heat that he was strong enough, but maybe he also needed so show that he was caring, too.

The fear vanished along with Yusuke, as Hiei sat up. Glancing over at the injured Fox, Hiei crawled over to him to assess the damage. Now that the Detective was gone, he could finally try and help his fallen comrade. “Kurama, are you alright?” He asked softly, eyeing the still-bleeding injury on his friend’s leg. He could care less where Yusuke went, in fact it would help that he wasn’t here.

Perky silver ears twitched at the sound of the heated demon as he crawled closer. He knew that it was dangerous, but it still was nice to have him care so much about him. If Yusuke came back to see them like this, he could only shudder to think what he would do. He will enjoy it while it will last. “I am fine, Hiei.” He said softly, golden eyes shown with care towards the tiny youkai. With his height, he really did look much smaller, almost like a child.

Strangely, Kurama’s scent wasn’t so powerful as before. He could still make out Yusuke’s smell, but the Youko’s wasn’t affecting him as badly as before. Was he just used to it? At least he wouldn’t be affected by those involuntary shivers that would annihilate his senses whenever he was around the Fox or Detective. His body seemed calmer, thankfully.

Sighing, and looking over the injury once more for good measure, Hiei slumped down heavily. “These past few days have been hell…” It still irked him that he didn’t know what was truly wrong with his body. He first assumed that it was his wounds that sparked this strange behavior to sprout from the depths of his mind. This instinctual urge. His injuries were healing, and noticing before; his fever has definitely gone down to normal. Only now, he seemed to feel better, and start to recover from his ‘episodes.’

“Hiei…” The deep baritone voice, laced like silk, spoke through the deafening silence of the two demons. Noticing the tired ruby eyes looking his way, he continued. “I understand that you are going through a lot…” It still brought a sting to his own demonic pride to sit by and merely watch the demon in heat in front of him without trying to claim him. If Yusuke were to come back and find him trying to mate with the other, he would gladly kill him instead of sparing him like he had.

A grunt in agreement came from the fire-youkai, as he stretched his arms out and yawned. What he wouldn’t give to simply rest for a full night, without interruptions. Reaching a fist up to rub at a tired eye, he looked around once more, looking for the Detective in case he would return. “Do you know where the fool went?” Even as he sat there, he still felt a bit tense. Kurama’s energy levels seemed to be on edge, for what reason, he couldn’t tell.

Silver ears twitched, listening for any sound from the woods surrounding them. With a small whiff of his nose, he could smell the fresh scent of blood. He wondered what Yusuke was doing out there. He could tell that it wasn’t an injury from their leader, but from another body. “Perhaps he is hunting, although I do not know why.” He would be certain that since Yusuke won, he would be trying his best to mount the tiny demon next to him with every fiber of his being.

Perhaps the young demon did consult with his instincts. He must have known that it would be difficult to mate with the Imiko from force, so he is possibly trying to come up with a different way. From experience, the Youko has had much success in plain seduction, trying to entice the other into mating with him. However, if he doesn’t show up soon, then he would take his chances.

“Why did he do that…?”

Kurama’s ears twitched in Hiei’s direction when he heard that soft voice ring out. Of course he would have asked about why their leader would suddenly shove his tongue down his throat. The poor Imiko was probably confused, and a bit frightened. It was easy to tell that this was his first heat, especially if he asked a question like that. But, it seems that Hiei doesn’t even know of his current condition. “Well… Hiei I-”

Sadly, he’d have to wait for his chance to speak, since a figure leaped out from the bush. The raven-haired male had the markings of his ancestor tattooed on his skin, and of course the unmistakable hair that flew down to his ankles. With a solid gold glare, a vicious growl erupted from the Toushin, as he stepped closer to the Youko, daring for a challenge once more. He was too close to his mate.

The silver Fox’s eyes widened at the growl, his ears folding back in a bit of fear, as he quickly scooted himself away from Hiei. He knew when he wasn’t wanted just from the glare alone. Looking over the great leader, he noticed a few splotches of blood decorating his body. The culprit was a dead male deer that he held by its hind legs with one hand. He killed a good sized mammal with his bare hands. It was impressive to say the least.

Hiei blinked his tired eyes opened, when he finally noticed the strong scent of Yusuke mixed with blood. His entire body jerked in shock, when a loud thud of a body was dumped in front of him. Sitting up straighter, the Imiko crawled over to the carcass of the animal. No bullet holes were visible, so it just showed that Yusuke fought this beast with his own strength.

Sitting down, like a loyal pup, Urameshi watched the small fire-demon carefully. Would he accept his offer? That piece of venison was not easy to get, he nearly got impaled on one of those strong horns. He’d gladly allow the youkai to eat before mating if he wished, just as long as that Fox would learn to keep his distance. This was all for Hiei.

Placing a hand on the dead animal, Hiei paused for a moment. “Is this all for me…?” he thought, as he looked up into the pleading golden eyes of his team leader. With a usual “hn…” Hiei smiled softly with his present that he has received. The meat looked nice and lean from the muscled deer, and was a bit hungry from seeing it. “Th-Thanks, Detective…” He stuttered, happily.

Those golden eyes glittered, as a wide grin lit up Yusuke’s face. He has accepted his offer!

~ O ~

The crackle of a lit bonfire was the only sound in the quiet forest. Hiei waited eagerly for his deer to cook by the fire, keeping an eye on the bits of meat that were placed on sticks. Just the smell was enough to make him drool from hunger, and along with the Detectives scent, he had to swallow down the saliva building on his tongue.

Youko sat the furthest away from the fire, making sure to stray from the winner and his prize as they were seated around the light and warmth. His ears were folded down in irritation, and his tail was tucked between his legs as he watched Yusuke from afar. He had prepared this extravagant meal for his newest mate, and it was obvious that he was just showing off. The smell of food was getting to him, even though he could easily get a meal of his own, but it still brought on the hunger pains.

Urameshi sat close to Hiei, nearly touching sides with the heated demon. Right now, from the scent, his mate was hungry. He had a duty to feed him before he would claim him as his mate; his instincts were practically controlling him now.  Starting slow, Yusuke wrapped a loose arm around the concentrated demon beside him, making him jump and look his way. With a soft smile, he showed his innocence with a straggled purr of his own. It wasn’t as smooth as Youko’s, as it was borderline between a growl and a purr. It was deep as it rumbled up from his throat to the shocked demon beside him.

Expressing his innocence further, he decided to test his boundaries, and push the limits. Slowly, he lowered his head to a soft sea of spiky hair, inhaling deeply. The scent alone made him quiver with a hormonal rush of need, his brain registering that this was his mate, and his alone. However, a stuttered growl registered slowly in his mind, almost not hearing it at all for a few seconds.

A few seconds was all it took, as Hiei jumped up a bit to snap any piece of skin between his teeth. He managed to snag a bite on Urameshi’s neck, near his Adams apple, tasting blood from the new wound he inflicted. The yelp and whine didn’t register to him, he just wanted some space, he was hungry, but that still didn’t make him forget the shivers his body went through when he was touched.

Yanking back, Yusuke whimpered as he gently touched the tender part of his neck, which was now bleeding with a small cut from sharp teeth. His new mate was tough; he should be more cautious and listen in on the warning signs before he ends up hurt. He knew that he heard a growl, but didn’t think that the tiny demon would act so fast. He would have to tread lightly when being around the fiery demon in heat; he still has his own instincts to follow.

Hiei shook his head, trying to straighten out his hair that was a bit flattened by the Detective, before going back to admiring the meat-on-a-stick. It almost looked ready to eat. He still couldn’t understand why Yusuke was so keen on showing him affection. He knew that the earlier move was tender, filled with care. It made him a bit nervous to have the other man so close to him. What was he trying to pull?

With a sigh, Yusuke decided to leave the fire-youkai alone for a bit and check on his meal to see if it was ready. Reaching out to pick up a stick, he rolled it in his hand to see all around it. It looked good enough to eat, bits of the meat were blackened by the fire, but that only brought on the flavor of fire-roasted into the meal. It sure did smell good, that was for sure. Handing the chunk of meat over to the small demon, Yusuke smiled softly.

A light pink tongue darted out to wet his dry lips, as Hiei gladly took the offered stick. It was heavy, but not difficult to eat from, as he placed the stick horizontally on his lap and leaned down to bite into the chunk of meat. It was mouthwateringly delicious, as he promptly devoured the meal in front of him. It was a large piece of meat, so it would take him a while to eat.

Over the chomping of the food, Hiei heard a small whine come from behind him. Lifting himself from his meal, he turned to notice Yusuke eating a piece of meat of his own. Turning further, he saw the Youko had come a bit closer, his ears were flattened, and his eyes were begging to have some of that meat. He looked so hungry, almost like a puppy looking longingly at a snack.

Yusuke blinked, when he noticed his mate wasn’t eating, was there something wrong? Looking over, he saw that he was looking at. Throwing his meal down, he turned around fully, a rolling growl towards the other man. What did he want? Why was he getting closer? It seems that he still didn’t understand that this was his mate; he had won him fair and square. The Toushin’s hair bristled further, nearly standing on end at the fury that sprouted from his body.

The Youko’s ears lowered as he swallowed thickly, backing up a bit from the menacing growl that came from the leader. He couldn’t help himself, just smelling that delicious meat was making him so hungry. It wouldn’t hurt to beg for a bit of food. Yusuke wouldn’t give him any, but maybe his newest mate will, Hiei was always kind-hearted when it came to friends.

Glaring at the corner of his eye, Hiei gave out a snarl of his own, making the Toushin leader stop and look at him with shock. He can share, they have plenty of meat. Crawling his way over to the silver Fox, Hiei placed the meat-on-a-stick in his hands. He knew better than to stay near him while Yusuke was here, for some reason, he would be very protective of the fire-youkai especially when he was near Kurama.

Youko’s ears perked up at the offered meal, as his tail wagged with glee. Taking the meat, he gladly took a bite. Looking up, he saw the angered, golden glare from the Toushin, knowing that he couldn’t say anything since it was his mate that gave him the meal. Eventually, Yusuke went back to his own, making sure to take another stick of meat to give to his hungry mate.

Taking the offered meal, Hiei grinned. Now everyone had something to eat. It wasn’t fair that only Yusuke and himself could eat when Kurama was only a few yards behind them. With a sigh in relief, the fire-demon went back to his own meal.
.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 7

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Chapter 6
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 6

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~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 8

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