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The Dragon and the Tiger.
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Vegeta and Vegekio: SKETCH by XxGaaraloverxX
Vegeta and Vegekio: SKETCH
I literally just drew this as a SKETCH!!!! I can't stress that enough!

I don't want any harsh criticism on this work only because it has a human in it.

It was horrid trying to draw that saiyan prince. I used a screenshot from the anime for help, but other than that I drew everything from memory.

If you must criticize about something, please refrain from doing the person, bash the horse instead. I have been drawing horses for years, and I find myself a decent artist when it comes to those equines. I can draw them with no references whatsoever. In usually any position with little difficulty. People on the other hand are not my strong point at all, especially those who are riding horses.

AAAAND back to the small description...

Vegekio has changed a tad bit since I last drew him. He has a lion's tail now. This is what he would look like in his full saiyan armor.
He is a loyal horse. Very protective of his master and will gladly give his life for him.

Color - White
Breed - Unicorn/Pegasus
Fav. Food - Anything his master likes
Least Fav. Food - Anything his master doesn't like
Gender - Stallion (intact male)

(Audience: )
(Is that a bulge in Vegeta's pants...?)

(Me: )
(...Yes...! *w*)
Vegeta's Horse by XxGaaraloverxX
Vegeta's Horse
Like a good majority of artists, I had a burst of creativeness at 1-3 in the morning.

I know that this picture is very flawed, but that is because it is completely unfinished. I just put a bit of color on the horn decoration to bring out the face and eyes a bit.

Other than that I can name a lot of things wrong with it, at the moment I don't necessarily care. I just wanted to draw what I would believe would be Vegeta's horse would look like. I've had this in my mind for days and I finally just got down to drawing it horridly. It only took me an hour so it isn't supposed to be good looking, just enough to know what it is that you are looking at.

Will I finish it? Who knows.

The name of the horse is Vegekio. (Ve-ge-kio)

In saiyian-ese (I believe)
The syllables each mean something.
Ve - Royal
Ge - Warrior
Kio - Beast
  • Listening to: Music...?
  • Reading: Yaoi
  • Watching: Yaoi
  • Playing: ...Yaoi?
  • Eating: Caramel Popcorn
  • Drinking: Pepsi

I have no idea why, but I am spilling with inspiration right now.
I have the "MIGHTY NEED!" (Invader Zim :iconzimplz: quote) to make a music video. Although, I am only going to do a Yusuke and Hiei Yaoi pairing this time. Why them? I don't know. (I don't even know why I chose this pairing in particular. Maybe it is because I practically ship any guy from the group with Hiei. Sadly, I feel that Yusuke seems to get the less action from our tiny Dragon, and I feel that I should help this couple with a video) Ask my fried brain after watching a few abridged episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho. It won't give you a straight answer. (Get it?)

I need a song for this music video. I am going through what I have now for a spark of creativity of what I can put together. I won't be doing pictures this time, (Only because the pictures are scarcely barren throughout the internet of this couple). I will be using the actual anime footage. This will take a bit of extra effort when it comes to using film. Luckily, I know the series quite well, and at the moment I am creating some green screens of Hiei and Yusuke. If any of you know the lengthy and tedious process of making green screens, then you will understand. It isn't easy, nor is it fun. But when put together with a nice song, and placed just right with the correct tone, it looks quite well.

Also, those who know my videos, I don't waste my efforts, especially when I am motivated.
Hopefully, I will do well. I am looking for more slow moving and lovey-dovey songs, but still throw your ideas my way and I will see what I can conjure up.

If you have any ideas of great songs that could involve these two characters, then I'd love to hear about it. A name of the song and author would be great.


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Chapter 9: Healing


Kuwabara gasped, as he shot up from his makeshift bed on the floor. "What the hell was that?!" He spoke out loud to himself, making sure that he was quiet enough to not wake up anyone else who was asleep in the large temple.

What had awoken him, was a large blast of energy. That alone, woke him up, but it was the following spark of ki that made him nearly jump out of bed. That second energy signal was calling for help. "It felt, kinda like, Hiei..." He whispered softly, looking around, staying quiet and perfectly still.

For a few minutes, everything was dead quiet. Not even the chirping of crickets rang through the night any longer, after that blast of energy. "Alright... That's it! I gotta go and find 'em!" He spoke harshly to himself, as he jumped out of bed to get dressed.

The night had been one of worry after the trio of demons left the temple grounds and into the forest earlier. That was almost two hours ago. Genkai and Yukina both had a knowing look in their eyes as they all watched the horrid scene of their smallest teammate running off into the dense forest. However, the lanky redhead still had a gut feeling that he should have gone after to stop them.

Shortly after they left, the sun was already down over the horizon and they all started to head off to bed. As the ladies of the house slept on, Kuwabara was the only one who felt that he had done something wrong, and couldn't sleep a wink. He had been up the entire time, staring blankly at the ceiling until he felt that strange blast of energy. He had decided to wait no longer.

Throwing his shirt and pants on over his boxers, Kazuma quietly made his way out of the temple. The moment his feet touched the grass, he dashed off in the direction of the energy blast that he felt. He could almost hear the cry from that secondary blast of ki that hit him before. It was scary, and it only made him run faster to get to Hiei. He'd kill whoever would dare attack a teammate of his, especially when they were injured and ill. "Don't worry, Hiei, I'm comin'!"

~ O ~

Finally, making his way through the trees, the spirit sword master made it to a clearing, throwing his hands on his knees to catch his breath. He'd been sprinting the entire way here, but as he glanced up from his momentary pant, he noticed that no one was here. "I swore that the energy signal came from here! Now where is he!?" Kuwabara internally argued.

"Hey, Kuwabara. Came to join the fun?"

The said man nearly leaped from his skin, with a yelp, as he turned to see his best friend/rival walking towards him. What made him nearly do a double take, was that Yusuke was in his demon form. Those ancestral tattoos decorated his body, which adorned his long black hair that flowed to his calves.

"Urameshi! Where is Hiei! What did you with him!" Kuwabara yelled, as he took on his fighting stance. The only time when Yusuke would take on that form was when he was looking for a fight. "You had better not have hurt him!"

Reaching a hand up to ruffle up his large bangs, he placed the other on his hip in a relaxed fashion, completely unfazed by the angered human before him. "Ay, don't get your panties in a bunch Kuwabara. The squirt's fine. Kurama took him somewhere. I was going to head back to Grandma's, now what are you doing out here?" He asked casually, as if nothing had happened between him and Hiei.

Somehow, Kazuma didn't like, nor agree, with that statement. It wasn't difficult to see blood splattered over the other mans body, along with multiple lacerations. He must have attacked the poor Youkai, as he tried to defend himself. "Uh-huh! I don't believe that! What did you do to him! Look at ya, your covered in blood!" His sword hand twitched in anger, at the thought of Hiei being attacked by their leader. "If you hurt him, Urameshi...!" He warned, growling out lowly.

Brown eyes widened at the angered stance his friend made. Taking a glance at himself, he really should have cleaned himself of that deer's blood before talking to his overprotective teammate. "Hey, hey, take it easy. I didn't hurt the little guy! This was my dinner that gave me these." He motioned with his hands at the blood and markings covering his figure. He had to defend himself somehow. "And trust me, Hiei needed a good Fuck in the ass." Yusuke grinned, as he vaguely remembered the pleasure that nearly made him swoon after mating with the demon in heat.

Sadly, and thankfully, to Kuwabara's innocent mind, he translated the "fuck in the ass" to a form of violence rather than the real thing. "You BASTARD!" he nearly screamed, as he charged at his friend with a clenched fist, striking with a sickening punch.

Urameshi's face was thrown to the side, as a hard fist came in contact with his left cheek. He nearly was thrown to the ground, but he did manage to stay standing, only stumbling back a few feet. "Ow! What the hell!?" Thanks to his calmed demeanor, and after the domination of finally taking the heated Youkai, he didn't retaliate.

"How could you! How could you do such a thing to him! He is our friend! Our teammate! Not only that but he is injured! AND sick!" Now he wanted to find the tiny dragon more, what if Kurama was doing the same thing to him? "I'll finish kicking your ass later!" He yelled, as Kuwabara dashed off into the dark forest to find the other two missing demons.

With wide and confused eyes, Yusuke blinked. "What the hell was that about...?" he whispered softly to himself. With a low growl, he rubbed the newest bruise he was sure to get from that punch, mumbling a bit in frustration. It did make him think, though. Was he too rough with Hiei? It wasn't difficult to see and feel that the tiny Youkai was a virgin, and this was his first heat, that is what Genkai had mentioned before.

A small feeling of guilt rushed through his heart at the thought of pushing the heated demon too far. However, Yusuke shook his head. "Nah... Kurama will take good care of him... I'll check back up on him in the morning..." He thought wearily, as he made his way back to the elders temple.

~ O ~

A straggled and harsh panting filled the night air as Kuwabara rushed through the pitch black forest. Nothing was leading him, but his own spiritual instincts. The forest, itself, felt alive almost calling out to him and leading him through the mist of trees. He had to find Hiei, he was in danger, who knows what Yusuke had done to him, or what Kurama is currently doing to the poor demon? He had to put an end to this!

After, what felt like hours, of sprinting through the tall grass and trees, a flicker of energy forced him to skid to a stop. The only sound was of his harsh panting, as he attempted to reach out to that spark of ki that he felt. Making sure to go slow, he made his way deeper into the endless array of trees and brush. Something was out here. The energy reading was weak, and he could barely make it out, but it held a familiar ring to it.

Gray eyes widened, as Kuwabara stopped in his tracks. Directly in his path was a human sized hole in the ground. The energy signals coming off of it were calm, but he had a bad feeling about going in there. Usually, thanks to his clumsiness, he would have possibly shouted if anyone was down there, but over the years, he has become smarter through trials and errors.

It was dark, and a strange mix of vines seemed to sprout around the outside lining of the strange cave. Pulling out his trusty spirit sword, he used it mostly for light as he slowly descended into the unknown depths of the cavern. Being cautious, Kazuma skidded his way down the slope until he hit flatter ground, which only happened within a few seconds.

Holding his sword up, the light helped guide him, as he walked on. Kuwabara didn't fail to notice that the deeper he went, the more vegetation he found. Vines and various plants seemed to cover the walls the more he ventured into the dark cavern. It was strange. Didn't plants need sunlight in order to grow? Why was there more greenery down here than up above ground?

He knew that there was something down here, he could feel it. That weak energy signal that he felt before, was becoming a bit stronger, the more he ventured, but it was still barely noticeable to the average human or demon with an ounce of sixth sense. He had to keep going.

A small rustle made the redhead's skin crawl, as he paused and glanced around him. He could have sworn that he saw, out of the corner of his eye, the plants leaves moving, but that was just his imagination. There was no wind down here, unless he had accidentally brushed up against the vegetation, but he knew that he was walking directly in the middle of the cave. Who knows what kind of plants could be down here? Some could be poisonous, if he wasn't careful. With a shiver, Kuwabara continued walking, holding his sword higher to light his way.

Suddenly, one of the vines at his feet quickly grabbed around his ankle, making him fall to the ground with an echoing thud. A surprised yelp came from the fallen man, as he swung his sword wildly at the vine that grabbed him. It mostly scared, rather than hurt him. Within seconds, the greenery was torn to shreds by the light sword, freeing his ankle.

Standing shakily, Kazuma's gaze never left the ground where his leg was caught. Attempting to calm his ragged breath, he rubbed a fist over a sweaty forehead. "Damn... That scared the shit outta me...!" He whispered, as he tried to calm himself.

The redhead's ear practically twitched, when he heard another rustling sound coming from in front of him. His heart nearly froze, as he slowly moved his gaze from the ground to in front of him. All he saw was a wall of plants, every one of them was moving. They all seemed to look back at him with their eyeless and various colored bodies, almost curiously.

He wanted to scream, he wanted to immediately run in the opposite direction, like a bat out of hell. Or better yet, a bat out of this cave. However, the feeling of protection rose in his chest at the knowledge that Hiei was still out there, somewhere. Maybe, these plants were trying to keep him away from his goal. Was the tiny Youkai just at the end of this tunnel?

"Ahhh!" Kazuma charged, his spirit sword glowing bigger and brighter than before, as he carved his way through the wall of plants. They all attacked at once. Spitting poison, and launching thorny vines, plants with sharp teeth-like appendages was all flung his way. Although, he was not known to have survived the Dark Tournament for nothing, as Kuwabara, almost majestically, sliced through his enemies with ease.

Continuing his valiant charge, the redhead swung his sword at anything that came across his path, almost enjoying the easy fight. It was when a light at the end of the tunnel caught his eye. It was a flickering set of red and oranges that barely lit up the end of the long cave that he trudged through. That must be where Hiei is! Gathering everything he had, Kazuma sprinted faster, desperately trying to make his way to the small bit of ki that he was after.

Barging through the final wall of marred vines, Kuwabara panted harshly, as he stopped when he saw what the light was. A beautiful flower lit up the middle of the circular room he was standing in. It glowed an array of colors, almost like a rainbow. Taking another look around, He noticed that it looked like someone lived here. The place seemed well decorated, even though nearly everything was made of plants.

The smaller bits of lights that lit up the edges of the wall were of smaller versions of the large glowing flower from the center of the room, except that these only glowed one color, white. There was a large mass of fluffy white stuff that resembled a bed that was across the room, furthest from the entrance.

Since there was plenty of light, and because there was no longer any threats, Kuwabara put away his sword. Walking calmly over to the white mound of fluff, he knelt down and examined it. "Feels like... Cotton..." He spoke softly, touching the soft substance with delicate fingers.

His gaze moved upwards, as he noticed a body floating among the sea of fluffy cotton clouds. Flinching back, Kazuma blinked several times, trying to register what he was seeing. At first, it scared him, but once he deemed the creature to be nonthreatening, he slowly made his way back. A large hand moved up to push down some of the fluffy substance, revealing a face "Hiei...!" Kuwabara chirped happily, through a whisper.

Laying in the bed of cotton, was the tiny dragon, sleeping soundly. He couldn't believe he found the little guy. A question still rang through his head, however. What on earth was Hiei doing down here resting in a ball of cotton?

With a small smile, the redhead looked over the tiny demon. He didn't look injured at all, but his ki was still much lower than normal. That was the only noticing feature that he could come up with. Overall, Hiei looked fine. "You're safe now..." He spoke softly to the sleeping youkai, reaching over and pulling a good chunk of cotton over their smallest teammate, as a makeshift blanket.

Now that he was practically devoured by the fluff, Kazuma almost chuckled at how tiny he looked inside of the mound of white cotton. He was a bit amazed at the plants capabilities to hold up Hiei's weight. Perhaps it was so tightly compacted, that it was able to support him with ease. From the looks of it, the makeshift bed looked very comfortable and warm. No wonder, the demon hasn't woken up yet.

"Kuwabara, you should know better than to intrude inside of a Fox's Den..."

The said man, nearly screeched in horror, but managed to cover his mouth. He did not want to wake the slumbering dragon, he knows that Hiei would kill him if he was forcefully woken from his sleep. That voice that spoke his name came from behind him, but sounded so familiar at the same time.

Jerking around to see who had spoke to him, Kazuma had to look upwards toward a tall figure. "Kurama...! What on earth are you doin' here!?" He whispered harshly, pausing for a second to remember what the transformed demon had said. "Wait... Fox Den?" Glancing around, once more, he was reminded of all of the plants surrounding them.

The silvered-haired Youko grinned at the other man. He was relieved to see that the intruder was Kazuma rather than Yusuke. "I was just out to fetch some water, when I felt my plants being torn to shreds..." He spoke softly, that deep radiant voice vibrating off of the walls, glancing back at the obliterated greenery that littered the cave entrance floor.

"Hmm?" The redhead hummed in question, peeking around the other man, looking at the mess just at the doorway. "Ah... hah... Sorry, Kurama. I just knew that I felt somethin' down here. I didn't know that this was your home." Now he felt a bit bad for bursting in here, and practically destroying his teammates place.

"No apology is needed, Kuwabara. This isn't my actual Den. I just quickly made it for protection, and a place for Hiei to rest." The silver Fox spoke softly, making his way over to the fluff, sitting on the edge gently. Golden eyes soften at the view of the tiny dragon sleeping.

"He's..." Perky silver ears twitched at the rough-voiced male, showing that he held his attention. "He's going to be alright... isn't he? His energy is still really low... I know that Urameshi did something to em'..." Folding his ears back at the mention of his rival, Kurama breathed out softly, nodding his head in agreement, and letting the other know that Hiei was going to be alright.

"Yes... You are correct." Kurama started, hoping to make this as painless as possible. "Hiei was "attacked," if you prefer." It still pained him to remember how the poor demon looked while, practically, being raped by the strong Toushin. "Yusuke did harm Hiei, however, he also aided him as well."

Anger swelled in Kazuma's heart at the thought of their leader attacking Hiei. Of course they sparred together, but it was different when one was handicapped. The poor dragon was injured beforehand, and not only that, but he was sick as well. "That jackass...! I'll beat the shit outta him for doing such a thing to Hiei...!" He growled out, shoving his fist in his palm, showing that he meant business. "W-Wait... Whaddya mean, he helped him?"

Youko's tail twitched happily when he heard about the revenge that the redhead next to him made. This human would always have a good heart. Yes, he hated the tiny demon, currently resting through their talk, but he'd never want anything bad to happen to him. From the confused secondary question, it seems that Kazuma was unaware of Hiei's condition. He only assumed him to be ill. "Do you even know what is wrong with Hiei, to begin with, Kuwabara?" He asked, tilting his head toward the confused human.

"W-Well... Yeah, I guess. Isn't he running a fever, or somethin'?" In all honesty, he had no idea what was truly wrong with Hiei. The memory of the Youkai's battered and bloody body in his arms as he rushed over to Genkai's place, flashed in his mind. He had assumed that he'd gotten a fever from the extent of his injuries, and nothing more. The human had been sick before, and knew that his energy levels were greatly affected by it, he thought it was the same for demon's as well.

A light chuckle radiated around the room, "Something along the lines of that, yes... However, Hiei's condition is far worse than a fever." Kurama started, knowing that he would probably have to deal with two unconscious people after his speech. "Demon's are known to be... a bit riotous."

Everything was understood perfectly by the human, "Uh... Kurama, what was that last word ya said?" The orange-haired male asked as he scratched his head to attempt to understand the other man. It was clear that he had a much higher I.Q than he did. He hated to be confused in front of smart people, it only made him feel dumber.

"Riotous... Another word for crazed, or wild in the pursuit of pleasure." The silver fox grinned, "Think about it... We kill others for pleasure... We steal for our own satisfaction... We take what we want for our own gratification..." Although, he had left his old life behind, Youko still looked back on those days without regrets.

Just looking at those golden eyes lost in memories, had the human a bit nervous. Something was wrong, or the Fox demon was planning a devious plot. "Ok... What does that haveta do with Tiny? I mean, I know that he's killed others for fun and stuff... And stolen things... But he's not like that anymore."

"I wasn't talking about Hiei... I was speaking of Yusuke and myself." With a sigh, Kurama gently stroked the soft midnight-spiked hair. "And by Riotous, I mean the pursuit of sexual pleasure..." He whispered, his golden gaze locked onto the resting lids of the Youkai. "Hiei is... was... in Heat. Just about an hour before."

Kazuma blinked, watching the Fox's actions as he petted the little guy in the ball of fluff. If the cave hadn't been so silent, then he would have missed what Kurama had said. Sexual pleasure? What could that mean? And he was talking about Yusuke and himself? Something had definitely gone wrong, it wasn't hard to feel it in the air. Especially, when that magic word was spoken. "H-Heat...? Ya mean like a dog or somethin'?" It was strange, he had no idea if he was putting two and two together or not. He just assumed the mix of the words, sexual pleasure, and Heat were a key.

Kurama's hand stilled, ears twitching in the humans direction. Golden eyes widened slightly, as they turned to him. "Why... Yes. You understood it quicker than Yusuke did." He chuckled lightly, knowing that the half-bred was a bit more dense than the swordsman. "That is the best way I could have put it. Hiei was in Heat for a few days, but now he is not." He huffed, returning to stroking the small demon's hair.

Folding his arms in pride, Kuwabara grinned. Maybe he wasn't so dumb after all, if he could create a solution to the Fox's riddles. "Heh... I always knew that I was smarter than Urameshi-huh?" The human paused, hearing a soft noise echo through the tiny cave. Gray eyes looked around, eventually landing on the source. It was a gentle sound, and it was familiar, coming from the slumbering dragon. "Is Hiei... purring?" he asked softly, leaning closer to examine him.

Who would have thought that a sound could come from the ferocious demon before him. Never in his days, did he guess that Hiei could make such a sweet noise. "Awww... He sounds like a kitten...!" Kazuma softly squealed out, reminding him of his cat at home. "Can I try?" He asked, already raising a hand in anticipation.

Kurama chuckled softly, removing his own hand. "Help yourself..." It warmed his heart to see that others cared so much about the antisocial demon. He watched as, the moment his own hand left, Hiei's purring slowed to a near stop. Then started up, once again, back at full rhythm when the humans hand touched his blue-highlighted locks. It almost made him purr, just from the sight of the gentle human comforting the injured demon in the ball of fluff.

Not stopping the gentle treatment, Kuwabara continued the conversation, taking his eyes off of the rare sight of Hiei acting his polar opposite. "So, uh, Kurama... You said that Hiei "was" in Heat... Did it wear off or somethin'?" He knew that Heat in the animal kingdom usually just wore off after about a week or so, depending on the species. For demon's, however, he didn't know the whole story.

Sighing softly, Youko knew that he would have to tell the human about this sooner or later. "Yes... He was in Heat, but now it is over." With a flick of his tail, his eyes traveled from the Youkai's face to Kuwabara's. "Urameshi had mated with Hiei to end his problem."

The world froze for two heartbeats, perhaps three. "WHAT!?" Kazuma jerked back, falling off the mound of cotton and onto the stony floor below. That was the last thing that he was expecting! He just assumed that Hiei would have either waited off his heat, or found a nice lady demon. Not to have their team leader do such a thing. Now he understood why Urameshi had said "Hiei needed a good fuck in the ass." He actually meant what he said!

Kurama's ears flew down to the sides from the loud noise that was only louder within the confined walls of the cave. "Shhh! Kuwabara...!" The silver Fox hushed, reaching down to pull the stunned man by the arm to sit up. He was clearly in a state of shock, it was understandable.

"Baka ningen... I'm trying to sleep..." A grumpy, but tired and deep voice mumbled softly from the bed of cotton.

An immediate feeling of protectiveness bloomed through the Youko's chest, at the mere sound of his best friend. It was just instincts instructing him to contour to the tiny demon's needs. The heated Youkai's true mate wasn't here to assist and aid him, so he had assumed the duty of the dominant male. "Hiei, you are awake...! How are you feeling?" Kurama asked, softly stroking the tired demons hair in a comforting fashion. The scent coming from him was a mixture of tiredness and pain.

Hiei growled lowly, but after a moment, it gradient into a soft purr. He never knew that he enjoyed being pet. "Fine..." he said, closing his eyes slowly. "What's he doing here?"

A soft smile lit up the Fox's face, looking down at the rare sight before him. The fearsome dragon tamer, was nearly putty in his hands. The soft, gorgeous sound of purring filled the small cave, as Kurama's clawed fingers gently kneaded into the tiny scalp. "Now, now Hiei... Kazuma was just merely worried about you, is all."

"Hn... He should know that I am not the one that he needs to be worried about, Fox..." Hiei mumbled, "You are more injured than I am..." He wished that the Oaf hadn't have woken him up. The moment his eyes cracked open, he felt the familiar ache in his lower regions. He was lucky that Kurama had given him something to help with the pain, but it seemed to be wearing off.

Sitting up fully, Kuwabara nearly shot up to a stand. "What?! Kurama where are you hurt at!?" All he could sense was the little Dragon's misery, and completely forgot about the Silver Fox. Now that he put his energy into it, the feeling of pain was clearly coming off of the calm demon.

Kurama could almost hear the maniacal laugh coming from the silent Youkai in the cloud of fluff. Everyone in their team knew of the overprotective Kazuma and his spiritual instincts. "Kuwabara, I assure you that I am fine, it is merely a flesh wound. There is nothing to be worried about." Golden eyes softly glared at the sleepy demon, as the human inspected him.

"Nu-ugh! You're hurt, man, and I'm not gunna stand down and watch you suffer!" He boasted, managing to spot the bloodied and torn cloth at the Fox's thigh. It wasn't hard to notice the wrapped appendage that Kurama tried to do on his own, and by the looks of the wrapping, the flesh was torn from the bone. "Ouch, man! What the hell happened to you?!" Kazuma pleaded, being careful not to touch the, clearly, sore area.

"What do you think, Oaf? He was attacked by the same thing that got me." A red eye peeked open, glaring at the clueless human before him. It was obvious to whom had attacked him. Kurama was no easy pushover. He is an S class demon for a reason, and his skills are legendary. The only man who could stand a chance in defeating him would be the Detective.

A sickened sound came from the only human in the room, a mix of a cry of disgust and a tinge of fear. "Woah, man, who would have guessed that Urameshi would have screwed you too!" Kuwabara flinched back, making sure to keep his distance, but to add another note to beat up his leader.

Hiei growled lowly, pushing his upper body by a single arm. "No, you moronic fool!"

Silvery ears perked at the view of Hiei's stressed state. Everything in his instinctual mind told him to seize the thing that is causing the stress upon him. "W-What Hiei is attempting to say, Kuwabara, is that Yusuke had indeed attacked me. He and I were fighting for the right to mate with Hiei while his heat was in it's fullest state." The Youko's ears wilted a bit at the thought of being taken by the strong Toushin, if he was ever in heat. Luckily, he has never experienced such an event and don't plan to in the future. "These wounds were the result of my loss."

"Oh... Well, damn... I hope you left a good number on him too, eh?" Kazuma spoke encouragingly to the Fox's shot pride, only to be interrupted by a short grunt.

Hiei slowly lowered himself back down onto his stomach, making sure not to make any sudden movements. Sadly, a twitch in the wrong direction made a spike of pain shoot through his raw backside. He didn't even realize he cried out in pain, until he felt the body heat of his long-time friend by his side speak, "Hiei! Are you alright?" His eyes nearly shot open, trying to hide the fact that he was in pain from his teammates.

"Yeah, man, you alright?" The poor little dragon looked miserable. He wasn't doubled over in pain, but it was clear that his heat had taken it's tole on him. Along with that, Urameshi's little "encounter" didn't help in his complexion either. Kuwabara wanted to cradle the small Youkai, to comfort him, however, he knew that was suicide.

Gray eyes blinked, at the Silvered-haired Fox. Well, it seemed that Kurama wanted to die, because he was cradling the tiny demon in his lap. Although, it seemed that Hiei wasn't in the killing mood at the moment, as he merely allowed the gentle touch. "What's the matter with him?" He asked softly daring to reach out and brush some of the soft locks of midnight hair. It seemed like he himself was a bit suicidal at the moment, daring to pet the unstable dragon while awake.

It was strange to see Hiei relax, so quickly. The Youko smiled softly at the calm form in his arms. Perhaps the Youkai's heat had changed him, however, the smart Fox knew that it wasn't that at all. Chances are, it was due to the hormones that were running rampant while he was in heat. His body is still recovering from it, so he will still have some side affects until it leaves his system. "He is alright, Kuwabara. Hiei's body was not properly prepared before his mating ritual, so he is a bit sore from the encounter. I will give him something to help with the pain, in a moment."

The view was astonishing, to say the least, of the ferocious dragon that he has grown to love. After a few moments of the human's large hand caressing his soft locks, the grimace twisted from pain, to anger, and then to relaxation. Echoing softly, was the sound of gentle purring, vibrating the cave with the sweet noise. Kazuma seemed to be enjoying himself as well, maybe perturbed by the notion that Hiei reminded him of his cat at home. Hiei did seem quite feline-like, in Kurama's opinion.

A clawed hand reached up and disappeared into a sea of Silver locks, pulling out a single seed. Charging his palm with a bit of Ki, the plant grew majestically, within seconds. Due to Hiei's natural stubbornness, feeding it to him was out. The last thing that Kurama wanted to do was to knock him out once more. He knew that doing that repetitively wasn't the best idea and could contain some nasty side effects. His only option was to inject it though the skin, and not using such a strong plant. "Kuwabara, do me a favor and attempt to keep Hiei as calm as possible." The Fox whispered, gently handing the submissive demon into the other man's lap.

The human was puzzled at first, but still took hold of the tiny demon and wrapped him up in his arms. A slight shift and stiff feeling from the Youkai, made Kuwabara flinch, especially when he heard the familiar growling. However, looking down, it seemed that Hiei was more saddened than angered.

A light chuckle escaped from the taller demon's throat at the view of his two comrades. Reaching over with his free hand, Kurama gripped the human's wrist gently and placed it on the tiny Youkai's head. "Believe me, he is only angered at the fact that you are not petting him anymore. Now keep him calm, I am going to inject him with a pain killer, and it might sting a bit at first."

Swallowing thickly, the carrot-haired man did as he was told, and held the small male with a gentle but firm grasp. At the moment, Hiei was weaker than the human, and restraining him would be easy if he were to flail, but he needed to be cautious. The cave still echoed with the soft vibration of Hiei's purring, as Kuwabara continued his gentle petting. "Alright, Kurama... Whenever you're ready, I guess."

The Youko demon nodded, forcing more of his energy into the plant. It grew out a needle-like appendage, dripping with a strange purple substance. "Hold him steady... This will hurt..." Kurama spoke softly, pushing the plant over to the heated demon's arm. The plant's needle came in contact with the tender skin of it's target, as it pushed deeper, penetrating the soft muscle easily.

Kuwabara flinched, hearing the soft whine interrupt the stream of purring. He held tighter, never stopping his gentle contact of petting, "Shh... It's ok, buddy... I know it hurts..." In response, he received a small yelp as he could feel the tiny Youkai attempting to get away from the pain. Taking a look for himself, he could see that the needle was about an inch below his skin, and it was pumping something in his arm. As soon as he saw it, the plant receded back, quickly, into a seed and it was over.

Putting the seed, safely, back in his hair, Kurama gently cupped Hiei's cheek. "How are you feeling, Hiei?" He knew that the plants painkiller was practically instantaneous, but he had to know for himself. The side-affects would be along the lines of Hiei being a bit woozy, and making him act a bit out of character, but at least it won't shut his body down like an anesthesia.

The Dragon blinked, a bit dazed, but knowing who had spoken to him. The sudden flush of numbness rushed through his body, making all of the pain immediately go away, he was thankful. Unknowingly, he rubbed his face against the hand on his cheek, with a vibrant purr coming from his throat.

"Uh... I'm not sure if he is feelin' alright, at all." A rough-voiced male cut through the air. It was so strange to see the all-powerful Hiei so submissive like this. It seemed almost unreal.

"Do not worry. He is fine. This is a good sign. All I wanted was for him to not be in pain." Pulling his hand away, not before giving a final pat on the head for good measure, Kurama smiled softly at the larger hand that took his place. "Now, this medicine will have some side-affects. He will possibly act very out of character, and be a bit woozy."

Just before he was about to nod, with an 'ok,' all Kuwabara could do was stiffly sit, as he felt the man in his arms move. Being patient, he sat still as Hiei nuzzled his face into his neck and breathed deeply, sighing out a loud purr, before going back to it's normal rhythm. "Heh, ya mean like that?"

"Precisely." Kurama chuckled. Sighing, the Fox demon stood, stretching a bit. "You should rest, Kuwabara. If needed, I will create another bed for you." It was a bit difficult to speak over the constant purr that Hiei emitted, but it was a feat he was willing to conquer.

"Nah, I don't wanna wake up shorty. He seems pretty comfortable. I'll just crash on his bed, if he doesn't mind it." The human shifted himself so that he was comfortably laying down with the slumbering dragon on his chest. "Not only that, but Tiny won't let me go. The last thing I want is for him to be pissed off at me."

The Fox smiled softly at the sight. He knew that this will possibly never happen again. If only he had a camera to keep this memory forever. The fearsome Darkness technique holder, so submissive in the arms of a ningen. If it were any other male holding him so tenderly, then he would be extremely defensive of Hiei. Even the Youko has surprised himself at how calm he has been. "I will be out guarding the perimeter of my territory. I trust that if there are any slips in my defense, you will do your part to protect Hiei?"

Pulling a blanket of cotton over the sleeping demon, the orange-haired male nodded, with a lifted brow. "Yeah, man. Of course I'll protect him." glancing down at the other male, it wasn't difficult to notice. "Are you sure your going to be ok, Kurama? That injury don't look too good... Why don't I go out, while you stay here with the Runt?"

Shaking his head, a veil of silver hair tousled gently. "No. I will be fine. Hiei is resting, and I don't wish to wake him. Most of the demon's in this forest will pose no threat to me. The only one that I should worry about is Yusuke." Turning around, the taller male made his way to the entrance to the small tunnel, leading out. "I will set traps, just as before. Do not leave, because once you do the plants will immediately attack you, if you try and get back in."

Reaching up a clawed hand, Kurama ruffled his long, silvery, hair. The light sounds of tapping filled the air, as the Fox demon made his way out of the cave. Littered on the ground were hundreds of seeds, already growing fiercely in the dark cave.

A particularly loud sigh filled the small cave, as Kuwabara got comfortable. "Well... This is going to be a long night..." With that, he closed his eyes, holding close the fragile body of the smaller demon, in his arms.
.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 9

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Chapter 8
~.:The Fox and the Dragon:. Chapter 8

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