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1. What's your favorite Pairing right now? (including reader inserts Meow :3)

Can't decide, but anyone of the Yu Yu Hakusho gang with Hiei.
That involves, KuramaXHiei, KuwabaraXHiei, and YusukeXHiei.

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Either Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho :iconhieiplz:, or Gaara from Naruto :icongaaraplz:.

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Air. Always wanted to fly.

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I would say Naruto, but after the elongated episodes, it became a bit stale for me.
I would have to say Yu Yu Hakusho. It is much shorter, but just as sweet.

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"Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai.

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5.What is your most favorite game of all time?
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8.What is your most favorite movie of all time?
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Chapter 6: Recovery?


The minute the taller redhead was out of earshot, an angry howl erupted and the sound of a tree falling in the quiet forest. Yusuke stood with his bleeding fist airborne in the same place where the tall tree used to be. The same one that had the smaller demon held against it from the crazed wolf creature.

Kurama stayed silent, merely watching the Toushin unfold. The pheromones were almost like a drug, and now it seems that Yusuke was experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Not that the Fox wasn't affected either, he just had better control over his actions. Every fiber of his body was screaming at him to follow the scent and claim the half-koorime as his own, however, he managed to sustain himself.

A low growl of internal fury left Urameshi's throat, as he finally pulled his fist back. He closed his eyes and breathed out of his mouth, taking deep breaths to try and calm himself. Pulling his hands to his hair, Yusuke went back to his pacing in a six-foot length to try and reel in his thoughts. It took everything in his power to not think of their littlest comrade, to chase after the redhead and kill him before throwing himself onto Hiei.

Green eyes sparkled at the sight, following his leader as he paced like a caged animal. It was quite sad, actually. The scent was strong, and still lingered in the air from where Hiei had been before. For the Fox, he could still smell the scent very well, but Yusuke was probably being affected more strongly thanks to his low tolerance. Kurama had been exposed to pheromones before, and has allowed his body to calm when it came around. He remembers his first time when he had ever caught a whiff of pheromones, he acted similarly to Yusuke. He could not blame him. "Yusuke… Would you care to take a run with me?"

A snarl left the pacing man, as he paused for a moment to look at who was speaking. Those familiar emerald eyes were now a shimmering gold colored and narrowed in question. It took a moment to realize what he had said. Was it a challenge? "What do ya mean by that?" He asked, pulling his hands down into fists once more at his waist.

A smirk played on Kurama's lips, as he felt his Youko emerge deep within his body. The scent has awoken him. Red flowing hair grew longer and sparkled into beautiful silver, along with a perky tail that swished valiantly behind its master. Similar colored, twitching, ears grew from the top of his head, as an array of pedals twirled around his figure covering him from view of the Toushin.

Chocolate eyes narrowed, thinking that this was a challenge, as he watched the pedals fall to the white shoed feet of its master. Looking up, he saw the infamous Fox of legend. Youko Kurama in the flesh, the same white attire that usually suited him in all. "Calm yourself, son of Raizen… I do not offer a challenge for the mating of the Imiko."

That smooth, deepened but equally as silky, voice rang in the air at the tense raven-haired male. Easing the glare a bit, Yusuke walked boldly up to the tall seven foot demon, unaware of showing himself at this moment of all times. "If you don't want a challenge, why did ya show yourself now?" He knew to keep his distance; the taller silver-haired demon could easily attack without so much as a muscle movement.

A light chuckle left his pink-tinted lips. Youko remembered how he acted very similarly to how Yusuke is acting right now. Anyone that would cross his path he would immediately challenge them for the pheromone scent that he would catch a sniff of. "I am asking that you return to your natural form and run with me. Let's shed some blood to help us forget the scent that is plaguing our minds." This would always work whenever he would have to get his mind off of something.

Chocolate eyes widened, and then narrowed again. It sounded like a good idea, tearing apart a few low-life demons in the woods. The familiarity of fighting, sweat, pain, and blood would easily help him concentrate on anything else other than that delicious smell that still lingered around them. "Alright, Fox-boy. I'll play your little game… But if you ever signal anything-"

"-I would never attack you without informing you, Yusuke. I am much more honorable than that." Kurama interrupted, as he smiled once again. This wouldn't be a game at all, both of them would just be out on a killing-spree to help free their spirits and ease their minds. Heading back to Genkai's would only cause more trouble.

Dark-brown eyes slowly closed, feeling his demon blood coursing through his veins, even stronger than before. He felt the weight of his hair lengthen almost down to his feet, feeling the marks on his body beginning to form into his ancestors tattoos. Opening his eyes once more, instead of the usual brown of his human form, a deep copper color covered over them. "I'm ready when you are." He huffed, still a bit edgy from the pheromones that hung in the air.

With a smirk from the silver-haired Fox, both of the S-class demons disappeared in a millisecond, out to enjoy their demon heritage of bloodshed and murder to cleanse their spirits.

~ O ~


A blue-haired ice demon yelled out as she noticed the tall redhead walking towards them carrying a black figure in his arms. She rushed over to the couple, making the said man nearly leap for joy after hearing his name from his sweet maiden. "Yukina!" He screeched happily.

Getting closer, the ice-demon paused and gasped when he realized who the human was carrying. A slump Hiei was held safely in Kuwabara's grasp, pressed against his chest as he rested his chin on the man's broad shoulder. His thin arms flung over the same shoulder, as his body was held in place by strong arms. "Oh my goodness! Hiei-san!" She gasped, as she rushed over to place a hand on the fire-youkai's back.

With a wide smile, Kazuma held the tiny demon tighter, and looked down at his precious pearl. "Don't worry, Yukina-chan! Shorty will be just fine. He's a little banged up, but with a good night's rest, he'll be ok."

A rough chuckle lit the air around the trio, as their attention sprang to the elder woman that seemed to appear out of nowhere. "Heh, he probably got 'banged up' alright, that's for sure." Her grin lighting up her wrinkled face. Just the thought of that little brat getting laid made her laugh. She could still feel the little Twerps energy going haywire just as before, so it was clear that he was still experiencing his heat.

The redhead and the ice-maiden merely lifted a brow in confusion. What did she mean by that? "Huh…?" Kuwabara asked, as the wise woman turned and walked away with another curt laugh. His orange brows furrowed in thought at what the elder had said. Did she know something that he didn't? Was there something really wrong with Hiei?

"Kazuma, let's get Hiei inside. I have noticed that he hasn't been feeling well, and it wouldn't be wise to have him out here in the cold." The quiet Yukina spoke up to the taller man holding the tiny demon. It made her smile to see how calm the fire-youkai acted when he was being held. It was so unlike him, but it also brought a sense of joy to see him open up more.

Straitening up immensely, Kuwabara turned to his princess the moment she spoke, ignoring the previous curiosity. "Of course!" He smiled, happily, shifting Hiei in his grasp before walking inside the large temple with his blue-haired flower.

Walking ahead, Yukina pulled open the doors for the orange-haired man to walk through with ease, going inside and shutting the doors behind them. "Thanks, Yukina." Kuwabara said as they both walked to Hiei's room.

Yukina and Kazuma both made their way to the single bed on the floor, kneeling down next to it. The taller male easily shifted the smaller demon in his arms and placed him gently onto the bed, pulling the covers over his frail body. Gray eyes looked over the sleeping figure with a smile over his face, as a sigh left his lips. "This little Twerp will be the death of me…" He said with a giggle, as he placed a hand on the little Dragon's forehead.

~ O ~

Narrow red eyes blinked opened from the blinding sun's rays that came in through the windows. His entire body felt heavy, and exhausted, a tinge of pain rummaging through his abdomen. His senses were scrambled, thin eyebrows furrowing in confusion of where he was at the moment. Raising a heavy hand, he placed it over his face to try and rub away the sleepiness that overpowered him, with a stifled yawn.

Hiei pulled his hand away, and pushed himself to sit up with a groan of effort. Tired ruby eyes moved around the room he was in, only to realize that it was the same one that he was staying in before. With a frown, he thought for a moment. Didn't he run away into the forest? What was he doing back here?

Everything seem to flood back, like a dam breaking open; making him sway nearly falling over, but managing to keep steady as a hand grasped his head. The wolf-beast, then Kurama saving him. The strange affliction between the redhead and Yusuke. The Oaf coming to carry him back. Lifting his head once more, he looked around the room a second time to see if there was anyone there. No one was, thankfully.

A sigh of relief left his lips, as he pushed himself to try and stand. Being killed nearly twice really put a strain on him, and he was hungry. Managing to pull himself to a shaky stand, Hiei slowly and carefully made his way to the kitchen, using his sense of smell to lead him. Judging from the smell, he could easily detect that his sister was here, along with the Idiot and Genkai.

Finally making it to the kitchen, the merciless cold tile attacked his feet sending an uncomfortable shiver down his spine. He always hated to be cold. Using the counter as leverage, he sniffed the air to find some food. The sandwich yesterday wasn't enough to satisfy him, maybe there were more that his secret sister had made. Sadly, he wasn't the best cook in the world, most of the time he would hunt for his food. Burning the food with his own fire, most of the time it would be burnt or undercooked, never perfect. He didn't care, though. He did what he could to survive.

To his dismay, all he could catch with his sense of smell was a smell of plastic and metal. Curious, Hiei pulled open the cabinets to find a small array of these metal cans with pictures of food on them. It would be simpler for him to just run off and kill a rabbit for a quick meal than to deal with these human contraptions known as a "stove" and "refrigerator."

With a growl, he shut the cabinets, and pulled an arm over his stomach. "Are you hungry, Hiei-san?" A soft voice rang through his ears, making him pause and freeze in place, eyes widening. Turning himself around completely, he immediately saw his precious sister standing at the doorway to the kitchen. The dragon was frozen, he couldn't move. The only creature in the world that could paralyze him like this was his precious sister. A small ice-maiden, making an S-class demon feel equally as weak and powerful at the same time.

Swallowing thickly, the blue-haired demon shifted at the stunned sight of the fire-demon that she knew. It was a bit nerving to have him stare at her with such shock, but she got over it and walked up to him. Those same red eyes stared into hers, as she smiled sweetly. The height difference wasn't profound at all, they were practically the same, except that Hiei stood taller only because of his hair. "You just rest, Hiei. I will make you some soup, ok?" She said quietly, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder.

The minute that hand touched him, Hiei blinked and moved his gaze from her equally fiery eyes to her soft hand that touched him. Retreating, he looked back at her once again, before nodding. She just smiled at him once more, even brighter, and removed her hand walking past him to prepare the meal that she promised. Hiei didn't look back, but kept his gaze firmly ahead, trying to get control of his body once again to do as his sister wanted.

Gripping tightly around his abdomen, Hiei forced his feet to move automatically out the same door that he had come from, heading back to his room. He was so unfocused on where he was going that when he turned the corner to get to his room, he ran into something tall and hard. His body froze once again, as he blinked rapidly at the scent that wafted to his nose. The same scent as before, but all he could comprehend that it was a male, which made him shiver, but he wasn't going to be fazed.

Shaking his head, Hiei put up his free hand to press against the clothed chest that met his gaze to push himself back a few steps. "Hey, Tiny, looks like you're doin' better." That scratchy voice and that usual short-insult were unmistakable, as he looked up at the tall redhead with a shocked face, and then narrowed his eyes in a glare. "What are you doin' up anyway? Shouldn't you be resting?"

"What were you doing in my room, Baka?" He asked with a nasty glare that would send the smaller humans and demons alike scrambling for cover. The redheaded male only laughed heartily, making him break into another set of involuntary shivers. It seems that he wasn't completely well, as his body was still being affected by the scent of other males in the vicinity.

Daring himself, Kuwabara placed a large hand on the black locks of the smaller demon and ruffled up his hair with a playful smile. "I wasn't doin' anythin', Squirt. I just wanted to see how you were doin' is all." That little talk they had the other night still made him smile and brightened his day. Their friendship was getting stronger, a good note to take since the fire-youkai hasn't fed him to the Darkness Dragon, yet.

Pushing the Oaf's hand away with a growl, Hiei scowled at the caring Idiot. "I am fine. You wasted your time looking to see if I am well." He scoffed, moving his gaze away from the taller man, with a blush that he still would deny. With a sigh, he walked past the gentle-giant and made his way to his bed, sitting down with a small stumble.

Kuwabara paused, and frowned at the tiny demon as he walked past him. He was still shaking a bit, and didn't look healthy at all. His skin was still that deathly shade of off-white that made him look sick, but with a stunning blush that lit his cheeks up. "Must be a part of the fever that he is having." He thought, as he followed Hiei into the room, kneeling down next to him. "Is there somethin' wrong Hiei? You don't look so good." He said truthfully, "Is there anythin' I could do for ya?"

The seated Dragon scrunched his shoulders at the scent of the other male in the room, turning his head away from him with another sigh. "I'm not so sure…" He spoke with honesty. Just hearing the redhead speak his name without a joke notified him that he was being serious. "You could tell me where the Detective and the Fox are. I can't sense them." Strangely, his mind kept creeping back to yesterday when he saw those two at each other's throats just to carry him back.

"I don't really know. They've been gone all night and haven't returned." Kazuma said with a shrug, thinking about that dangerous look in Urameshi's eyes when he handed over the little Runt. And that threat. Luckily, he won't be on the wrong end of his Spirit Gun for bringing the demon back safely.

A door slid open, making both of the males in the room jump and turn their attention to the newest guest. A lovely Yukina held a steaming bowl of soup in her hands, as she smiled sweetly. "Good morning, Kazuma." She said softly, before walking over to the seated demon on the bed and placed the bowl in his shaking palms. "Here you go, Hiei. I thought that a nice hot bowl of chicken-noodle soup would help calm your stomach."

Red eyes were wide once again, as he automatically did as she commanded without words. He gripped the bowl from her hands, the heat not affecting him at all thanks to his heritage. He knew that it would be grateful to say 'thank you' but he couldn't come up with the words. He just sat there and stared at her with wide eyes, swallowing thickly. The smell was wondrous, and made him nearly drool at how hungry he was all of a sudden. "H-Hn…" Was all he could manage, as his blush darkened, finally ripping his gaze away from her and at the bowl in his lap.

Even the ice-maiden knew of Hiei's social skills, and just from the look on his face she knew that this was the closest that she would get to a 'thank you.' "You are welcome, Hiei. Enjoy, and take it easy, alright?" She said with a short bow, before standing up. "If you need me I will be attending to the garden." With another smile, she walked out of the room.

"Hey, Yukina, let me help you with that!" Kazuma yelped happily, as he shot up and raced after her with a giddy giggle. Hiei blinked down at the soup listening to the fading footsteps and voices of her valued sibling and giant-Oaf, until they were nothing more than the sounds of nature.

With a truthful smile that only would appear when no other soul was around, Hiei happily lifted the spoon utensil and started to eat this estranged 'chicken-noodle soup' that his sister had made for him To his surprise, it was actually really delicious. It felt warm as it passed through his lips and down his throat, nestling in his stomach making a feeling of satisfaction hum through his body. The noodles were a strange add to it, but didn't mind it as he gladly slurped up the flimsy little strings. What made it worth the while were the bits of meat that were mixed in the soup. It tasted a lot like the demonic birds that he would feast on in the demon world.

The clanking of the spoon hitting an empty bowl sounded too loud in the quiet room, as Hiei sighed in content. He was full, and was also sated when it came to his thirst at the same time. He would have to remember this 'chicken-noodle soup' for next time when he is with Kurama so that he could teach him how to make it for himself.

With a huff, Hiei made his way back to the kitchen to try and clean up after himself so his sister wouldn't have to do it. She had made the meal; it was the one who would eat that had the responsibility for clean-up. Quickly soaping up a sponge, he got to work on cleaning the spoon and the bowl. With the dishes wet, he easily raised his body heat to both sanitize and dry the ceramic bowl and metal spoon before putting them away where they belong.

Rubbing a fist over a tired eye, he yawned once more always hating that feeling after having a full stomach. Making the way back to his bed, Hiei shoved himself under the covers to try and understand why he was like this. He always felt tired. Hiei had planned to spend the rest of the day slowly training his body back to fighting fit, since he has felt his own energy has been decreasing these past few days. He wasn't sure what was wrong with him.

At first he had assumed that it was his injuries that had his energy levels decreasing, but that didn't seem to be it. Of course, it had helped, but it didn't seem to be the real cause of the loss of energy. Maybe it had something to do with these sudden attacks he gets when he is around other men. It was hard not to forget the strange feelings that would take control of his entire body when the scent of another male came close to him.

Even Kuwabara's scent made him shake, but not as powerful as being around the Fox or the Detective. Now that he thought of it, he only seemed to be affected strongly by males and not females. Yukina didn't act any different, nor did the old hag that lives here with her. However, judging by the way his body acts, it seems to affect both Kurama and Yusuke in a similar way as his own.

Rolling to his side, Hiei's eyes narrowed in thought as he tried to get all of these facts together in his head. Now that he noticed it, the Kitsune and the Toushin have been acting a bit strangely whenever he was around them. Just when he was saved by the redhead last night, his own body was back to the ungodly shivers that plagued his body, making him look like he was cold. Thinking back, his body had felt more hot than cold, which contradicted the way his outlook was.

The shaking only got worse when Yusuke arrived, and with both of the two strong males near him his entire body was trembling nearly twice as worse. The flare of heat within his body was so intense he could only hold himself to try and extinguish the flames within his self. The Detective and the Fox had definitely had a raise in aggressive natures since their last mission with that black fire beast.

Kurama wasn't as obvious, but it was still noticeable that he acted more protective around him. Yusuke acted similarly except he was completely obvious. Even when he was caught from falling by the strong Detective his testosterone filled state seemed to have melted into his voice when speaking to him. It was just confusing as to why his teammates were acting like this around him, and vise-versa.

With another angry growl, Hiei pulled the covers over his head to try and block out his raging thoughts, and his strange need to find his other two comrades. His body was now relaxed and he wished to keep it that way, as he stumbled into a light sleep to rest his thoughts.

~ O ~

Green eyes darted open, at the smell that washed over his senses. A sweet smell lingered in the air around him, as he sat up and raised his chin to sniff the air. A deep breath made his entire body ring with a pleasant tune. He had to get to the source of the smell at all costs.

A growl caught his attention immediately, making him look over at the ground a few feet from him. A green clothed man with raven colored hair pulled himself to his knees and looked over at him with a menacing brown gaze. It took a moment for the redhead to realize it, but this man was Yusuke Urameshi. What was he doing here?

The Toushin shook his head at the faint scent of blood that splattered over his body and the air around him. It was all overpowered by another scent that made him want to follow immediately. However, there was an intruder that was a few feet away and could smell the same scent as well. Blinking, Yusuke's eyes widened at the disheveled redhead just as bloody as he was, looking at him with a wide and curious gaze.

They both were silent, just staring at each other, daring the other to move. He could remember their bloodshed last night, it was gorgeous to forget about everything and just plain and simply fight. That was one thing that he knew how to do even before becoming a Spirit Detective. He had never felt more free in his entire life. The killing felt so natural, like his mind and spirit were at one. As a Detective, he was supposed to take down evil demons, and this felt no different.

Without warning, both of the demons in disguise leaped up and darted towards the direction of the wondrous scent. Now it was just a race to see who could get there first, and both were willing to take a gamble.

Pulling out a rose, Kurama charged his ki into it, turning into his signature Rose Whip. With a flick of his arm, it wrapped around the others leg, making him stumble and fall. With that head-start, the Fox ran ahead, pulling his whip back into a rose to put back in his hair as usual.

His eyes widened, when he felt a bright blue light emitted from his back and a burst of energy. Looking back, Kurama barely had enough time to roll out of the way as a large ball of energy darted right past him, and up into the skies knocking down any trees in its wake. Shaking himself out of the momentary daze, the redhead quickly got back on his feet and chased after the figure that managed to get ahead. He would not let him win.

~ O ~

The sound of running feet stirred the slumbering Dragon for him to wake up a bit dazed. What was all of that racket? Ruby eyes blinked into a lidded gaze, a bit angry that he was woken up from his light nap. What was the deal was the building on fire? It shouldn't matter, he was a fire demon, he could easily survive mortal's flames with ease. He'd be more concerned if it were a fire from the demon plain. They would be bad enough to cause a burn on him.

Suddenly, his door busted open, wood and glass splintering everywhere, making Hiei sit up with shock at what could be attacking him. His eyes widened as he spotted a familiar redhead and Detective rolling on the floor, wrestling and fighting one another. The smell of testosterone filled the air as both of the enraged men fought for no apparent reason at all. They scratched, bit, punched and kicked each other none of them letting up. "What is the meaning of this?!" Hiei yelled, trying to catch their attention. Why in the world where they fighting? This didn't look like a friendly spar, they looked like they were about to rip each other's throats out.

The minute his own deep baritone voice yelled out, a sinking feeling in his gut told him that it was a bad idea, as both of them separated and turned their gazes on him. A sudden blast of both of the male demons scent hit him hard, as he started to tremble once again. "Damn-it!" He thought, as he saw both of them start to creep their way towards the recuperating demon in the bed. If they were to attack him, there would be no way he could defend himself. They both looked ready to devour him just from sight alone.

With an audible gulp, Hiei slid his body back slowly on his rump, until his back met a firm wall. Both Kurama and Yusuke perked up sniffing the air before turning their attention back on each other once again with a menacing growl. They both stood eyes never leaving the others sight, as they started to circle. "He's mine… Back-off!" Yusuke practically yelled, clenching his teeth and fists ready for a good punch.

Now that he was in the same room as the fire-demon it was nearly unbearable. Curse his sensitive nose; he could clearly smell the strong pheromones that came from the shaky demon in the room with them. Of course Yusuke could smell it too; he was surprised that he was able to catch a whiff of it when they were finished with their bloodbath out in the forest. Sadly, that wasn't the case. The Toushin must have trained his nose in the short time that they were out to firmly distinguish Hiei's particular scent. "No, Yusuke…! I won't let you have him…!" Kurama growled out, his body itching for a fight.

Thin black eyebrows furrowed at the conversation between the two heated demons. What did they mean by that? Both of them were covered blood, unsure if it was their own or each other's. Either way, it was clear what the intentions were. There were going to hurt him. Hiei jumped, eyes widened when they both went at it again, like two rabid dogs.

They both hit the floor with the sounds of tearing flesh and snarling filled the air. For the first time in his life, since his sisters kidnapping, Hiei was terrified. These two were fighting over him. Once they were finished, the winner would emerge and then go after him. He was in no condition to fight either of them. One good hit to his abdomen and he would be down for the count. He pulled his knees up and wrapped his arms around his shaking torso in a protective gesture, wide eyes never leaving the bloody scrimmage of the two vicious demons.

"What the-!? Hey guys! Stop it! What are ya doin'!?" A scratchy voice rang up through the attack, as Kuwabara rushed in, Yukina standing at the doorway in shock. They had both heard the loud crash and went to go check out what had happened, hoping that Hiei didn't get himself hurt again. Gray eyes looked to the other side of the room to see a shaking figure against a wall in a very defensive position.

The two fighters separated, panting harshly as their glares bled through the other. "Leave them, you fool…" Kuwabara blinked, looking over at the smaller demon. Even from this distance it wasn't hard to see his shivering and feel the heat that radiated off of him. "They both have gone mad…" It scared him to see the tough little guy look so small and terrified. Even his voice seemed a bit shaky.

Yusuke jerked his head towards the source of the smell and voice, and lunged at him quickly. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. Both ruby eyes widened from the ice and fire demon, a gasp coming from the dragon as he saw his leader leap after him. Kuwabara pulled out his Spirit Sword as he ran towards him to protect Hiei, but to no avail, there was no way he would be quick enough. Green eyes widened, at the sudden change in his rival's attention, immediately leaping after Yusuke in an attempt to bring his concentration back on him.

Managing to grab his legs, Kurama yanked Urameshi back to earth just feet away from Hiei's trembling form. Kuwabara stood between the little Dragon and the fallen couple, sword at hand. "Are ya crazy, Urameshi!? Why would you wanna attack Hiei?!" He asked although he wasn't expecting a response. He was glad that the Fox was quick on his feet. They were teammates; they were supposed to look out for each other.

"Kuwabara, you must leave them be." Another rough voice entered the room, through the broken door that the two demons destroyed. Everyone's gaze went to the shortest figure in the room, except for the Fox and Detective that is. Faded pink hair blew with the wind that came through the broken entry, as she stood there watching the two demons return to fighting one another wildly.

The tallest redhead blinked "Genkai, what do ya mean?! I won't just stand here and watch Urameshi hurt Hiei!" He hated the little Dragon, but he never wished ill-harm on him ever. Even if Hiei was fully healed and able to fight, he would protect him with his life; it was a part of his honor code to protect his friends.

"You moron! Neither of them want to kill the boy!" She yelled, knowing that only three of the five people were listening to her. The usual stoic redhead seemed to have cracked much sooner than she had expected. The Dimwit, however, already had her guess correct for him. It was a little unnerving to have those two roll around and fight like wolves over a hunk of meat. "Hmph! Well I am not completely wrong." She thought sarcastically.

Genkai might be the wisest out of all of them, but that still didn't deter him from abandoning his teammate. With the way those two are fighting, if they were to stick Hiei in the middle of their scrimmage, it could kill him. "Well, I ain't movin'! I'm not letting them get to Hiei!" He said as he stood proudly between the two fighters and the tiny demon.

With a light chuckle, the elder spoke. "Then they will kill you. They won't kill him. I can guarantee that." She said as she made her way around the wrestling couple. "However, if you get in the way, both Kurama and Yusuke will kill you." A stark yell of pain came from the slick-haired leader as he was held under a golden-eyed Kurama. "Let's go, the winner emerges." She said pushing the taller male aside for full visibility of the youkai.

Hiei blinked, and shivered violently, when those menacing gold eyes met his own red ones. Kurama stood slowly, wiping a trail of blood that fell from his lip. He blinked, when he felt a hand grab his leg as he stepped forward, nearly stumbling. "I… won't let you take him…" Yusuke said with a snarl, gripping tighter onto the limb.

The Fire-demon noticed that this was his chance to escape. Pulling himself up to stand, he ignored his instincts to stay and see what exactly the winner would do to him, and flitted off into the forest. He had a bad feeling in his gut about what Kurama or Yusuke would do to him. Whatever it was, he had a feeling that they would hurt him, one way or another.

Both sets of eyes watched as their prize darted away into the forest, Yusuke growling as he sat himself up to try and give chase. Kurama ignored his rival and chased after the fire-demon. Hopefully, Yusuke will be slowed by his injuries obtained from the Fox, or else they could get into another fight, and this time it would end with death. The redhead didn't want to kill his friend, only incapacitate him long enough to take Hiei and end his heat so that they could all stop fighting.

Judging by the Dragon's current energy, he can't run for long. He will probably tire out either from overheating or from his injuries. Kurama growled when he felt Yusuke's energy spike and follow behind him a bit away. This wasn't good. He might be forced to use his plants to subdue his friend, the coward's way out. He knew that Urameshi would shun him if he cheated by using his plants instead of his own strength against him.

It is basic instinct; Hiei needed a strong protector, which is why his body is going through his heat. If he uses his plants, Yusuke would have the guts to challenge him once more, even after Hiei's heat is over. If he were to show his dominance and defeat him truthfully, then he wouldn't face him to fight again.

The Youko within him scratched at the surface of his mind, begging him to be released. Right now, his senses would be jumbled completely if he lets his Fox take over. He could accidentally do more harm to both Hiei and Yusuke if he allows himself to fall into temptation. Shaking his head, he breathed deeply, following the sweet scent of the pheromones to guide him to his prize.

Yusuke winced, as he forced his body to run as fast as he could. Yes, Kurama was fast, and Hiei was even faster. However, that slick smell of blood laced over the lingering scent of that delicious heat coming from the fire-youkai. He is injured. The only other thought racing through his mating-fueled mind. The only obstacle that went in-between him and his goal was another man's scent that made him thoroughly pissed. Kurama will not stand in his way.

~ O ~

The three stood at the gaping doorway in the room where the big commotion happened. Kuwabara wanted to chase after his teammates and teach them all a lesson for trying to harm Hiei. The poor little half-koorime looked frightened beyond belief, it was no wonder he ran. If he was in his shoes, he'd do the same thing. Having two S-class demons chasing after him, it was no wonder why he was scared. "I gotta save Hiei! Those two looked like they wanted to hurt him!" The orange-haired man yelled, as he gripped harder on his Spirit Sword.

"If you wish to keep your life, let them be. Hiei will be just fine." Genkai instructed, her gaze never leaving the direction that all three of the demons left in. "The only damage that they could possibly do to him is that he might not be able to walk properly for a few days." She chuckled softly, only imagining the stoic Fire-brat limping around her temple with a grimace on his face.

"What!? Are they gonna break his legs are something!? WHY?" He could only imagine how painful that would be. Why in the world would they want to do something like that, it didn't make any sense. "Well, I ain't gonna let them!" He boasted, as his Sword grew brighter and larger, running toward the forest and after his friends.

"Kazuma wait!"

A lovely voice cried out, making the tall redhead stumble, and turn to his beautiful ice-maiden. "Huh? Yukina?" He questioned, looking back into those eyes that reminded him so much of her secret brother that is out there in the forest against two powerful demons.

"Please… Let us trust Genkai's words. I believe that Hiei is not in harm's way. Kurama and Yusuke would never hurt Hiei on purpose." She spoke softly, making the sword master lower his guard, and immediately listen to her words. Maybe she is right; if he were to try and interfere then his own life would be at stake for no reason. He knows that Yusuke is very protective of his friends, and Kurama and Hiei are practically best buds. Was there really no reason to worry?

Lowering his sword, and letting it disappear in his palm. Kuwabara's eyes lowered to the ground in defeat, turning to look out at the forest once more. A rough sigh left his throat, as he felt like he had made a big mistake. However, he let it fall off of his shoulders with a slump in his form.

"Now that this is taken care of… Care to make any bets on who will get to Hiei first?" Genkai chuckled once more as she spoke.


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.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 6

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Chapter 5
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 5

Chapter 7
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Chapter 5: Hunting


The night was clear of clouds, and a cool breeze blew through the trees. Even though there were no sign of rain, an eerie scent of the incoming perspiration filled the air. On the ground a thin fog made visibility minimal for those who traveled on foot, but the treetops were clear of the burden.

A black figure darted through the branches heading deeper into the dark woods. His speed was unmatched by any that crossed his path, usually never tiring. However, on this night, his breath clouded in front of him in short pants as he sped through the trees. "What the hell is wrong with me? I never tier, especially so quickly."

Landing on a sturdy branch, the shirtless figure knelt to catch his breath. His stomach twisted in the familiar ache that reminded him that he was still injured. Luckily, the shadowed figure hadn't ripped open any wounds, yet. Sound and sight seemed to diminish, as touch and smell enhanced. This wasn't like him at all, what was happening?

Every single brush of a leaf against his skin made him shiver with an unknown sensation. Everything down to the misty ground, he could smell out perfectly. If he concentrated, he could make out a buck a few meters away, grazing. Usually, the sounds of nature would envelope him into sleep, but tonight his body refused to rest. The strange scents that attacked his senses were overwhelming and made his mind race.

This didn't help the fact that he was still extremely hot to the touch. A pale hand reached up to touch the ward over his Jagan. He felt feint, and his vision could only make out things a few feet in front of him, the rest were blurred colors and shapes. Sound could hardly register over the slight ringing in his ears. Was he dying? Why was this happening to him?

Over the natural instinctual need to find another person, preferably a male, Hiei decided that he needed to find some water. Thinking back when Kurama had put the medicine on his body, it nearly made him gasp. Was it that strange medicine that was making him act like this? However, he had stated that he wasn't feeling good before he started applying that strange smelling medicine. The Fox wouldn't purposefully do this to him; he is too kind for that.

Shaking his head a bit, Hiei continued through the branches, having to squint to keep focus. He has been on the run for over thirty minutes that he timed, and doesn't plan to stop until he finds some water to wash in. Usually, he could smell out a small pond, but his senses were jumbled. He just had to keep moving forward, he couldn't stop. If a stray demon finds him in this condition, it could spell the end of him. He was in no condition to fight any demon at the moment.

It was all so strange. Why was his body responding like this? It was like he didn't even have control over himself anymore. The Fire-youkai is a strong S class demon, tamer of the darkness flame technique, and master of the Jagan eye. Yet, running will catch him out of breath? "This is ridiculous!"

An angry growl left his throat, as he pushed himself to run faster. There was no way he would be weakened enough to slow down. He needed to get away, for reasons he couldn't figure out. Usually, when there was anything wrong with the little half-koorime, the first thing he would normally do would consult Kurama about it. This, however, was beyond embarrassing. His body was thinly covered in sweat, and a strange feeling mixed within his stomach. It felt similarly to nausea, but he didn't have the urge to throw up. There was no way he would subject himself into seeking out the Fox, or anyone in that matter, to help him.

A bare foot landed on a mossy branch, the limb slipping out from underneath him. Hiei gasped, as his chest made contact with the soft, yet, hard surface as he fell forward. The wind was knocked out of him, as pain shot through his body. His limp form slid quickly back, falling through the mess of thin branches as he made his way down to the ground.

He landed on his back, his vision clouding even further, as his lungs tried to breathe in oxygen to no avail. Along with the sensation of being unable to breathe, he felt an immense amount of pain from his stomach, and the warm feeling of a liquid dampening the ground he was on. Hiei rolled to his side and clenched an arm around his abdomen.

Focusing on one thing at a time, the youkai tried to take deep breathes in, only to managing short gasps. His breath clouded in front of him, as he tried to clear his vision. He fought the urge to simply pass out and give in to his body's weakness, but he refused. There was no way he would fall victim to his strange instincts that surrounded his mind.

Eyelids fluttered open as his senses were slowly returning to as normal as they could be; he placed a hand down against the cool and damp grass in front of him. The feeling made him shiver as he pushed himself up with a grunt of effort to a seating position. The arm unwrapped around his stomach to his current view, close to his face. Red stained the bandages that contained his black dragon pet, and his palm. Great, he ripped open his wound again.

Ruby eyes looked up to the tree branches that he fell from, noticing that they were also splattered with the same red tint. A sigh left his quivering lips, as Hiei pulled himself to his hands and knees crawling over to the tree that he fell from. For some reason, being in this position brought a feeling of anxiousness to sprout from his body. He didn't like it at all.

The Fire-demon quickly, as he could, clawed his way up the bark to allow him to stand once more, and continue his journey. With palms flat against the tree in front of him, he let out a breath as he finally was able to take a deep inhale of oxygen from his fall. Turning his gaze to look behind him, he peeked over a shoulder to look at the blood stained grass that he landed on.

With his head bowed, Hiei sighed and moved his wobbly legs, using the tree as support, and walked around the hunk of wood. Surprisingly, and mostly to his luck, a small pond with crystal clear blue water shined in the moonlight. Auburn eyes widened, as he nearly leaped for the liquid. Now that he saw what he had been searching for, the half-koorime only just noticed how parched he had been.

Stumbling from his weakened body, Hiei landed on all fours at the edge of the pond. Panting, Hiei took a moment to look at his reflection in the mirror-like waters. He looked awful. Reaching a hand up to touch his cheek, his eyes narrowed in concentration at his complexion. His normally healthy peachy skin color now resembled a pale off-white, only definable through the deep red blush that stained his cheeks. Was this because of the blood loss? Was he running a fever? There has got to be something wrong with him, for his body to respond like this.

With another dreadful sigh, he placed his hand back on the ground, and decided that perhaps a drink of cool water would help him. He felt dehydrated anyway. Leaning his upper body down, he spread his knees to balance himself as his lips touched the tastefully cold waters surface. Ruby eyes closed, as he concentrated on the feeling of the liquid entering through his chapped lips, swirling around his tongue and gliding down his throat.

Immensely, he felt much better; his entire body felt cleansed. The wound on his stomach now only throbbed with a dull ache. His body didn't feel as exhausted, and he seemed more sated than before. Who would have guessed that such a simple thing as water could help cure the smallest of complications? Pulling in a large gulp of water in his mouth, Hiei lifted his upper body back up and swallowed with an audible sigh of relief.

Leaning back down, right before his lips touched the water's surface once more; he paused, eyes snapping open. He heard something. Staring at his reflection, he concentrated on his hearing and sense of smell. The fire-demon knew that he had heard the sound of the grass rustling from nearby. Sniffing the air, he kept his body still, as he sensed out another being. It was a male from the scent, which sent his body into an array of involuntary shivers.

If he was attacked, there would be a chance for him to win, if it was a low-class demon. Most of the filth in these forests roams from E-C class. If he managed to get into a tussle with a strong C class, then he could possibly get killed. He didn't have his katana with him, and only could rely on his bare hands as a defense. His ki was already dangerously low, which signaled a beacon in these woods as a weak target for food. This was not good.

A low growl emitted from a nearby bush, making Hiei dart his wide-eyed gaze over to the two golden eyes that looked at him from the darkness to his right. His vision was already messed up enough, and it irked him that he couldn't make out the creature that looked back into his own gaze. From the sound, it made him shake in a sense of fear that he couldn't make out an energy signal from the creature. Those eyes didn't look familiar, the only others that came to his mind were Yusuke's demonic form and the Youko. However, they wouldn't attack him while he was in this condition, would they?

Without taking a chance, Hiei immediately jumped to stand, ignoring the pain that shot through his body and made a dash to escape. If he couldn't fight, then he would have to try and outrun it. The moment he dashed off, he heard the harsh rustle of the bush that hid the creature as it followed him easily. "Kuso…!"*1 His speed wasn't enough to get away; he could smell the bloodlust in the air coming from the other creature that was following him.

The golden-eyed demon possibly knew of his condition and was purposefully trying to tire him out, before going in for the kill. That wasn't going to happen. After darting through the trees for a few minutes, Hiei came into a clearing and stopped in the middle of it, turning around to face his attacker.

A rustle of leaves from a tree signaled the creature's arrival, as a black figure leaped out into the clearing. With the moonlight as his guide, Hiei's eyes looked up as the demon appeared before him, landing a few yards away. Its werewolf-like figure was hunched over, its ears twitching atop its head and a tail swishing behind him, as another growl rang in the air.

Hiei prepared himself, getting into his normal fighting stance to try and fend off the attacker. Hopefully, other demons didn't follow him, or else they would just sit back and watch, picking off the weakened winner or dead loser. "Don't mess with me…" He whispered, hopefully, trying to bluff his way out of fighting.

The bluff didn't work, as the darkened creature lunged after the Fire-youkai with a demonic snarl. A sharp claw shined in the moonlight, as it dashed towards Hiei. It was fast, but the half-koorime was faster, as he jumped out of the way, hearing the sound of the claws swipe at the air. This demon seemed rather stupid, and could be easily defeated. "You asked for this…!" Hiei said, as his fists glowed in a white-hot flame.

The creature's eyes narrowed, as it charged once again, this time Hiei didn't move. A sharp claw reached up once again to attack its target, but this time a fist intercepted it, protected by fire. With the flames creating light, ruby eyes widened as the creatures face was illuminated. His first assumption was correct. It was a gray-furred demonic wolf-breed, with a long muzzle rimmed with sharp teeth. Its glowing yellow eyes bore deep into his own red ones.

Both figures jumped back, creating distance between each other, the creature's body slinking back into the darkness. This time, Hiei ran for the attack. With the fire on his fists lighting his way, he swung back and swiped forward toward the wolf-demon. It dodged easily, as Hiei continued with his barrage of fast punches. "How in the hell?!"

The creature leaped back, Hiei following in his steps trying to catch him off guard. With a growl, the fire-demon has had enough. Pulling his fist back, he charged his ki into the flames that surrounded it, and pushed his hand forward, unraveling his hand to release the energy all-together. A flamethrower bursts from his right arm; the fire of the mortal flame lunged forward to devour anyone in its wake. He was too weak to use the darkness technique but he wouldn't want to waste his dragon on such a lowly creature anyways.

The flames caught a few trees on fire, but it was still difficult to see if he had even made contact. Hiei stood silently, and listened over the crackling of the fire for his foe. He had a feeling that he was still alive. Ruby eyes looked around, his hair waving in the wind, as sparks danced around his figure worshiping its master.

Eyes glancing back at the tree a few yards in front of him, he felt a pang of guilt in his heart for it. He loved trees and nature; he even went out of his way to help protect them and Yusuke when he was being attacked by Sniper. The wind picked up the fire, carrying it higher into the branches and to other neighboring trees. He would have to snuff out the fires when he is done with his battle, or else he could destroy this forest.

Hiei gasped, as he heard the shuffling of grass behind him, and barely had enough time to turn around before a figure lunged at him. It was so quick, as his body was pushed back until he connected with the hard oak that he was just looking at seconds before. His vision swam in darkness, barely making out the same golden eyes that he thought he killed. This was not good, how could he be so defenseless like this? "Sh-Shit…!" He managed to mumble before a clawed hand wrapped around his throat, restricting his breathing, not that he wasn't already knocked out of breath from hitting the tree.

A snarl rose from the taller wolf-demon, as his shinning teeth were licked by a disgusting purple tongue. His glowing golden eyes narrowed, as he squeezed tighter onto the pale throat, making a gargling noise rise from the trapped youkai. Hiei reached up to grab at the arm with both hands, desperately raising his ki to burn the limb that held him.

He grit his teeth as the hand squeezed even tighter around his throat, closing his airway completely. Darkness started to creep into the corners of his vision, as lightheadedness started to cloud his mind. The longer he remained deprived of oxygen, the weaker his ki became, as his grip onto the furred arm loosened. Not that the mortal flame seemed to be doing any damage, this fur seemed to be a form of defense against both heat and cold.

Hiei's legs dangled worthlessly against the tree's trunk, as he just noticed that he was suspended by the clawed arm that held him in place. He was trapped. Lidded ruby eyes looked up into those glowing eyes one last time, as he saw his fate being sealed by the other clawed hand rising, blocking out the moonlight. The fire-demon, on the verge of fainting, closed his eyes to try and relish in the last moments of life, before this creature would rip him to shreds.

The sound of flesh tearing ripped through the air, making the already weakened demon flinch, as blood splattered over his face and body. Surprisingly, the pain did not come. It was silent, and a gust of wind blew through his hair, ruffling it before stilling. The clawed hand around his throat loosened. "What…?"

Managing a gasp of air through the still tightened fist, Hiei opened his eyes, first lidded then widening at what he saw. Golden eyes stared back at him in shock, blood dripping onto the ground in a rhythmic beat. Clearing the momentary darkness that threatened to take hold of him, auburn eyes blinked looking over the creature once again. The claw that threatened to kill him, still remained high in the air, unmoving, until he saw the culprit. A thick sword-like projectile was punctured through the wolf's skull, between his eyes.

The sound of flesh slicing filled the air once again, as the sword pulled out. Hiei could have sworn that he saw another pair of golden eyes through the creatures head, visibly by the new hole in his forehead. The wolf fell with the momentum of the sword as it was yanked out from behind him, and landed on his back. Hiei sighed in relief as he felt the clawed hand release his throat, his body slumping down to the ground. He took a deep breath in, closing his eyes to concentrate on getting the precious oxygen back into his lungs.

"Hiei! Are you alright?!"

That voice, it sounded so familiar. Once he managed to get his breath back, the first thing that came to his senses was smell. Wrapping both arms around his stomach, the fire-youkai shivered as overpowering scent of a male enveloped him. It made it even worse when the male that saved him knelt beside his trembling form. Why was he so affected by the scent of males? It didn't make any sense!

"Hiei, are you hurt?"

An arm wrapped around his shoulder, forcing him to bite back a moan from the contact. With a lidded gaze, Hiei looked up at his savior, the scent of a familiar friend wafted through his mind. The first thing that he saw, was a figure dressed in darkness, only the moonlight giving off a few key features that signaled who this man was. The most visible of them all, were those emerald green irises.


The Fox demon sighed in relief to hear the fire-demon give a response, anything at all. His heart nearly stopped when he smelt fire deep within the woods and knew that it had to be Hiei. He wasn't far off the trail, but that made a huge beacon of energy and smell that covered over the scent of pheromones that he was following before.

Luckily, he had made it in time to see a demonic wolf strangling his friend against a burning tree. Now the flames were died down, possibly in response to Hiei's current condition, the fire was a part of him. The Youko within broke free for a split second, as he pulled out a weed and transformed it to a sharp weapon. He was sure that if he had been seconds late, Hiei would have been killed.

Now that the adrenaline was calming, his body was now responding to the injured demon leaning against the tree. The scent of blood was thick in the air and a surge of the need to protect and tend to the little half-koorime came to the front of his mind. With careful eyes, he looked over the shaking figure for any signs of injury. Green eyes darted upwards at the bark of the tree to see a line of blood trailing down to where Hiei sat. "You are injured. Let me see."

Hiei couldn't hold back a groan, as his right arm was lifted and moved away. Careful fingers traced the reddened bandages over his stomach, making the smaller demon hitch in breath and move his head away. A light panting made those emerald eyes glance up to the others face, before reluctantly letting go. The pheromones were getting stronger.

"Ah, damn-it!"

Green molded to gold, as Kurama rushed to cover any visibility over Hiei with his own body, facing the opponent that interrupted him. A feral growl left his throat at the sound of the approaching opponent who would dare try and take Hiei away from him. The Youko wouldn't allow anyone near. All he could comprehend was another male's scent inching nearer, which meant a challenge that he would gladly take.

"I guess ya won, Fox-boy. You just got lucky! I'll get'em next time, though." A slick-haired man stood with his arms crossed a few feet away from the couple sitting on the ground. A rush of hormonal anger attacked his pride for not being the first to find the stubborn demon. He couldn't believe that he lost. However, it seemed reasonable since he didn't have such a developed sense of smell as the Fox; he thought he could still try anyway.

"Yusuke!?" Immediately, Kurama melded back into his normal form, gold rushing back to green. He was just about to attack the other demon; it seemed that Hiei's scent was really getting to him. "Next time please do not sneak up on us. I was just about to attack you." Perhaps that is just what the leader wants him to do; to initiate a challenge for Hiei.

Chocolate colored eyes looked down at the dead wolf-demon, then back to his teammates, mostly concentrated on the smaller male. Even with his untrained nose, he could smell out blood on Hiei's body. Even with the pheromones affecting him, a need to protect and nurture overpowered the need to mate. The fire-youkai was injured and needed to be healed.

Walking over to them, he noticed that the poor little demon was shaking uncontrollably. This was probably due to the scent of the males around him, and his body was responding to it. Making sure to walk to the other side of Hiei, not near Kurama, he knelt down and rested his elbows on his knees. Being this close, he could smell the pheromone better, but it was covered up with the scent of pain. "Nice to see ya up, Squirt. But I didn't expect you to run off the minute you woke up."

Hiei shook even more violently when the second male came close to him. He hardly noticed him there after the Fox's initial protection maneuver. Even through his fogged mind, he responded to the detective with a low growl. He needed to be alone. His body was acting strangely, like at this moment. He tried to play it off, by being cool and saying his usual catchphrase, "hn…"

"Yusuke is right, Hiei. What you did was a bit foolish. You could have been killed if I hadn't made it in time to save you." Kurama said with a low voice, ripping open the bandages wrapped around the shaky demon. Pulling out a seed from his hair, he flared his ki, before dropping it to the ground. It sprouted into a beautiful blue flower. Since the wound wasn't bleeding profusely, there was no need for the previous plant that he used yesterday.

Dipping his fingers into the middle of the flower, a sticky, sappy, purple fluid stuck to his fingertips. "This might tingle a bit, but it will help stop the pain." He warned, before applying it to the largest wound on the youkai. Hiei was not bleeding to death, but he could easily smell the pain that came from his body. Before, the fire-demon had nearly died of blood loss, and when he reopened his wound, he had to stop it immediately. This plant was just made to stop the pain that it came into contact with.

Small hands gripped the grass below, legs quivering at the feeling of the immense and shocking sensation that surrounded his abdomen. His head dipped down, as he concentrated on breathing, letting out a soft groan as a cold feeling rushed past his body. After the initial shock of it, the pain slowly seeped away into a cool and numbing touch.

Yusuke blinked at the groan, tilting his head and leaning down to look closer at the smaller demon. It took everything in his power not to rub his face into those soft locks of hair, or against that heated neck with a soft purr. It would be a sign of comfort that he would offer, but with Kurama there, he would possibly retaliate. Getting into a fight so close to Hiei wasn't the best idea; he could get caught in the crossfire. "Alright, Pipsqueak, let's get you back to Grandma's. I'll carry him."

Kurama shook his head, "No, I insist, I'll carry him." Loosening his ki, the plant receded into a small seed once more, and he placed it back in the safety of his hair.

Dark brown eyes narrowed, "Nah, it's alright. I got this. Besides, you're probably tired from fighting that wolf. I'll carry him." He stated, reaching for the dazed demon.

The Fox growled deeply in his throat, catching both Hiei's and Yusuke's attention. This stopped him in his tracks, recoiling back from touching the heated demon. The fire-youkai shook at the sound of the dominant male, while the detective's ki flared in response. "I am not weakened by this little fight. I will carry him back."

A show of fangs glittered in the moonlight, as another growl emitted into the air. Yusuke glared back into those green eyes, just daring for him to move. "I already said, I'll carry him."

Hiei frowned, glancing between the two angered demons. Why were they so caught up on who will carry him back to the temple? He can walk, they should know. "Don't I have a say in this?" He asked.

"No!" Green and brown eyes darted to the fire-demon, making him jump, before going back to staring down each other.

His scowl only deepened, as his left eye twitched in irritation. "Fine, while you two fight over such a ridiculous topic, I'm leaving." He said before pulling his legs up from underneath him to help him stand, using the tree as support. As he stood, however, both the redhead and the raven-haired male stood as well. With another "hn" Hiei started to slowly walk off towards the temple, gripping an arm around his abdomen.

Walking past the fired up Detective, he blinked as he felt a hand wrap around his free arm. "Where do ya think you're goin'?" The mere touch sent his body back into those involuntary shivers, once again. Glancing over his shoulder, he took notice that Yusuke had a firm hold on his small wrist, while keeping his eye contact with the Fox.

"Release him, Yusuke…" Kurama warned, his energy flaring dangerously. Those malicious emerald eyes fading into the Youko's gold. Yusuke was touching Hiei without his consent. The inner Fox demon wanted to rip off the leaders arm in retaliation, but held back.

Ruby eyes glanced down to the fist that held him, following his arm up to the detectives head. Swallowing thickly, he tried to calm the way his body heated up just from the mere touch. "The Fox is right, Detective. If you want to keep your arm intact, I suggest you let me go." His voice was smooth, still trying to put up the tough guy act. He didn't want anyone to see that he was slowly losing control of himself.

The air was quite, only a small gust of wind blew by the trio, ruffling their hair until it stilled. Hiei's gaze never left his leader that still had a firm grasp on his wrist. The Toushin never left the line of sight from the redhead just a few feet away from him. The minute someone would move, there would be hell to face.

"Hey guys! I finally found you-!"

Yusuke quickly pulled Hiei back behind him, making sure to keep a firm grip to keep him from slipping away. His other fist glowed with the pending shotgun technique to any attacker who would dare interrupt his current challenge. He was sure that his ki would have scared off any incoming pests.

Hiei stumbled, only managing to stay standing from the Toushin's hold on him, as he was yanked behind the taller male. A blush rushed up his face at the feeling of being controlled so easily. It was unbelievable that he could be tossed around like this. He guaranteed that when he was feeling completely better, he would vow to kill the detective once again. He hardly heard why he suddenly felt the need to protect him.

Kurama immediately pulled his attention away from Yusuke and to their newest foe. Fighting each other can wait, he was sure that Hiei wouldn't be harmed since he was held by the strong demon beside him. Although, a feeling of anger rushed through his body at the knowledge that he still had a hold of the fire-youkai.

Blinking his golden eyes back to green, the Fox pulled an arm in front of their leader to stop his attack, looking at who had interrupted them. "Kuwabara?" It was dark, but that rough and scratchy voice was unmistakable.

The said redhead froze in place, his hands held in the air showing his innocence. "Hehe… H-Hey guys…! Looks like ya found the Runt…" He said slowly and carefully, making sure not to scare Urameshi into using that shotgun blast on him. Walking up to them slowly, he could easily feel the tension of energy in the air. Something was about to go down before he said something, he was glad that he managed to find them in time.

Now that they were distracted, Hiei placed his other arm around the wrist of the hand the held him in place and yanked it off. He was free, but the sudden momentum of the movement made him stumble and fall back. "Curse my weak body…!" Closing his eyes for the incoming pain of his fall, he was sure to land on a few open wounds, once again the pain didn't come.

It was so fast, he didn't even notice it. Slowly opening his eyes, ruby red stared back into chocolate brown. Blinking, he looked around and noticed that he was suspended in the air by two strong arms, one under his upper back, and the other under his knees. He didn't even feel himself get caught by the strong Toushin.

"Ya gotta be more careful, Squirt. You don't wanna injure yourself more, eh?" Hiei's eyes widened at the strange tone that came from Yusuke. It sounded like something that he usually would say, but the tone sounded way off, a deep and low rumble instead of his happy pitch. His body caught up with his brain, as he started to tremble once again, this time a dizzying feeling nearly knocked him out. Closing his eyes, he took a few breaths in to calm himself, reaching up to grip at the Detectives shirt unconsciously.

"Hey, is he ok?" Kuwabara asked with sincerity, watching how the littlest demon in their group was, literally, falling apart in their leaders hands. His breathing sped up dramatically, and he was shaking even worse than he has ever seen him. What was wrong with him?

Kurama had to grit his teeth to keep from lashing out at the other, he could harm Hiei accidentally. Being so close to the taller male, he could smell the pheromones that radiated off the small demon becoming stronger. This had to stop, or else Yusuke could lose control. The tone of his voice was just another warning sign. "Kuwabara. I need you to carry Hiei back to Genkai's. Please."

The tallest redhead moved his gaze over to the spoken male with a curious view. An eyebrow lifted in confusion. "Uh… But Urameshi is carrying him…" He didn't want to get in-between the two demons, afraid that the same tension as before would spark into something. Yusuke looked completely content into carrying the smaller demon, even if Hiei looked like he was going to fall to pieces.

As calmly as he could, Kurama spoke softly to the tense Toushin. "Yusuke, please relinquish your hold on Hiei, and hand him over to Kuwabara." The tone sounded dangerous, the same as when he would be speaking with an enemy. It made shivers go down Kazuma's spine. He had to make sure that if Yusuke would run off, he would be ready to give chase.

Chocolate irises blinked slowly and moved up from looking down at the demon in his arms. Looking over at the clearly irritated redhead over to the confused one, then back to those green orbs. The scent of Hiei's heat had clouded his mind the minute he caught the smaller demon. The last thing he wanted to do was to let go. However, just from the sound of the redhead, he knew that if he were to try and run, he would be attacked regardless of who he carried.

A stuttered moan came from the fire-youkai, immediately catching everyone's attention. He was sweating, and trying to hold back his sounds by biting his bottom lip with eyes clenched shut. A hormonal rush of protection sprouted in Yusuke's veins, making him grip harder onto the spiky-haired shorty in his arms. He took a deep breath in, savoring that wonderful scent that made him want to leap onto the poor half-koorime, then letting it out slowly.

Walking over slowly to the timid redhead, Urameshi stopped in front of him, moving his terrorizing gaze over to Kazuma. Lifting Hiei away from his body, he didn't say a word as he kept his eyes locked onto those gray ones.

Blinking, Kuwabara slowly reached for the shaky demon in his friends grasp, moving his own eyes away from those frightening eyes and to the Runt's face. Positioning his arms under the body, he made sure to get as close to the other side of Hiei, so that he would be closely pressed against his body as possible. Although, the Toushin didn't release the Fire-demon just yet, still gripping tightly onto his body like a lifeline. "If you drop him… I won't be afraid to kill you…"

Kazuma's eyes widened at the threat, looking up at his friend, almost making that fatal mistake when Yusuke dropped in in his arms. He stumbled a bit, but managed a strong hold onto the tiny demon, with a sigh of relief. Once situated, he glanced over at the other redhead to notice the same menacing glare that Yusuke had. It seems that both of them were very serious on Yusuke's threat. Swallowing thickly, Kuwabara slowly made his way around the two clearly stressed demons and started his trek back to Genkai's temple.

He could feel both of their glares digging into his back, making another shiver go up his spine. Luckily, they didn't follow him back just yet, which helped to relief some of the tense stress that he had to keep the Fire-demon safely secured. "What the hell is wrong with those guys…?" He whispered to no one in particular. He noticed that Hiei's eyes were closed and his shaking has gone down tremendously to just momentary shivers. The sweat was thinning out, and his body heat was slowly returning to normal. That harsh panting was lengthening out to normal breaths, although it didn't stop completely.

"I-It's probably me…" The voice nearly made Kazuma jump, almost dropping the body in his arms. "C-Careful y-you f-fool!" Gray eyes looked down to see lidded glowing ruby's staring back at him. He thought that Hiei had passed out, but he was wrong.

"H-Hiei! Uh… Sorry." He was startled to see the smaller male awake after something like that. He was sure that he was attacked by that dead wolf-demon he saw earlier. Shaking off his apology, he continued his steady walk back to the temple. "What did ya mean by 'it was probably you?' It's not your fault that Urameshi has territorial issues…" He nearly growled out, hating that the leader actually scared him with his death threat.

As much as he hated the giant oaf, he was grateful that he was being carried. He was sure that if Yusuke hadn't stopped him he would have probably collapsed a few yards away just from exhaustion. "Something is wrong with me… I don't understand what it could be…" The scent of another male was still swimming around in his head, but it wasn't as powerful as before. This was a human, and it probably didn't affect him as badly than with a demon.

Kuwabara nodded, trying to come up with a solution in head, but couldn't think of anything. "Maybe you can ask Genkai?" His rough voice rang through the silent forest, making the smaller male look up from his daze. "I've noticed that you seem much sicker than you appear to be, but I don't know what could be wrong with you."

Taking advantage of the leisure, Hiei rested his head against the strong chest letting out a soft sigh. A headache was starting to form at his temples. It irritated him that he had to be carried by the Baka, once again; he would complain, but he just didn't have the energy to. "I don't feel sick. I just feel… abnormal…"

Kazuma nearly laughed at the confused youkai, but refrained from it. "You got that right, Shorty. Do you remember earlier today when you were so boiling hot you managed to singe Urameshi?" It was a moment of worry, but now it seemed like a distant memory even though it only happened today.

Managing a glare, Hiei looked up at the man carrying him, and growled out lowly. "You mentioned something like that before…" He remembered, right before he left the Idiot said something like that before he left for the woods. "What did you mean by it?"

Gray eyes blinked, looking down at the demon in his arms, shocked. "How could you not remember?" He could have sworn that Hiei was conscious the entire time they bathed him. "Well, you suddenly latched onto Urameshi, and then we had to throw you in an ice-cold bath to cool you down because you were burning up so badly that you were even hurting him!" He didn't mean to sound like he was accusing him of a crime, but it just surprised him that he couldn't remember something like that.

Ruby eyes widened, than narrowed as they darted off to the side in embarrassment. "I had no control of my body…" How he couldn't remember that also surprised him, too. He would definitely remember clinging onto the Detective and then being thrown into a cold bath. He hated to be cold. "I didn't mean it…" Now he felt a bit bad for something that he didn't intend to do. He didn't mean to hurt Yusuke, he was just probably trying to help him and he attacked him without warning.

Kuwabara knew that he hit a soft spot in the stone-hard demon he was holding. Now the guilt radiated off of him, permeating into his own self-consciousness. "Aww, come on half-pint. I know you didn't mean it. Urameshi knows it too, it was clear to us that you couldn't control yourself." He shouldn't have said anything, but at least he knows something else that could be a symptom of his current condition.

"Hn…" The fire-demon said coolly, folding his arms and looking away, ignoring the small blush that crept up his neck. This conversation was over in his opinion. There was no way he would admit to the Oaf that he was right.

The awkward silence crept in over the two; the only sound was the footsteps that Kuwabara took, as they made their way through the forest. It didn't bother the three-eyed demon in the slightest, but it did seem to make the redhead squirm a bit, it was quite amusing.

"Oh yeah! I forgot something!" Red eyes widened as he looked over at the other male from the outburst, then narrowed when nothing was wrong, giving out a low growl in response. He already had a headache, yelling only made it worse. The Baka stopped, and somehow managed to keep the demon airborne with one hand, as he used the other to dig around in his pockets.

Looking up he concentrated to try and find what he was looking for in his long white jacket pockets. The sound of the little black gems clanked together, as he rummaged through it, managing a small "Aha!" as he pulled out what he was looking for.

A thin black eyebrow lifted in confusion when a small plastic-wrapped object was dropped on his stomach, his entire body shifting to allow Kuwabara to regain his normal hold on him. He still didn't continue walking, but smiled down at the curious demon. Hiei blinked, as he lifted the small plastic thing to get a better look at it. "What is this?" He asked.

"It's a sandwich, Tiny. I brought it for you. You're probably starving." Kuwabara said with a wider smile.

Hiei felt a tinge of a weird feeling build in his heart at the caring Buffoon, which he would deny to his dying day. With another "Hn…" he actually felt hungry when he mentioned that. He does remember that he hasn't eaten at all since he came here, but that didn't make him want to eat whatever food came his way. He was an S class demon; he could survive days without eating. "I don't want it-…" He said as he was just about to chuck it to the side.

"-Yukina made them."

Hiei paused, gripping tighter onto the wrapped food so it wouldn't fall from his hand. Yukina? His entire body responded immediately to the word of his twin sister, his hunger spiking suddenly. Of course the minute that he found out that his sister had slaved over making this piece of food, he would never turn down such an offer. He loved her and felt that he would disrespect her if he were to just toss aside something that she had made.

"Bingo… Damn, I've got to stop hangin' around Boton so much…" Kuwabara thought, as he saw the fire-demon pull the food back to his chest, almost cradling it. This only helped to confirm his suspicions of Hiei being related to the ice-maiden that he had before. The little fire-brat never respected anyone, other than Kurama and Yusuke, but when it came to Yukina he always seemed to respect her the most.

"Hn…" He growled out, ripping open the plastic wrap and throwing it to the ground, not caring about his littering habits. "Fine… You're just lucky that I feel a bit hungry…" He said before taking a bite of the sandwich. It was delicious. He wasn't sure if it was because it was made by his sister, or that he was just really hungry, but it still made his taste-buds tingle.

Now that he was satisfied with his answer, Kazuma resumed his walking with a smile on his face. A short chuckle left his lips as he watched the smaller demon eat the sandwich like it was the last piece of food on earth. "You must really love your sister, don't-cha?" He whispered out in a low and rough voice covered in a caring tone.

Ruby eyes darted open wide when he heard what the Oaf had just said. Was he just imagining it? His airway was one again, blocked off by a piece of food that suddenly was jammed in his throat. He let out a choking sound, as his eyes clenched closed to try and swallow the food that threatened to kill him.

Kuwabara laughed as he pulled the smaller demon upwards and pressed him against his chest, making sure that his head was over his shoulder as he patted his back to help him swallow. He knew that it wasn't funny that his friend was choking, but it still made him laugh to see his assumption was now completely correct. Hiei was Yukina's lost brother.

Tears gathered at his closed eyes, as he finally managed to choke down the piece of food with the aid of the other's hand tapping against his back. Taking a few breaths in and coughing for good measure, Hiei reached an arm to his eyes to rub away the tears before they would spill over and solidify. "Wh-What did you just say!?" He demanded, as the hand that was on his back now rubbed in small circles, in a comforting fashion.

"Nothin' Small-fry. Just hang tight, we are almost at Genkai's, alright?" He said after his initial giggling. He could feel that they were getting close to the temple grounds. The little black pearls in his pocket felt a bit heavier thanks to the knowledge that he had confirmed. It didn't bother him at all. He knew that he would have to give into telling Yukina the truth sooner or later, and with these rare tear-gems, they could be a happy family.

Hiei growled angrily, folding his arms on the man's shoulder to rest his chin on, as the Oaf held him tighter. He knew that he didn't imagine the Baka saying that. There was no way that he knew that Yukina was his sister, right? With a yawn, he slowly closed his eyes planning to just rest his eyes on the way there. The hand on his back was also surprisingly soothing enough to lull him into a light slumber. "When I get better… I'm going to kill you…" He threatened with a tired voice.

Kuwabara scoffed off the threat, knowing that it was just his automatic defense kicking in since he didn't have anything else to say at the moment. Score one for Kazuma Kuwabara!


*1 ~ Japanese for "Shit," meaning a curse word.
.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 5

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Chapter 4
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 4

Chapter 6
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 6

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Chapter 4: Shocking News


"Master Genkai, we have something to ask of you. It is about Hiei, and we were wondering if you would assist us in this dilemma." Kurama asked kindly to the pink-haired elder.

Yusuke and Kurama both sat across a small table from the wise Sensei. They had both been discussing matters about Hiei and what could be causing these strange scents to be emitting from him. They are not very strong, and they can only be noticed by the Fox demon if they are in the same room. Yusuke has to be near him in order to pick up on the strange scents.

Since that moment where the leader unconsciously expressed his dominance over the little fire-demon, the Fox couldn't let his guard down. If Hiei had been awake, surely, he would have let his instincts take over and given a growl back, and perhaps a nip in warning. Even the scent from yesterday expressed that his body wasn't ready for such a move, hence the reason why Kurama had retained his control. However, Yusuke is still a newborn demon. He can't seem to control himself when such a noticing smell hits him.

Night has come to this cold day of confusion. The one thing that Kurama hates to be. He just couldn't understand why Hiei was like this. It possibly was from his injuries, but it seemed unlikely now. "Yeah, Grandma, he has a really weird smell comin' off of him." Spoke up, Yusuke, folding his arms in frustration.

It was easy to tell that the scent seemed to affect his mood a bit. Strangely, he seemed more agitated than normal. Ever since he has gotten a good whiff of that smell, his entire bodily instincts told him to go back to one who was emitting that scent. Why, he had no idea. "You dimwit. If he smells funny, then give him a bath." Yusuke blushed, and pouted at his answer.

Deciding that Yusuke's description wasn't deep enough, the redhead spoke up. "Genkai-sama, this estranged scent is somehow affecting me and Yusuke. Earlier today, his bodily temperature was so high, we literally had to put him in ice water to cool him down, yet the smell still lingered." The Fox demon was centuries old, but never in his days has he encountered a problem like this before.

Lifting her herbal tea to her lips, she sipped it and set it back down. "I can't smell anything, but I did feel his ki. It seems that the smell is only affecting demons. Not only that, but demons of high class. Yukina said that she didn't smell anything. Hiei is a level S class, and so are you two." She had a feeling that she already knew what was wrong, but she had to confirm it before she said anything.

Putting a finger to his chin, Yusuke pondered over what his teacher said. "Yeah, now that you mention it, Kuwabara said something about that earlier to Kurama, remember?" He turned to his redheaded friend in question.

"Yes. It seems that humans with strong spirit energy have the ability to sense something." Nodding, the Fox demon darted his gaze to his teammate and then over to the calm elder across the table.

Opening her eyes, she looked over at the intelligent one of the two. "What do you feel when that scent hits you? Be honest with me, don't sugar coat it." She asked seriously, expecting both to answer her.

Kurama spoke first. "Truthfully, Youko scratches at the surface of my consciousness. With years of patience, I manage to pull him back enough not to let him out. I am afraid that he might do harm to Hiei." It was the truth, although he did cover up a few things.

"Hmph! Well, when I smelt it I could hardly think straight." He remembers holding the little half-koorime close and practically blacking out when he was trying to smell what Kurama was asking him about.

A short laugh came from Genkai, as she sipped her tea once again. "How is that different than any other day?" She scoffed, enjoying the angry scowl that covered her students face.

"Hey, you old hag, I was just telling you the truth! It almost felt similar to when I was fighting Sensui and he took over without my permission!" Yusuke still remembers how angry he was that he was robbed of his chance to take down the bastard that killed him. Now, it is happening again, this time with his teammate Hiei. Hopefully, his demon side doesn't want to hurt him.

With a sigh, Genkai stood to get some more tea for herself, as she listened in on the two boy's problems. Sadly, her suspicions were being confirmed, this wasn't good. Sitting down with a new cup of tea, she sipped it. "As I suspected… The little Fire-brat is in danger."

Kurama blinked, worry etched across his features. "Danger? What could possibly be wrong with him?" The urge to rush back to check on the little demon rushed through his brain, but he held himself back. Hiei was strong, even in his weakened state, he could care for himself.

"The scent that both of you can smell will only become stronger within the next few days. Even with your calm demeanor Kurama, you can't hold back your Youko. Dimwit, on the other hand, he will cave in faster than you. I'd give it a day." She spoke with an unusual serious tone that sent shivers up the others spines.

Leaning forward with the same angry face as before, Yusuke barked "What do you mean by that?! I know how to control myself! I ain't gonna kill Hiei or anything! He's my friend!" Anger rushed through the flare of ki that he emitted. How dare she accuse him of putting Hiei in danger!

Rolling her eyes at her idiotic student, Genkai continued "Of course you won't kill him, moron! However, it seems that you have already been changed by the smell." Turning to the redhead her volume lowered.

"The danger that currently poses a threat to Hiei is that his scent will attract demons that are at his level, and even higher. You two, subconsciously, don't want to kill him. Don't think that those who come after him for the scent think the same. They will try anything to get to Hiei. Thankfully, since he is in the ningenkai it won't attract the low level demons that are here. Although, give it a week, and I guarantee that it will be powerful enough to permeate into the demon world." With her speech concluded, she sipped her tea once again.

This shut the two boys up, but at the same time, even more questions sprung through their minds. "Then how do we get rid of it, Genkai-sama? The scent was the strongest when he was nearly burning with a horrid fever." He could have sworn that if he didn't do anything then, Hiei would have surely boiled himself alive from how hot he was.

"Hmph." The sensei smirked. Even Kurama was stumped, this was funny. "There is only one way to get rid of it. However, you were smart to throw him into a cold bath, but it only postponed the inevitable." She wondered how long it would take for them to realize what was truly wrong with their friend; she guessed that Kurama would guess it first.

"Alright! That's it! Stop beating around the bush, Genkai, and just tell us what is wrong with him!" No one was going to hurt Hiei, if he had anything to say about it. He'd face the entire demon race just to try and protect his friends. Yusuke was at his wits end, and he was getting frustrated from this conversation. He wanted to know what was wrong with the youkai and he wanted to know now.

With a smirk, she sipped her tea, loving the reactions coming from her student. She loved pissing him off more than anything that is how he became stronger under her watch. "Well, if you are so curious… The scent that is coming off of the Fire-brat happens to be pheromones." Taking a glance at both of the boys, Kurama's eyes widened with knowing, while Yusuke's only narrowed in confusion.

"Ph-Pheromones…? Th-Then that means… Oh god…" Kurama stuttered, not believing the possibility of it all. Now it made sense. How Yusuke acted when in contact with Hiei, how his own demon-self wanted to break free. Even when the little demon grew hot, it all came together. A guilty feeling washed over the Fox; the poor half-koorime must have felt awful when being thrown into those freezing waters.

Darting his chocolate gaze between the pink-haired teacher and his redheaded friend, Yusuke felt completely out of the loop. "What the hell is going on here?! I don't get it! What is a Pheromone? Why is Hiei giving it off like that?!" The worried look on Kurama's face didn't help ease the horrid feeling in his gut that something was terribly wrong with his little demon. Was Hiei going to die? "Tell me, damn-it!"

Laughing at her moronic student's incapability to learn simple sex-ed., Genkai shook her head deciding to finalize it once and for all. "Hiei is going through his first Heat."

~ O ~

Deep auburn eyes opened slowly, taking a moment to realize where he was. His body felt sluggish, and tired. He felt generally exhausted for no reason, and extraordinarily overheated. Pushing the blankets off of him, he pulled himself to sit up with a groan of effort, raising a hand to his head to help calm his aching temples.

Sound didn't register to him, but another body knelt beside him, he could feel their heat. It wasn't until he felt contact, a hand on his shoulder, did he respond with a low moan. Everything that touched him felt a million times more sensitive. He couldn't remember anything since the night before when Kurama was cleaning his wounds. "Hiei?" It was a soft voice, one that rang with familiarity.

Managing the strength, the said demon lifted his head and opened his eyes wider to look at who was touching him. Blue hair tied back by a red ribbon caught his eye first, and then those same colored eyes stared back at him. "Yukina…?" Was all he could muster. She smiled kindly at him at the mention of her name.

He noticed her mouth was moving, but he couldn't register what she was saying, and she was looking somewhere else, as if calling over to someone. The feeling of another body sat at the other side of him, and it made him shiver at the scent. This was a male, and it shocked him how much it made his body heat up just from being near him even though he hasn't even looked over at him yet.

He heard his name once again, as he closed his eyes to try and calm his body down. What was happening to him? Why was he acting like this, it made him mad, but most of all it brought a sense of fear that he'd never experience before. He felt vulnerable. Was he sick? Kurama had mentioned something about his temperature going up when he spoke with him last.

"Hey, Hiei, what's wrong? Ya cold or something'?" The raspy voice spoke softly, as he reached out to grab the small demon. He was shaking, and his energy was going out of control. It didn't make sense.

The minute the other male in the room touched him, Hiei jerked, eyes snapping open and widening with fear and a different emotion that he didn't understand. Strangely, his mind was going a million miles a second, while his body was slack without any resistance. He gasped sharply, when he was pressed against a warm chest pulling his hands out to brace himself against it.

Then his other senses were floating in, smell. Just by the scent, he could immediately tell that it was his rival/teammate Kuwabara. Why was he holding him? Why was he reacting like this towards this idiotic human? He is stronger than him. "Wow, Hiei, you're really warm… Now, don't go burnin' me up like you did to Urameshi."

What did he say? What did he mean by that? Hiei wouldn't harm Yusuke, unless they were fighting. Even so, he knew that he had never beaten the strong detective, and now possibly never will. Pulling himself away, Hiei shook his head, palms flat against the broad chest he was against. "Why are you holding me…? You oaf…" He managed to say with an incredibly weak voice.

The redhead blinked at the insult, but it seemed hollow by the way he said it. It was like he didn't mean any of it. "Well, look at you Hiei! You are shaking so badly, and your energy is acting funny! Not only that, you look horrible!" It was true. The little shrimp looked like he was about to collapse again. He was still as pale as ever, but with that strange blush that covered his cheeks and neck. Not to mention, he was really hot to the touch but he was shaking like he was cold.

Yukina looked on at the little fire-demon with sad eyes. She had no idea what could be wrong with him. She could feel a fluctuation in energy, but other than that, she couldn't decipher anything. "Hiei, are you hungry? I made some sandwiches earlier if you would like some." She asked. The ice-maiden felt sorry for him.

He had to find a way to escape. He had to get out of here. That soft voice chimed in once again, instincts immediately responding to his blood sister as he turned to look at her with identical eyes. He shook his head. No, he wasn't hungry at all. He could last for days without eating. His body was after a different kind of craving and it scared him.

Pulling himself away from the warmth of the tall redhead, Hiei reluctantly pulled himself away from the comforting body. He shook more violently, bracing his hands on the floor to hold up his upper body. Taking a deep breath, the youkai pulled his legs up to help bring himself to a stand. Stumbling a bit, he slowly made his way to the doors that lead outside, ignoring the protests from both Yukina and the Baka.

The door slid open to reveal the cool night air on his heated skin, it felt nice. Before he could step out, he felt a body press into his back and arms wrap around his waist, picking him up. Eyes widening then snapping shut, he let out an involuntary moan, as he gripped at the arms around him. "I don't think so, Squirt! You ain't goin' out there by yourself! You're in no condition!"

It was maddening. The force of another male's body heat against his back sent his mind to spiral until he thought of nothing. His instincts told him to not fight back and allow the strong male behind him to do whatever he wished. The heat in his own body jumped at the mere touch of his arms around his sensitive waist.

However, Hiei, as instinctual as he is, decided to go against whatever they told him at this moment. Gripping the arms tighter, he forced all of his energy into his palms to burn whatever they touched. He heard the man behind him yell out and the arms unraveled themselves from his waist, along with the body behind him.

The Fire-youkai was dropped to the ground, almost falling to his knees from the force, as he flitted off into the darkened woods surrounding the temple. He heard his name being called after him from both his sister and the Oaf. It brought a pang of guilt in his heart to hear her cry after him, as he made his way deeper into the dark forest. He had to be alone.

~ O ~

Yusuke paced in his room at the temple grounds, walking back and forwards in a six foot stretch of floor. A hand under his chin in thought, while the other was tightened behind his back, his mind would not calm. "Hiei is in heat…" The thought repeated itself over and over in his head. The more he thought it, the more his body yearned for the smaller demons company.

He felt like a caged animal, trapped in the iron bars of his own mind. Nothing was holding him back from seeking out the little half-koorime. It was just his own self. "What am I thinking? How would this affect me?" Hiei was strong enough to fend for himself. He didn't earn the S title for nothing.

A growl left his throat in frustration at his racing thoughts. Yes, he had to admit that the Fire-demon smelled good when he held him earlier that day. That doesn't mean that it would really affect him in such a way that he would lose all control and do something drastic.

Immediately after the old hag had said that sentence, Kurama had stood up and left without a word. That redhead was their intellect man, whenever he said something, he was sure to listen. Now, even the Fox looked completely broken, something that he has never seen before.

Of course, Yusuke knew what a "heat" is. It is almost the same thing that female dogs go through, right? At least it was the same concept, he supposed. He knew for a fact that dogs don't raise their temperature up so high that they burn anything that they touch, like what Hiei did. Maybe it was a thing that all demons go through, but why does this have to happen now? Something had to trigger the demons heat to start, he knew for a fact that over the years he's known him this has never happened before. What could have happened?

Hiei was perfectly fine before the last mission started; all he did was get hurt, and they brought him here to heal him. Yusuke's mind couldn't help but to keep folding back onto the time earlier today when he saw the demon after Kurama had been with him the night before. The way he was shaking, woke up, and then leaped on him. He knew that this was part of the "heat" that the poor little demon was going through, but it still didn't help in calming his body down.

That Fox must have done something to him the previous night. Could he have been the one to trigger the "heat" to start? Possibly, it could have been the Toushin Leader. He didn't hear anything remotely close to what happened when he asked Kurama how Hiei's condition was this morning. Everything started to tumble when his temperature was out of control and he was gripping tightly onto him like a lifeline.

This was a mystery that only made another growl leave the leaders throat in anger. He wanted to know how this whole thing started. Instinctually, he was told that it was himself that triggered the "heat" to start. That sent a rush of a shiver through his body to have that feeling, it felt wonderful. To have the feeling that he was the one to start this newest sensation to appear on the small demon.

He had to know who could have started this. If Kurama had, indeed, been the one to start it, then he was going to make sure that it would be finished by their leader. Stopping the constant pacing, Yusuke grinned deviously. "I guess I'll just go and find out for myself. Why not ask the guy in question who could have started this?" The thought motivated him to move, this time towards the object of his desires.

~ O ~

Unlike the pacing that their leader had been doing for the past couple of hours, Kurama had been sitting in his room, doing the same thing. The exact same feeling that, unbeknownst to him, was being felt by his teammate just a few doors down from his room. The same questions sprung in his mind, and the same feelings of confusion and the unknown.

Yes, he has heard of demons going into heat before. This doesn't exclude males at all; in fact he was sure that they experience it more than females in the Makai. The Youko has never experienced his own heat, but has met others who have gone through it. The least that could be said about it is that it is uncomfortable, but there was a lot more about it then what has been shown.

Hiei is a fire demon, who is part ice. Possibly one of the rarest of demons in existence. A forbidden child, the Imiko. Every demon has their own way of keeping their bloodlines intact and making sure that they survive. With Hiei, he is more than likely considered a broken link in his existence. He was not meant to be, he was supposed to die the day he was born, but miraculously survived.

The Youko was centuries old and only known of one other Imiko in his years. He had died soon after from being hunted, whether it was from suicide or being caught, he will never know. Now, another Imiko has lived and is still alive to this day, this was Hiei.

It was clear to know from Yukina that both humans and demons alike would hunt down their kind, mostly for their rare tear-gems known as hiruseki stones. Yes, on the black market, they were an utmost rare gem that the female ice-maidens produced, but they were worthless compared to the stones shed by an Imiko.

Kurama remembers on his long list of priceless artifacts and treasures to steal, the one thing that he could never seem to get was a tear from a male koorime. The fact that such a thing even existed was beyond real. Even the Youko knew of the rarity of the male koorime's and not only that but that they never shed tears.

This was strangely perplexing, because the redhead knew that he had seen the rarest of gems litter the floor when Hiei was breaking through with the first stage of heat. Why was he crying then? Was he in that much pain that it brought tears to his eyes? He knew that Hiei had gone through much worse in the past, but something as this would bring him to tears.

The wise Fox folded his fingers to cover his lips in thought and narrowed his eyes. Of course his breed was, possibly, the only in existence. Yet, why did his heat start now? Being male, he is unable to reproduce like his female counterpart. Every 100 years an ice-maiden becomes pregnant through asexual means and gives birth to a female child, unless impregnated from a male, such as in Hiei's case.

Kurama's only assumption was that his heat was supposed to attract a mate. A strong mate, one that would protect him and help keep his bloodline alive. It is strange, however, that the pheromones that he is producing seem to only be affecting males instead of females. This is perhaps only because the only two S class males in the vicinity are himself, and Yusuke. There are no other demon females near here with that kind of class. Would females even be affected at all?

His mind reeled at the thought, pulling himself back a bit. Now he had a hypothesis to why Hiei's heat had even begun, but that only left more questions unanswered. Like why had Hiei been shedding the Hiruseki stones? Maybe his subconscious knew of the attraction that his tear-stones had with other demons, and was another feature of his heat along with the pheromones.

Nature was an incredible thing. The scent that Hiei let off would attract strong demons for a possible mate. This would bring out any aggressive behavior and any that would possibly take up Hiei for a potential mate would ensue a fight with others that thought the same. The winner would claim their prize, and normally, they would just leave immediately after the coupling. That is when the tears would come into play.

The hiruseki stones would help create a cement place in Hiei's life, as a prolonged protector. Everyone knows of the rare male koorime tear-gems, and they would have an unlimited supply right at their fingertips. The demon would have a selfish need to protect the male koorime from harm, as it was simple. A dead male koorime couldn't produce any hiruseki stones, while an alive one could. This would immediately provide a protection for Hiei, until an even stronger demon would take its place, for the same reason.

Even with all of these assumptions, which seemed accurate, there was still one question that lingered on in the redhead's thoughts. Why had Hiei's heat started now of all times? Was it the situation? His near death experience? Or just a strange coincidence?

It could have been because of his near death experience that triggered his heat to start, but that seemed unlikely. Hiei had been through several crosses with death in his lifetime, how come he never started his heat until recently? He had even heard that when he was fighting one of Murkuro's elite guard the little fire-demon was completely sliced in half at the waist.*1

It could possibly be the situation that had occurred before. Hiei started to give off a strange smell when Kurama was bathing him and cleaning his wounds, although it wasn't nearly close to how it is now. Maybe he was just nervous at being bathed and nothing else. Thinking more deeply about it, however, made him assume that it wasn't just Kurama that helped start his heat, but also Yusuke and maybe even Kuwabara had an influence.

They were all strong fighters, and since he was injured so badly, his instincts took over. Without him noticing, his own body was sizing up the Fox, the leader, and Kazuma for a potential mate. Earlier in the day, Yusuke just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, since that was the moment when Hiei's body deemed it acceptable to begin looking for a mate.

Chances are that Hiei doesn't remember what happened to him when his heat first began. He was merely acting on pure instincts. The reason why the half-koorime leaped at Yusuke was possibly because of his scent. He happened to be the strongest demon near him and Hiei leaped at the chance to seek any sort of relief of his heat.

All of this left the Fox demon wondering, did Hiei even know what was happening to him? Probably not, since from all of the years of knowing him, he has ever experienced something like this before. He felt sorry for the poor youkai. Kurama could only imagine what he was feeling right now.

Sighing, the redhead stood up and walked out of his room. He was determined to explain to Hiei what his findings were and help calm him of any backlash that he may receive. He knew that the spark could easily set of a raging fire within the unstable demon. The half-koorime wouldn't take this news well, that, Kurama was sure of.

~ O ~

"Damn little Shrimp…!" Kazuma cursed under his breath as he held out his arms for Yukina to heal. Hiei had burned his skin to a dark red, but other than that he was fine. He had no idea what came over the tiny demon, although, he had a suspicion that grabbing him from behind wasn't the best idea in the world. Since earlier that day, he had seemed unstable and now he was out in Genkai's forest by himself. Not that he couldn't take care of himself, but it still brought a sense of worry that he could be killed out there.

Both Yukina and Kuwabara sat in the same room that Hiei had been resting before he darted off. They sat on the empty bed that once held the feisty fire-demon, but now was empty with ruffled sheets in place. "When my darling Yukina is finished, I will chase after that runt and drag him back her myself!"

Gray eyes blinked when he heard a door slide open, and turned to see their slick-haired leader walk in. Yusuke stopped in his tracks when he noticed someone missing. "Where's Hiei?" He asked, eyes still darting over the room to see if he had missed the shadowed figure. He had a sinking feeling in his gut that something was very wrong.

"Urameshi! You won't believe it! Hiei just ran off into the woods! I grabbed him to make him stop, but he burned me and then disappeared!" Now he felt awful for not containing the little half-koorime. He could only imagine how the kitsune would take it.


The sound of two voices rung high in the air, as Yusuke nearly yelled out his response with another who had just walked into the room. Kurama stood at the doorway, stunned to hear what had happened. "Hiei is out in the forest by his self?!"

The Toushin leader's demon blood nearly boiled with the knowledge of his fire-youkai in danger. He was in heat, and out there alone. He knew that the other demons that are lower class couldn't smell his scent, but it still didn't stop the fact that he was still injured. "I'm gonna go out to look for him! Don't wait up!" Yusuke said, his eyes flaring a deep copper color, stepping outside the same doors that he knew Hiei went through. His scent was like a small trail.

Kurama's eyes narrowed at the retreating back of their leader. Over the immense scent of Hiei's pheromones, it wasn't hard to pinpoint Yusuke's anger and worry. He knew that he had to get to Hiei first. With the raven-haired demon's ki being as unstable as it is, if he found Hiei first, there wouldn't be any doubt what he would do. Sadly, the fire-demon couldn't fight off Yusuke in his condition, he would probably submit.

"Yusuke, wait. I will search for him. I can track him easier, and if he is injured further I can heal him." Kurama spoke out, walking up to their angry leader, making him stop in the doorway leading outside. He swallowed thickly, as he watched him turn to face the redhead standing before him. His eyes were a menacing copper color, and it only expressed further what Kurama had suspected.

The Toushin took a step forward towards the Fox, making the other step back. "Is that a challenge…? Kurama?" He asked firmly, stating his power with a flare in ki. He was going to find Hiei first, if it was the last thing that he does, and no one was going to stand in his way.

Green glowed into gold at the offer. "Yusuke, I know of your intentions, consciously or not. I will not allow you to harm Hiei." His gaze never left the others, very serious about his decision. If he were to challenge his teammate for the Fire-demon, then so be it. Not that he wanted him for himself, but Urameshi wasn't thinking clearly, he was letting the pheromones blind him.

A short chuckle came from the raven-haired male. "Alrighty then. Hey, I like a good game. How's this. Whoever can find Hiei first is the winner, fair enough?" Right now, his demonic blood was rushing through his veins, and he wasn't thinking at the moment. All that he could register was that there was another demon after the same thing he was. A subconscious thought trickled through his blindness, stating that this was his friend. His comrade.

"I accept." Was the only response he gave, before he was gone in a flurry of pedals.

Kuwabara jumped up, "Hey! I wanna join in, too! That little brat is going to pay for burning me!" He hated to leave his precious Yukina behind, but he couldn't miss out on this challenge. He would find Hiei first and knock some sense into him for burning him earlier. In reality, he would probably just insult the little demon and then drag him back to the temple.

Yusuke was already gone when Kazuma said that he wanted to be a part of the search too. He didn't even see him leave! Eyes widened, as he looked around confused for a second, then anger as he dashed outside with the rest of his team. "Hey, you guys cheated! You had a head-start!" Yes, he wasn't a demon, and couldn't use smell to track down the runaway demon, but he did have his sixth sense to help him.

Yukina sat in shock as all three of the Urameshi team vanished one by one. Just from looking at how Kurama and Yusuke acted towards each other, she was sure that this was a dominant trait expressed on finding Hiei. What the kitsune had said to him made her wonder why he had said that. Their leader would never harm Hiei, right? That just seemed so out of place for the raven-haired male to do. He was known to protect people that he cared about.

"Don't worry, Yukina. Hiei can take care of himself." Genkai spoke up from the silence of the room, making her jump and turn her gaze over to the short pink-haired woman. "I just hope that either Kurama or Kuwabara gets to him first. Yusuke would probably lose complete control if he finds him."

"Oh, Master Genkai! You startled me…" The ice-maiden said with a jolt. She watched as the elder walked over to her and sat down. "Um… Genkai-sama, are you sure that Hiei will be alright? Yusuke… He had a dangerous look in his eyes… You don't think that he would hurt Hiei, do you?"

The elder sensei gave a light laugh at the koorime's innocence. "Yukina, honey, your definition of 'hurt' and mine are completely different. If dimwit manages to find Hiei first, there is no doubt that he will 'hurt' him, but not in a way that you think." She said as she folded her arms with a grin looking out towards the still opened door where the four fools left.

Yukina blinked in confusion, looking at her caretaker. However, she would never question Genkai's words; she was wise and obviously knew something that she didn't. If there was any true danger towards Hiei, she would have done something about it. "Yes, Master Genkai… Oh, you would have never guessed, but he was so cute today. Cuddling up next to Kazuma, it looked so unreal~. It was almost comical." She joked, glad that her suspicions were eased slightly.

Smiling slightly, the pink-haired elder gave out a raspy chuckle in agreement. Of course she knew that Hiei was only acting as such because of his 'problem,' but it was still funny to hear about the hardheaded demon acting as such. "Is that so?" She spoke out with a laugh. "It seems that the little Fire-brat is going a bit soft, huh?"

"Maybe. But I like him like that. I feel closer to him than before…" She said with a small smile that graced her lips as she looked out the same door that the team left out of. She only hoped that they all made it back safely. Kurama and Yusuke could easily fend for themselves, but Hiei was injured and possibly not feeling well to start. Not to mention, Kuwabara was a human. Could he even survive an entire night out in those demon-filled woods?

"They all may be morons…" She started with a sigh, looking down and shaking her head. "But they are my morons. If they don't come back by morning, I will look for them myself."


*1 – In the anime, Hiei was only injured severely at the waist, while in the manga he was actually sliced in half.
.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 4

I decided to post this a day early, usually planning a chapter a week on Saturday. Although,  I decided to post this just to continue to the "Hunting" chapter which will be chapter 5.

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Chapter 3
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 3

Chapter 5
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 5

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Although, you are off about nine days, I'm afraid. :3
But it is alright. I have personally set my deviantart birthday to Gaara's, but my real birthday isn't far behind.
My birthday passed on the 10th of January. But I will take your birthday wish just the same.
Thank you~. :)
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